Monday, October 20, 2008

OUT 494--CAFE SOUL feat, Kristin Stimage at LUCAS SCHOOL HOUSE

Photos by Ma'atology (PICS IN ORDER OF THE EVENT) Cafe Soul's Angie Brown (left) and host Coco Soul (right) with event's featured artist 2008 McD's R&B/Soul Search winner Kristin Stimage

Radio One personality Soundz was the DJ for the partiers downstairs.

STL promoter Sonia Brascomb, Monet Demming and Cassandra Jones. They signed up for the open mic segment of the show.

STL bassist and Cafe Soul band member Wildmann with his lady, Miss Jessica before the show.

Some of the crowd chillin downstairs in the lounge area.

Brown gives a wristband to a patron for the show upstairs.

Lounge crowd

Patrons at the bar.

Folks networking before the show.

Miss Sarita and fashion designer Chris Dinkins

The specials at Lucas House. Yummy. YOURS TRULY had the wings.

Award winning Dj Needles had it poppin on the 1s and 2s upstairs

Coco Soul began the show with the band singing Rufus' "You Got The Love."

Then did some background with Cafe Soul singer CJ Conrad

Sonia Brascomb sang Jenbnifer Hudson's "Spotlight" with her girls
as her background.

"Well, I don't like/living in your spotlight....."

Cafe Soul fave socialite Jamie Spencer sang John Legend's "Slow Dance."

STl singer Corleone joined Coco for the free giveaway portion of the show where Coco asked, "Who is the oldest
person in the crowd?"

The oldest were the Simmones. She was 72 and he was 74. They have been married for 53 years. They won a Barack Obama T shirt.

Next up from the quartet girls was Dyonna who sang, Ledisi's "In the Morning."

The crowd

Poet Abby brought the house down with "State of Emergency."

Singer Teresa Payne got the crowd on their feet with Beyonce's "Deja Vu."

STL earth diva singer Silky Sol walking through the crowd preparing for her set.

Rappers Young Chaos and Ally Cat

STL 90's'R&B trio Tiorah made a guest appearance. They will be featured at next month's Cafe Soul.

They performed two songs. The first was the Jones Girls' "Who Can I run to."

The other was the Emotions' "Best of My Love."

One of the highlights was Corleone and Tendai of Tiorah performed an impromtu cover of the R&B classic, Fire and Desire" which resulted in a standing ovation.

Coco introduced the legendary Roll Call segment of the show as tribute to the late DJ Dr Jockenstien with three participants Valarie, Rhonda and Abby.

Meanwhile Hoodstar Mocha Latte came through

Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevenson showing Miss Latte where to sit in VIP.

During the intermission. DJ Needles had the joint crunk with old school hip hop and R&B while the crowd got their dance and clown on.

"You're the One, Youre th One. Put your Finger in the Air, Youre the One."

Needles going in the carts to get the tunes.

Breakin and clownin


Featured artist Kristin Stimage performed three songs that was a love triolgy--heartbreak, pain and return of love. Her first was Jasmine Sullivan's "Bust yo Windows."

The nest was an original song, "Did I Give You Just Enough."

The last was Jill Scott's"He Loves Me."

Stimage told the crowd that she signed a contract with Sony to record a single with them and at the end of the year she will record a commerical ad for McDonalds.

The crowd was feeling her.

Stimage coming off stage.

Poet Sir Alexander

Wildamnn and singer Marvin Michael

The crowd which included Posts's Kevin Johnson and Debra Bass

Marvin Micahel sang the original song, "Anytime"

Poet Xplicit

Cafe Soul fave Silky Sol sang an original song, the bluesy "Grown Woman Talkin."

Sol broke it down old school style.

2007 McD's R&B/Soul Search winner Justin Hoskins sang, Marvin's "Distant Lover."

Meanwhile, downstairs, folk were gettin their party on as you can see from this sista gettin low!

And droppin it like it was hot!

STL En Vogue. Peach Cobbla and Miss Erika (center) with their girls.

Miss Erika in a gangsta stance.

Meanwhile, upstrairs we got a close up of Mocha Latte and her cuz, Luci

And jazzman Lamar Harris, the last act for the evening, was on stage with....

CJ Conrad and Coco

Jammin on the one!

As things were winding down and before Soundz left, he took a pic with his #1 fan, Peach Cobbla.

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