Monday, March 31, 2008

OUT 367--79th Annual Fashion Design Show feat Wash U students March 30


Although STL FAshion Week wrapped up last Saturday with a shopping spree with various stores in the STL area, the week actually culminated with a fashion show titled CLASS IS IN SESSION put on by Washington University and its fashion students who were graduating from the fashion department. The set up was still the same with a VIP Reception, then the fashion show. LEFT: Wash U fashion professor Robin Ver Hage gettin interviewed by a local TV station.

RIGHT: STL-TV's Gilberto Pinella doin his tag for his show The Best of The STL as Pete Foggy handled the videography.

LEFT: Some guys who were givin serious heavy metal and grunge chic.

RIGHT: Folk gettin their VIP access bracelets.

Fok leavin the VIP Reception for the show which was on the 4th floor of the Casino where all the shows were held.

RIGHT: Wash U Associate Professor Jeigh Singleton gettin interviewed for local TV.

People lookin down at the reception for the highrise stories of the hotel.

Folk gettin their network on in the reception.

RIGHT: Therre's ALIVE Magazine's Cristy Miller and Jill Manoff lookin to where their seats are.

WASH U Chancellor Mark Wrighton (third from right) with colleagues and family.

ALIVE MAGAZINEs LOGO projected on screen

The first scene were of the students' ball gowns.

If you look closely, you can see hollabackboi in the front row. Can you find him?

Next up was the scene Class Mates/Class Action Suits

The next scene was Working Class

The next scene was Class Distinctions--the walkers and the riders.

Next up was the most creative scene Class Action and Class Struggle with evening dresses

The last scene was thid model walking down the isle in the bridal scene

The Wash U designers backstage.

Wash U's fashion icon Susan Block gets interviewed by Gilberto Pinela for STL-TV backstage

Block, Singlton, Manoff and Agistollio and one of the student designers of teh fashion show take a pose backstage.

EVENT VIEWZ. Overall Alive's second installment at STL Fashion Week (teh fall event was in August 2007) was a noble one. The ambienece and runway gave you mos definitely a NYC style runway show. However , one show was a bithead scratching. The EMERGE show. It was a bit long with too many deisgners (13) intermissions (which is unheard of of professional runway shows) and the models who were from local agencies were just OK. Most seem to be very nervous and probably need more training in their walking in heels.
Ironiclaly enough, the best fashion show was the show that wasnt actually part of the fashion week program--this one above. The show flowed and was fast paced and the models were volunteer, none from a modleing agency! They had the most spunk and diva appeal in their catwalk style than the ones who were signed to an agency! And most of the clothes from this show from students were more daring (especially the pink evening gowns with the stone style head pieces). Dont get me wrng, the other diesgners from the other shows' stuff were fierce, but I was expecting more risk taking from them.
So to all the professionals, take heed to the students!


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