Monday, December 01, 2008

OUT 519--OUT ON THE TOWN--NELLY's 2nd ANNUAL DERRTY WEEKND at Lush Nov. 28 and FREE TIME's "Party for a Purpose" at Reggie's Backstage Nov. 29

Photos by Ma'atology CENTER PIC: A pic of the flier of Nelly's celebratin' of his belated b-day at Lush as well as Skybox (on that following Saturday) that was promoted by Monopoly Promotions.

RIGHT: Monopoly's Mocha Latte and model Miss Natasha. BELOW: Latte doin' what she does best--on the mike as Mike Deniro of Mike Deniro Marketing, who helped market this event with Lossecannon, looked on.

RIGHT: Derrty ENT's Chocalate Tai (second from left) and Jamie Lomax (next to Tai) chillin out with their girls in VIP.

LEFT: Lush co-owner Bryan Kaemmerer , former St. Louis Cards outfielder Bernard Gilkey and Lush co-owner Brian Monday.

A shot of the crowd pre-Nelly and Jermaine Dupri's arrival.

Loose Cannon's S.L.I.M. and Deniro

RIGHT: Deniro and Nelly's manager Tony "T-Luv" Davis.

Latte with Yani Company's Jared Moore.

Freeman Bosley Junior Show's Darrion Phelps and Call to Oneness co-creator/Cedric The Entertainer manager Eric Rhone.

Riverfront Radio personality Craig Blac and 104.1 personality Young Dip.

If you look closely you spot St. Louis native/New England Patriots running back star Laurence Maroney.

Folk packin in the VIP area as Young Dip watched sitting on top of a booth.

One of the STL stars that arrived was rapper Jibbs as he manuvered his way into the VIP area.

Jibbs posed with Latte.

Jibbs giving dap to the security crew, Muscle For Hire.

"Wheer All My Single Ladies At," asked Mocha Latte to the crowd as Nelly and Dupri were minutes away.

Latte was gettin the crowd hyped.

Nelly and Ashanti being escorted into V-VIP bodyguarded by Nelly's longtime guard Big B(Well, its actually the VIP area which quickly turned to V-VIP narrowing the ropes when Nelly arrived).

Nelly and Dupri (under a black cap) and his bodygiard (in the yellow coat) fellowshippin with their crews.

Nelly gave a shot out to the DJ booth area where DJ Sno was on the 1s and 2s.

Dupri gettin comfortable takin' off his jacket up in V-VIP. Man, is he short or what?

STL bodybuilder star Rambo of Muscle for Hire was tryin to get order up in the newly created V-VIP area.

Dupri asking Deniro wherr the drank at as Nelly spoke to folk in the DJ booth area.

Nelly and Craig Blac.

Nelly with one of the owners of Lush, Brian Monday.

On that Saturday, we checked out FREETIME's Party with a Purpose at Reggie's across from the Fox Theatre.

Pictured are FREETIME's Roy Robinson, Daryl Frierson and Adrian Saddler. The promotions group requested patrons bring a canned good for the St. Louis Pantry for free entry. In exchange of canned goods, attendees got a free drink on FREETIME.

FREETIME's Allen Whitney and guest.

DJ Reminise was on the 1s and 2s.

Frontline Protections' Johnny Brooks and owner Brian Stemmons

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