Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Photos by Maatology

It was like a car show near Mike Shannons in downtown STL

Folks coming to the event.

Eye Candy assistant Michelle Star posing for the OUTCAM. The theme for the month's event was The Pink Edition, where ladies got in FREE at a certain time for those who wore pink.

The crowd

Most of thd ladies stuck to the color theme, while some did their own thing.

TLC Hood Style: These three wore their own editions.

More of the crowd as they awaits the Eye Candy contest that was to be hosted by reality star Danger from "For the Love of RayJ"

Monopoly Promotions' Mocha Latte was on the scene enjoyin her hiatus as Queen of Promotions.

STL Manager Rio and his main client singer Aloha made an appearance. She debuted a new song at the event.

FREETIME's Roy Robinson and her Bruh Dawg do their Que Dog stance for OUTCAM.

More of the crowd.

And more of the crowd.

On the 1s and 2s was DJ Sir Thurl along with DJ Quinn and assistant.

Pretty In Pink.

MPAC/ event creator Mo Spoon makin the announcement that the contest was about to begin.

The Eye Candy assistants on stage.

STL Rapper Luey V performed the street jam, "Do Your Own Dance."

... STL rapper Koko C' vere gettin it hype!

Rapper Murphy Lee also came through on stage to perform.

Meanwhile, the Eye Candy assistants were whittling about on stage.

This Eye Candy assistant ended up hosting the contest. At this time, it was discovered that Danger was not going to attend.

Seven young ladies (including Inbox/Oh My Tv personality Kayshaniel seen on far left) entered the contest. There was no Q&A just their physicalities was judges.

These three ladies were chosen as the Top Three in the Miss May Contest by selected judges which included St. Louis American's Kendra Vaughan and LME's Tim Slater. The audience also shouted out its favorite when Mo Spoon gave each sista the hand over the head motion.

AND THE WINNER WAS..................

Miss Ashley!

MoSpoon with Miss May posing for the cams.

Ashley gave a double hood hand pose for the crowd. As winner of Miss May , she received a photo spread in St.Louis American, a featuring on MPAC's website and to compete in the year end Eye Candy Contest.

NOTE: There were many disappointed men and we are sure some women who attended the Eye Candy Party to catch a glimpse of the popular reality star, Danger. There was no announcement made of her no-show, which was quite baffling. We think the crowd should have at least gotten that much. Maybe MPAC knew already that she wasnt coming and didnt want to piss off crowd members who were there to see her? Hmmm. Anyway, the crowd was hundreds deep, there were no incidents or anyone clowning and partied until they shut it down at 2: 30am. Also IN was rapper Kyjuan, Nelly's manager T-Luv, ANTM contestant/model Shanell Howard, FREETIME's Adrian Saddler and Daryl Frierson, I AM's Kim Trigg, Homegrown ENT's Big Abe, and models Marshawn and Mr McClure.

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