Monday, October 06, 2008

OUT 481--FASHION at 4246. Oct. 4

Photos by Ma'atology

LEFT: THE SOLE MEN: The dress shoes of Mark Anthony Jones, Wordsmith Perkins and YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins. Can you guess who's shoe is whose? RIGHT: Jazz man Lamar Harris (center)setting the mood with the trumpet along with his band The L and DJ Enoch (left)

LEFT: Fashion show host singer Aloha partaking in some of the sumptry items served before her hosting duties RIGHT: STL videographer/Spitflix's Dana Christian and Aloha
The show will featured premier designers and the freshest designer collections for the fall benefitting the dedication of Construction Careers Center.
The first designer showcased was Paper Dolls

RIGHT: Some of the backstage folk (more like backroom ) upstairs checking out the beginnings of the show.

RIGHT: Next up was designs by Shan Keith

Fashion diva Jimmelle was workin it.

Aloha talked with some of the audience members during the breaks.

Next up was designs by Diversity Gallery.

Wordsmith Perkins, RJ Jones and Mark Anthony Jones in a domino pose during another break in the show.

Next up was the Taste of Luxury

This dress stole the show!

Next up was I AM Fashions

Next up was a tribute to the late young designer Shawn Williams whose EYEKON designs were showcased in the show. A moment of silence was given to respect to the recently passed designer before his designs were displayed.

Jimmelle modeled a t-shirt which read "RIP Shawn."

The rest of the fashions were both EYEKON and Jakada fashions

Jones, Demond Tucker of Jakada Fashions and RJ Jones

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins with my "nephew" RJ.

Soon to be 'Weds: Ms. Stephanie and Mike Persons. They are scheduled to wed this Friday. Congrats!

St. Louis Post Pop Critic/Blender's Kevin Johnson, Posts's fashion editor Debra Bass and guyest Ronald Johnson.

St. Louis Zoo's Jennifer Poindexter and Demetrius J Matthews

Model men: DJ, Wordmsith and Terry "TC" Cantley

4246's Anthony Robinson and Jimmelle.

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