Monday, June 18, 2007


PICS: John Coffee and Michal Green (How apropos with their names cause John is dark and Micah has green eyes!)...Local artist Kevin MCcoy, socialite Lia (Here she is again!) and SYGU's Darryl Gillespie (I still say you need your own radio show!)...The selected invited guests at the bar gettin their free drink on (provided by Jack Daniels)...The Sexy Jack Daniels Girls: Front front left to front right: Ashely, Maria, Gabby and Annette....Scott Hunt, Janine St. Gemme and Jay Baker...Darryl gettin his pool on....

Some pics that were hung on the walls of the studio.

I really like this one!

RIGHT: Rapper Black Spade and Jasmine (or is it Lauryn Hill???)

EVENT-VIEWZ. I checked out this affiar because I was invited via text from Demond and socialite Jimmelle to come through and that it was a special invite for about 20 or so hot social people in the STL....Well. LOL. Anyway, I got therre early around 6 p.m. and as I was pulling up to the curb in front of the studio , I saw SYGU's Darryl Gillespie walk up and he gave me a head nod. I dont think he knew who I was cause I had on my shades at the time.
So when I got out of the car, I called out Darryl's name and he quickly recognized who I was. I saw that he was sporting a short mowhawk and I complimented him on it. So as we we got to the entrance area of the studio, we were greeted by Demond, who teased me about the golden shirt I was wearing which had the long sleeves cut off. He said, "Nice shirt, but wherres the rest of it." HA bloody HA.
As the evening progressed, one of the Jack Daniels girls came up in therre and was in a tizzy about what she and the other Jack Daniels girls had to wear and do while they were therre. I didnt get the gist of the conversation, but I was under the impression that she was talking to the coordinator of the event (whose initials are KH) on her celly causing her some uncomfort.
Overall, therre were about 20 or so people who were invited--many who I met for the first time (including the cool Asian guy who owned the spot), one who I played off as though It was nice seeing this person (who know who you are) and one who I just stared at and just waved to but was not really feeling AT ALL (I have a "photographic" memory).
The studio is quite comforting and intimate. It was definitely a spot for artist to hang out after work and chill. Free Jack Daniels products were flowing from the bar (I drank water due to I was heading to work after the event). There were also abstract paintings hung on the wall, a red velvet pool table, and a bar are that was lit with red neon lighting under the counter.
There, I had gotten some dish on the listening party with rapper Vandalizm the previous evening at IAM Boutique in regards to a white guy who was beefin up in the boutique and was about to bring his heat up in the boutique cause of his feelings that the hard legs were pushin up on the sistas that he was tryin to holla to from what I gather. . Good thing I didnt go to that.
Neverthelss, Demond and a couple of other photographers were taking pics of us schmoozing and all while we listenD to 80s old school R&B on the CD player. I stayed for about an hour or so and had to leave for work.
Others in the house were artist Kevin McCoy, Rapper Black Tyde, socialite Lia, and Neiman Marcus sales manager Eugene Tsimmerman (Sorry I missed you Jimmelle, I'm sure you shoD up after I left).

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