Monday, October 20, 2008

OUT 495--OUT ON THE TOWN-PAUL MOONEY at HOUSE of COMEDY at The Landing and 100 Black Men Libras Party at CONGRESS WEST END APTS--Oct 18

Photos by Ma'atology Legendary comedian Paul Mooney on stage at the 8 p.m. Saturday show. He was here last weekend and performed in front of sold out crowds shows with his provocative and biting humor.

And he left no stone unturned!

He talked about everyone from Isaac Hayes being a scientologist, James brown (before he died, he looked like an old old Chinese woman"), Tina Turner, Oprah ("I cant stand that skinny fat bitch.") Aretha ("It should be a law to have that much titties."), Usher ("Have you seen his mamma, I mean his wife.") and some sccop on Janet's mystery illness ("She is not sick. The reason why she canceled her tour dates was that she found out that Jermaine Dupri got a stripper preganant). He also got into tpical bits including teachers having sex with students ("at first it was 2 and 2 is 4 now its 2 and 2 is 4 and come get this pussy.") and gas prices (The gas is so high, its low. Its so high the Cripps and Bloods will drive in the same car to do a drive by.")

We caught him on Saturday on his first of of two shows that nite. We heard that on Friday nite, during the Stress Free Fridays' sponsored show, his first show went over 2 and a half hours , going over his time for the second show and did not care about
"the flashing light." TMP! .

Mooney after his show taking a pic with a fan.

The Gates Brothers: DJ Needles and dancer Nicholas Gates

Folk leaving the first show.

Mooney and his publicist talking with fans as Mooney signed CDs.

Lawyer Richard Banks (right) got a CD signed by Mooney.

A female fan talking with Mooney. We are sure this lady is an STL mover and shaker by the way she was dressed. LOL.

Business and married couple Danielle Fields and Paul McCoy with Mooney.

After the comedy show, we attended the 100 Black Men's Libras Party at the Congress West end Apts. where six Libras/friends were celebrating their brithdays

The cake

Two of the celebrators were 100 Black Men's John Haigler and 100 Black prez/Platinum group's Jacque Land.

Folk at the bar.

Jacque Land and his Alpha brothers

Folk gettin their party on.

The DJ was Tossin Ted.

The over 35 crowd on the floor gettin down!

And doin' the Fantasy Slide.

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