Monday, June 15, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology.
We checked out comedian Mark Curry's set at the House of Comedy on the Landing. It was the last show at the venue before it closes and moves to its newest location July 3 on 19th and Washington in downtown STL. Pictured is host and House of Comedy owner Dee Lee on stage doing his usual making sure folk tip the waiters. Two of his jokes to a fairly mixed crowd that nite involved his biracial heritage ("I'm half of ya'll (white people)...from the waist up.") and his looks ("I'm glad that I'm cute. I'm, sorry for those that are ugly. You know who you are. But hey, I'm not worried about you, cuz I'm cute." )

Before Dee Lee introduced Curry, local comedian did a 20 minute set. His brand of humor is steeped in hood St. Louis culture. One joke involved working at White Castles on Olive ("If you workin' there and you're over 40, kill yourself." ), the 711 on the South Side ("If you want hepatitis, buy one of there donuts half eaten." ) as well as his relationships with women ("I once dated a woman who looked just like the drummer at Chuck E Cheese")

Next up was headliner Curry who talked about STL weather ("It's crazy weather here that the weatherman said he didn't know what to do.") and airports and black people ("Black people should have express lines cuz we don't hijack planes." )

Curry also talked about his family members and their quirks like his grandma ("She's living with me and she turned the heat up to 290 degrees. the dog don't even bark no more.") and his brother ("He ran the police with a bowl of cereal .")

He also talked about being at the Inauguration for Obama ("I was crying there, but I was crying cuz it was so cold." )
and Michelle Obama ("She's a big catalog shoe girl. Size 13." )

He also talked about people going to Starbucks ("It's a drug in the community. Five dollars for a coffee? You can go to Mexico and get it grounded for that much!") and baseball heroes Barry Bonds' ("If I was Bonds, I would say F the Hall of Fame. If I made 400 million") and Darryl Strawberry ("he should go into the Hall of Fame cuz he played on crack." ). He also made a joke about how women view porn ("Women get into the plot and say things like "hey baby, do you think that's her house she's in?").

Before his set ended he asked for some volunteers in the crowd to get healed.

This matching wedded couple said that they have been married for 35 years and that they love each other since the first day they met which caused an awwww from the crowd.

Curry was about to heal her then...

....she got buckwild on him!

Some Curry fans talkin with the comedian after the show.

The matching couple talkin with Curry as they prepare for a pic.

The crowd awaiting the second show.

After the Curry show, we checked out Showtime Marketing Group's debut Friday Night Lights event at the Skybox. Pictured are Showtime's Chris Showtime, host Mista DJ and Zero 44

Mista Dj with DJ Shock on the 1s and 2s in the dee-jay booth area.

Fight the P-Power! LOL.

The ladies were definitely cladded up in their "fits" up in therre.

It was jammed packed.

Folk outside waiting to get inside the Skybox.

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