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Photos by Ma'atology

The program booklet of the event.

Kickrox Productions' James Glasco and guest host Jersey neo soul artist Eric Roberson who was a headliner at Suite Soul Spot in April.

Roberson guest hosted with regular Suite Soul Spot hosts Nicci Roach and Kenneth DeShields. He welcomed everyone to the Red Velvet Cake Room and jokingly said, "Whats up with your Rams?"

Roberson also informed the crowd that he recently got married two months ago and would be doing no looking at women tonite which caused laughter from the crowd.

Singer Teresa Payne performed "Take Me Down" from her upcoming CD, "Go, Fight, Win" that is slated to be released in January through STL guitarist Wildmann's Funky Soul Productions.

Roberson commented that we must have a comaradarie and energy when it comes to singers , not just in St. Louis, but across the country.

Co-host Deshields even got on the mike to show off his incredible singing skills.

Roberson did free style singin' to introduce the acts who were performing that nite.

Roberson in free style mode.

Underground hip hopper Black Spade performed crowd fave" Actioneer" as well as "Lavish Life" and Gimme Love" from his OM Hip Hop CD, "To Serve with Love."

Suite Soul Spot creator Vanita Applebum was enjoyin the sounds on stage.

Singer Jada Avenue did background for Black Spade that nite.

Roach and SYGU's Darryl Gillespie checkin out the show from the sidelines. Gillespie was doin many tasks that nite (and that you will see later in this post).

CJ Conrad performed a mesmerizing rendition of Sade's "Love is Stronger than Pride."

DJ Needles held it down on the 1s and 2s during the show and intermission.

Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevenson and Angie Brown came through to support the anniversary show.

The highlight of the nite was the lovely Teresa Jenee who started off at the piano singing the ballads, "In Your Eyes" and "You Taught Me How to Love Again."

Before goin into her final song, "Pushin," she told the crowd the she recently lost her grandmother and how she got her strength from her.

Then Jenee got spirited singin, "Pushin" in a soulful testifyin' frenzy!

"You gotta keep pushinnnnnnnnnn!"

Jenee's inspiration, got guest host Roberson adlibbing his own Pushin testifyin'!

 well as guest host Deshields

....and Roach and Wildmann. The latter sang, "I don't know the words to the song, but all I remember was , "Keep Pushinnnnnnnnnnnnn."

After the testifyin, R&B trio Tiorah performed their song, "Noonday Cafe" the title track from their national released 1999 CD. They also covered Gladys Knight's "Heard it Through the Grapevine, "Aretha's "Respect," and Teena Marie's "Square Biz."

Gillespie did his share of takin flicks for the night.

As well two a two step with one of the members of Tiorah!

The featured artist was Chi-Town's singer/songwriter Jarrad Anthony , Here, Roberson showed Anthony some love after introducing him to the crowd. Anthony was a headliner at Suite Soul Spot in January of this year.

Before he started his set, Anthony told the crowd that he drove from Chicago straight to St. Louis that nite to perform and and apologized for being late .

He perfrmed songs from his CD's 2004's "Don't Sleep Just Dream"
and 2o06 's Synergetsic. Energy. X Change "

Some of the songs he and his band performed were, "What Can I Do," "You Don't Gotta go," "Its Forver," and "Bad Sista."

A longer shot of thr stage when Anthony and his band perfomred.

Anthony captivated the audience with his acoustic soul style.

Anthon in neo mode!

Singer/musician Mr. Ed, who performed first singing Brian McKnight's "Anytime" and the orginal " You," posing with Applebum duirng the show.

Roberson joined Anthony on stage to jam.

Roach and Deshields also got into the groove.

Roberson performed crowd fave, "So Much More" as Roach and Deshields chimed in with their backing vocals. Roberson also sang a tribute to the late hip-hop producer, J Dilla.

Anthony even got in on some of them vocals!

Before he vamped back on the highway to Chi-town, Anthony took a flick with Roach and DeShields.

As well as with Vanita.

A funny moment in the show happened when Roberson called out Vanita to explain how she got her monikered last name "Applebum".

Wildmann closed out the show with, "Can't Live Without Your Love."

Percussionist/herbalist/entreprenuer Kelly Wimbley joined in on the finale jam session.

................And so did Payne and background singer Mr. Donnie.

A longshot of the finale.

Wimbley and Roberson who joined the finale as well on keys.

Roberson brought Vanita up on stage to thank her for the hard work she's done to make Suite Soul Spot a success.

Vanita thanked all who made the event a success its first year (Thanks Vanita for OUTTOWN's shout out. LOL).

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