Monday, March 03, 2008



Therre's IK and Soul Stylz' Miss Alma and Jamie Spencer chillin in one of the private rooms for where socialite Keisha Daniels' had her b-day party.

The Black Beckham's: Keith and Carri Griffin

Three the Hard Way for the Ladies: Fox 2's Rob Desir , Miek Kennedy and Yusef Freeman

Femme Proper: Ms. Danielle, Mocha Latte and Ms. April

Stress Free's MarkAnthony Jones, STl fitness model Fred Williams and KSDK TV's Jeff Small
RIGHT: Miss Stacy and 100.3The Beat's Kiki the 1st Lady

St. Louis Post's Pop Critic Kevin Johnson and signer Cafe Soul host/co-creator Coco Soul

RIGHT: Williams posing with two of his fans Ms. Melanie and Ms. Brandii

Griffin with Ms. Jennfier and Ms. Kendra.

Big Tah with two sexy ladies.

Mr. Tony with fiance.

Mound City Bar Association's Quadro and Jones.

Larry and Becky Blue.

Carri Griffin and friend

The Soul Stylz Girlz: Carletta, Stacy, Cherman and Ciara.

Therre's Soul Stylz' boone talkin with one of the J Bucks waitresses. Wonder what was going on here?

Stacy putting a VIP bracelet on a patron as Carletta mug the OUTTOWN CAM.

Folk in the dining area where another b-day party was going on.

Therre's Cafe Soul co-creator Nichol Stevenson and Diversity Gallery's Ms. Lynette near the bar area.

What's Jamie Spencer's lookin at we wonder?

Therre's socialite Clifford Brandon (left) talkin with friends.

DJ Reminise was on the 1s and 2s.

The Crowd

The crowd

Guests inside the VIP room.

"Hey, hey, look over here!"

"One more round, bartendar."

On the left, therre's Precision's Rob Kirk gettin his ear talk on with a sexy sista,. Hmmm, we guess he got lucky! His group collaborated with Soul Stylz on teh event.

Folk on the dance floor.

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