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PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY and http://www.stlouis-online.com/

The festivities for SYNERGY's Kimora Lee Simmons' swanky Launch Party for the Launch of Fashion Week (March 25-30) began at 8 p.m. When OUTTOWN arrived around 8:30 or so, it was already jumpin. LEFT: Outside of Lumen, there was the dancing fire lady enetratining the VIPers arriving.

Inside there was a fashion show goin on.

As well as sexy stilt walkers walking around the club.

There also was an official VIp area upstairs (which was the V-VIOP area) as well as a connecting room for Kimora's VIP (aka the V-VIP room)

SYGU's Darryl Gillespie, Eddie Hollman's fiancee and Eddie Hollman

STL power couple jeweler Piper Cason and C3Fitness trainer Robin Cason

There also were acribatice from Spanish troupe Vao Do Vire

Business tycoon Mike Roberts, ALIVe editor in chief Attilio D'Agostino and VIP guest

The fire lady also got busy with the colorful hula hoop!

There's model Renata Walsh in a sexy black number.

STL models, designers and media folk were everywhere.

The stilt girls

Socialites Keisa Johnson, Barbrara Washington and River Fronczak

Miss Monica and Mo Spoon

On the wall was the photo wall where folk took instant pics and flashed on the curtain.

Rams exec Keith Harris in deep conversation with a guest (Looks like the second sista wants to know what's up!)

ALIVE Magazine's Jason Nichols and guest.

Kimora Lee Simmons publicist with ALIVE' Magazines' Jill Manoff looking radiant in her dress.

Therre's Steve Lacy, Post fashion editor Debra Bass and Sonya Brown

ALIVE media manager Sara Thomspon (in an art decco dress) with STL fitness mdoel Fred Williams.

MarkAnthony Jones, Mocha Latte and Williams

Platinum Group's Leata and Jacque Land.

Tyrese and 100.3 The Beat's Kiki the First Lady.

America Center's Rebecca rodgers and stlonfire's Kevin Jordan

So Diverse's Jameelah and Patrice (who looked stunning in her dress!)

The photo that YOURS TRULY (left) took with Jones and Williams that flashed on the photo wall after it was taken

Rams' Roland Williams and wife.

Elise and Dwight "Hypeman" Stone

The lovely Lynette Daniels stole the show with this elegant low cut number!

Folk gettin their network on

Miss Mousie

The V-VIPs

Folk waited in line to get theri drink on.

The sexy Valarie Johnson and Williams. Come to find out these two had some black history together. Hmmm.

Model Ashlai Box (in a cute hot pants ensem) and FREE TIME's Daryl Frierson

Kimora Lee Simmons' publicist asking questions from a local TV show.

Designer Shawn Williams (right) and guest.

The lady in this picture was pretty. YOURS TRULY took it just cuz.

The STL Lunatics Kyjuan and Murphy Lee arrived to perform for the crowd.

The duo asking questions questions from the media.

The We All We Got Homeboy made a splash on the party.

The We All We Got Homeboy and Murphy Lee.

The brother duo performed for the crowd namely Lee's new single, "Murph Derrty."

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins with my social scene gal Mocha Latte

Mocha being a star on the set.

Around 11:30, the lady of the hour, Kimora, arrived.

Kimora did not stay long to get her pic taken. YOURS TRULY actually took the one of two shots she took in her deep purple number before her entourage whisked her away to her V-V-VIP room. THSI IS ONE SHOT.


DA BOYZ of STL--Williams, YOURS TRULY and Jones.

Who wears these shoes?

Vao Do Vire had the crowd in awe with their def defying acrobatics!


Kimora waved to the folk below as she chilled in the V-V-VIp room upstairs.

Of course we folk below was watching err move Kimora made up there.

YOURS TRULY got a chance to go upstairs to see the action. The part of the room with the white curtains was Kimora's room. She and her entourage left it for a moment then returned. I'm sure so she can powder her nose.

An aerial view of below. On the screen was a repetition of the opening credits to Kimora's reality show, "Life in the Fab Lane."

Therre's actress Kine Brown chilled in V-VIP who is looking trimmed and slimmed these days. You go girl!

Therre's model Chritsiaan Cofield talkin with a guest. So do yawl like his new bald do?

Kimora's publicist and Thompson shared a laugh in V-VIP.

Mr. Brandon, guest and Post Pop Critic Kevin johnson comparing cell phones. Hmmm, I guess.

The stilt ladies were clowin all up there.

One of the dacners in Vao Do Vire.

EVENT-VIEWZ. Overall the event was nice but I think many were expecting more from the lady of the hour. After her entourage whisked Kimora away from below to her room upstairs that was it. She did not address the crowd to say thank you or anything. That was very disappointing. Nevertheless, the event, which cost six figures to produce by SYNERGY, was entertaining with the acrobatics, fashion show, shi-shi appetizers and an impromptu performance with Muprhy Lee and Kyjuan (I heard Jimmelle was there but I didnt see my girl) .

Now as far as the VIP set up. Again,. I cannot understand the separate sections especially if everyone was invited to the private party. Below was general public access, upstairs was VIP (or what I like to say V-VIP) and teh small section upstairs separated by a see through curtain was where Kimora nd her special gsutes were (aka the V-V-VIP). I dont know if this will mean anything, but STL, let's stop with all the "seperate but equal" behavior with invite only events. I can see if people paid to go upstairs but err one was even kill on VIP status.
I'm just sayin..

After the Kimora event, therre was an after party at Nectar, but OUTTOWN decided to switch it up and go to an event Whats Ya Flava was puttin on at Studio 11 where Flava of Love star Hoopz was havin (YOURS TRULY almost ran over St. Lunatic member Slo Down who was comin out of a Hummer gettin ready to walk up to Nectar Lounge). I was tryin to get to Studio 11 after but befiore, pass by Nectar to see who was goin up in therre. My bad. LOL)

Therre's Hoopz with Mark Anthony Jones and Mocha Latte chillin in VIp at Whats Ya Flava's event at Studio 11

Latte and Carri Griffin, one half of Power Couple Inc.
in VIP at Studio 11

For more pics of the Kimora Lee and Whats Ya Flava Party, go to OUT 354 for the ETC-BITZ PAGE!

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