Monday, September 15, 2008


Photos by Ma'atology

Despite the forecasting rain and overcast (and subsequent clearing) folk were "all crowded up" at to Langenberg Field in Forest Park for the concert.

RIGHT: And gettin close. LEFT: The concert began wth local singers for Cafe Soul with co-creator/host and singer, Coco Soul.

2007 McDonals Soul Search Winner Justin Hoskins also performed. He kilt Isley's "For the Love of you."

Coco joined Hoskins on his cover of Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it up."

Some of the crowd enjoying the music.

It was an estimated 10 thousand folk who came through to the free concert.

Daughter Hope Lynn and mother Miss Allison at the event.

The stage

DJ Charlie Chan sitting by the stage waiting to perform.

Elements of Soul also performed

Foxy 95 personality DJ Soundz and 104.1's Chan chillin in the VIP area.

Singer Crystal Haywood served up some original jams.

The Barack Obama T-shirt booth was a popular booth at the event.

Some of the Barack tees sold at the concert.

The "Family That Preys" fans that Foxy 95 passed out to the crowd.

Foxy personalities Miss Lonie, Soundz and Niecey

A long shot of the crowd at the booths.

A long shot of the stage .

Black Rep vet husband and wife team Fannie and Dennis Lebby.

One of the food booths.

The alcohol lines were the longest.

An alcohol line.

Lamar Harris and his students performed.

A son gets a good view of the show from his father's shoulders.

Current McDonalds R&B/Soul Search winner Kristin Stimage perforemd a cover of Fugees "Killing Me Softly" among others.

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, Explore St. Louis/CVC PR's Rebecca Rodgers and former STL Fire Chief Sherman George in the VIP area.

Niecey doing some housekeeping for the sponsors of the event.

Soundz addresses the crowd.

The crowd

And BELOW are three TMP pics for ya!

The brother with the suit had all colors repped at the concert!

This sista was on the cell working her arm tatt and wig ball with braids.

Words cannot explain what was goin on here with sista's hair!

Both lead singers of the Bar-Kays and the Dazz Band, the featured artist, performed Round Robin with the house band.

Larry Alexander of the Bar Kays had teh funk goin with such classic hits as "Shake your Rump to the Funk" and bedroom ballads, 'Anticipation."

The crowd enjoyin the concert.

Dazz band leader Sennie "Skip" Martin kept it going with hits, "All the Way Live," and their biggest jam, "Let it Whip."

A long shot of the Barkays and Dazz band.

Some crowd members.

A crowd member enjoyin the show.

Miss Allison was kickin it

Some crowd members near the VIP area.

The VIP tent

This lady was really feelin the music with jerky robotic dance moves!

These two were near the stage gettin their dance on.


Radio One GM Michael Douglass posed with Niecey

Folk were feelin the jams!

This couple used the area to show off their two step.

And grip....

A long shot of the stage as OUTTOWN leaves the park grounds.

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