Monday, October 06, 2008


Photos by Ma'atology Jimmelle and her sis, Shaki. Jimmelle was planning to move to Baltimotre Maryland to manage four Urban Outfitters Stores. She saids she will be there for a year but planned to visit the STL periodically.

LEFT: Jimmelle talking to some of her invited guests which were mostly her family and close friends.
RIGHT: TRAACES' Danielle Harper gave a teary and heartfelt thanks to Jimmelle , on eof her best friends who helpe dher through her trials and tribulations in her life.
LEFT: Jimmelle's girls gave her a scrapbook to complete the rest of her journey in her career (And she comically said, "I just got two pages, that's it?)

RIGHT: They also got scrapbooks so they can trace each other's lives via pics at the same time.

Wordsmith Perkins spoke about his experiences working with Jimmelle with his promotions group Konnections.

After the testimonies from her fam and friends, Jimmelle addressed the crowd thanking everyone and got choked up near the end of her speech but was able to pull it together.

Jimmelle brought upher mother to the podium. Her mom said she was in her corner and loved her and supported her in whatever she does. Short and sweet and to the point.

The cake

Well wishers included Terry "TC" Cantley, Wordsmith Perkins and Mark Anthony Jones

Jimmelle with her fashion ace boon--Skylar

Jimmelle and the cake

Jimmelle posing with her fam and friedns.

More well wishers: SYGU's Rashad Whittier, Kevin Mccoy and Chris Draper

Barber and bodybuilder Steve Lacy also dropped by.

And so did Monopoly Productions' Mocha Latte.

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