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OUT 520--NELLYS 3rd ANNUAL BLACK AND WHITE BALL at Chase Park Plaza Nov. 30, 2008

Photos by Ma'atology and King Yella (first pic) Monolpoly Promotion's Mocha Latte and YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins at the 3rd Annual Nelly's Black and White Ball. Check out all of the national and local celebrities who attended and OUTTOWN's Best Dressed Glamazons and Dapper Dans at the event.

Event DJ Charlie Chan.

KMOV personality Vickie Newton and her date talked with "Great Day St. Louis" personality Tim Tialdo as event host Lisa West looked on.

STL Educator Lester Robinson and wife.

RIGHT: KSLZ 107.7 personlaities Curt Copeland
and Taylor J.

KMOV personality Larry Conners (who was wearin yellow cowboy boots wit his tux) and wife.
later in the post who will also see what Conners was doin in his boots!

STL-TV perosonality Sandi Stevenson doin' an intro bumper to her story on the Ball.

St. Louis actress Amy Allen, was one of the Glamazons that nite with this beautiful black gown.

Cornell Haynes Sr, Nelly's father and wife.

Cheresse Ink's Cheresse Pentella (right) wore a white speckled gown that almost came off a bit promish, but she got a pass as one of the Glamazons of the nite.

Businessman Mike Roberts Jr with his date, model Lindsey who's dress was lovely but we felt the shawl hindered the magic of the dress. Roberts was one of the Dapper Dans of that night with his tailored black tux.

The Glam Couple Award went to former St. Louis Rams player Roland Williams and his lovely wife who looked very polished in their choices of wardrobe.

Murphy Lee's manager Mister Peter and date.

STL business tycoon Steve Roberts and his son looked very clean cut that nite.

America"s Got Talent winner Missouri native opera singer Neil E. Boyd attended. He aslo performed later that night.

Rapper Kyjuan and his wife.

Kyjuan showed love to the media who came through (Thats King Yella in teh suit)

Nelly's concert band 100 Grand Band performed for the entertainers that night.

Memebrs of Plaza Motors were there. One of the sponsors of the event, Plaza Motors also raffled off a 2-year lease to a Lexus ES350 as a door prize that evening (which will be covered later on below on this post).

Grammy Award winning group Boyz II Men (Wayna, Shawn and Nathan) was the entertainment for the night (which aslo will be covered later in this post)

Jack Daniels Promotions' Keenan Harris (We see he can dapper up well. LOL)and date whos' dress was one of the Glamazon gowns for the night.

Attendees Miss Melissa and Miss Veronica (who OUTTOWN voted as one of The Not-So-Glam-Awardees)

Derrty Ent's Jackie Lomax and Miss Shaki (We loved her funky sneaker heels!).

STL cable access perosnlity Uncle Rudy not only got on the red carpet for his pic but also gave his spiel of his TV show and soliciting talent. LOL

The Dapper Award of the night went to Nelly's protege rapper Avery Storm. He looked very dapper and pressed in this tux.

104.1 perosonalities Jamie B. and boogie D.

Nelly's manager T-Luv Davis (right) and his wife and son.

Anheuser Busch's Hosea Greer and Bruce Shead

Derrty Ent's Topher (third from left) and wife and friends.

Lindenwood University Program Manager for Criminal Justice Pernell Witherspoon and his sister. The university was one of the sponsors of the Ball and along with Nelly and the university's Black Student Union launched a new scholarship program which provided two students from the St. Louis region with 4-year full-tuition scholarships/grants to Lindenwood University.

St. Louis American's Kenya Vaughn was there taking pics for the event.

St. Lunatic hypeman Slo Down and his wife. Slodown we picked as one of the Dapper Dans of the nite for giving a touch of flair to the tuxedo that nite with the black scarf and white pants.

Saint Louis University student Priya was one of the Glamazons that night in her East Indian inspired dress.

Superstar producer Jermaine Dupri arrived in dapper style.

Pine Lawn Police Chief Ricky Collins and his wife.

Nelly and Ashanti arriving to the event.

"Ashanelly" always do it right when they are on the red carpet. They were on point in their respective Glam and Dapper outfit choices.

Ashanti's jewlery and makeup also gave her that WOW factor.

Ashanti accompanied by her family which included her dad,Ken-Kaide, her sister Shia and her "momager" Tina.

Nelly speaking with "Great Day St. Louis"reporter Tim Tialdo.

Delmar Loop business tycoon Joe Edwards.

Nelly spoke to STL-TV about the purpose of the evening.

Business tycoon Mike Roberts showin' businessman Eric Rhone "the way" to the Bash as Rhone's wife looked on. LOL.

100 Grand Band on stage.

Mocha Latte had the most orginal gowns of the night in this business styled number. She was definitely one of the Glamazons.

Latte and St. Lunatics City Spud, who also was one of the Dapper Dans of the night.

KMOX Radio and KMOV-TV personality Carol Daniel and her husband.

Mom Me Makeover's Ola Hawatmeh came to the Ball in this very sexy number.

Webster University's Nicci Roach and her aunt, Marla Roach.

Attendees Miss Afton, Miss Tiarah (Both who got Not-So Glam Awards as well) and Miss Regina.

Congressman Lacy Clay and wife.

Kenneth DeSheilds and date.

The Ball.

DJ Charlie Chan

The beautiful dessert display.

Gina Wyatt got the GLAMAZON AWARD of the night for this sexy silver number. Simply understated yet ravishing.

Nelly got up on stage with Charlie Chan to welcome everyone for attending the event.

Neil E. Boyd performed "Ave Maria."

Nelly introduced the finalists for the leased Lexus that was raffled off. Finalists had to have Nine of Clubs to be in the running. Before announcing the winning card, he said that a lot of cities have these types of events and he felt that his city here in St. Louis should have the same. He also thanked Jermaine Dupri for supporting him in this event for the past three years and Ashanti for "keeping him company."

Boyz II Men's set list of songs the group was going to sing that night that was taped downstage.

Some of the finalists of the car.

All of the finalists for the car. They all were given car beepers to open up the car. Any guesses on who won?

And the winner was.......

of the leased Lexus was........

Regina Nichols. She was very calm when she won. It was agreed that she may have had a couple of luxury cars alrady in her garage. LOL.

Nelly with winner Nichols.

Nichols getting into her winning car.

Boyz II Men performed.

Fans taking pics of the group.

Shawn in croon mode.

The fans loved it!

Wanya also got into croon mode as well.

Err one was gettin into the Boyz II Men grrove.

Wanya, whos slimmed down these days, took his shades off for the fans.

The songs they sang included "On Bended Knee" and "Water Runs Dry."

During the love segment of the show ("Ill Make Love to You") the group passed out red stemmed roses to the ladies in the crowd.

One for you.....

And one for you...........

This fan got many roses.

Another view of the rose giving with Nathan and a fan.

The fans.

During Boyz II Men's performing "End of the Road" Nelly clowned around and sang with the group.

Nelly really got into the Boyz II Men groove!

They concluded with their first hit, "Motownphilly." Before the group sang, they thanked theri fans for being fans for nearly 20 years.

Nelly with KSLZ perosnlities.

Gettin down on the dance floor was KMOV perosonality Larry Conners.

Picture an off beat Temptation group member dipping low to the beat and that was Conner's dance style. LOL.

Definitely in the groove was KMOX Radio's and Great Day ST. Louis co-host Carol Daniel and her husband.

Close to Famous' Tricky and date.

Up on stage, the after party got into full effect mode. Ashanti and Dupri gettin it crackin.

And hammin it up!

Nelly shared DJ duties with Charlie Chan.

Latte with Slodown and his wife.

St. Lunatic member Ali (whos looking very distingusihed these days)and his wife, Lillian.

Dupri, Ali.....Ali, Dupri.

When Avery Storm's song, "Here I Am," he took the mike from Nelly and did an impromptu performance of it.

Ashanti's family was cuttin the floor with their dance moves!

Dupri brought along his camera to document the night.

Hot 104.1 personality Young Dip and football star Laurence Maroney also was on stage gettin their party on.

Shaki in girlfriend mode with the Douglas Siaters, Ashanti and Shia.

A non-stop party on stage.

You cant see it from this pic, but Ashanti took off her pumps and put on some blue furry houseslippers to get her dance on! TMP.

When Murphy Lee got on stage, he also performed including his new jam, "My Shoes."

It was also great to see all of the St. Lunatics all on one stage including City Spud.

St. Lunatics 2008

Shake a Tailfeather!

Jibbs also performed when his song, "King Kong" was played.

A candid shot of Jibbs performing and Nelly looking as though he was giving Jibbs a metaphoric nod to go ahead with his rise to suprstardom.

Look, we're on! Thats City Spud with Derrty ENT's Blu Bolden.

Dupri gettin his Moet on as Young Dip looked on.

Miss Priya gettin all up in the Derrty Ent mix!


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