Monday, September 22, 2008


Photos by Ma'atology Stress Free Fridays had its weekly event had the newly managhed and constructed Jazz Spot, formerly the WS in downtown St. Louis area. Pictured from left The Jazz Spot husband and wife team Warner and Vanessa Allen , Mario Wayne (SFF co-creator), Montrella Holbrook of the SINGLES Group (kneeling), Mark Anthony Jones (SFF co-creator), and Ian Bichanan and Sharonica Hardin of the Education Network.
Former St. Louis First Lady and Riverview Gardens' executive director of elementary education Darlynn Bosley and Jones
Other VIPs at this event were OUTTOWN contributor Senora Robinson, Frontline's Al Wade, B Free's Miata, and UE's Mike Persons.
After attending this event, we attended Cafe Soul who returned this month to its orginal home, Lucas House.

RIGHT: Artist Daniel Hodges drawing a portrait of a patron at the event.

LEFT: Something Blue couple; Larry and Becky Blue.

RIGHT: IK, Shea and Soul Stylz Jamie Spencer were in attendance

The sponsor of the event.

RIGHT: Lawanda Hall, Vincent Flewellen and St. Louis Posts's Kevin Johnson also attended. They were also there to celeberate Johnson's b-day (Cant wait til next Saturday!).

LEFT: Cafe Soul co-creator/host Coco Soul on the stag. She performed Jill Scott's "It's Love."

Soul and gutiarist Wildmann

Poet Booby Williams spat on the mike and told the crowd he was leavin the STL for Cali.

One of the highlights was Velvet group member Ron Howard performed the Miracles' "Ooh Baby Baby."

Soul and rapper Vandalyzm werre feelin' Mr. Howard.

Cafe Soul co-creator Angie Brown got the feelin' too!

Poet Miss Oshun of Houston performed an original poem, "Who am I?"

A long shot of Oshun from the crowd P.O.V.

The surprise of the night was former STL Rep candidate Ingrid Owens got on stage and performed Gladys Knight's, "Neither One of us." She was also celebrating her b-day as well.

Poet Corey Black also spat on the mike.

The crowd

Mark Vigilante sand, "I Love you Jesus."

Another highlight as always was singer Silky Sol who sang a "porno" rendition of Jill Scott's The Way."

The Two Soul's: Silky and Coco on stage as the product placement in the pic made its presence known.

Maxx Ent's Big Maxx and Silky Sol

There has been talk for years from folk that think YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins (RIGHT) and Johnson(LEFT) are blood brothers. We can't see it. What do yawl think?

Johnson and singer Shameika Copeland just fresh off her performance at Foxy Fest last week.

The Cafe Soul Sistas: Brown, Nichol Stevenson
and Coco Soul

DJ Soundz was the DJ for the lounge crowd at the event as he pointed to what logo got him paid. LOL

Event promoter Vanita Applebum and singer CJ Hernon

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