Monday, March 24, 2008


RIGHT: STL fitness model Fred Williams ready for the Million Dollar Man Contest...too bad he wasnt able to get on stage....OUTTOWN will explain.
ABOVE LEFT: Security checking folk come into the Loft. This nite they were definitely needed!

DJ Cuddy was holdin it down on the 1s and 2s.

Million Dollar Man creator Maranda Witherspoon.

MPAC's Mo Spoon addressing the crowd.

Host B. Skye aka St. Lewis of Flava of Love (on yellow shirt and black hot pants) with Flava of Love contestant Grayvee (on the right of B. Skye) and the Eye Candy models on stage.

Eye Candy model Whitney Cook, Grayvee and B. Skye aka St. Lewis.

Maranda and Mo Spoon on stage gettin things set up. In the background is radio perosnality Young Dip.

B. Skye and Mo Spoon on stage. Skye was in rare form when she began her hosting duties saying, "They say I wasn't gonna be able to to this shit. Well how you like me now MFers." Whoa, such language! This was a precursor of what was gettin ready to happen!

The crowd waiting for the competition. The show started at 2 in the morning, 30 minutes before the club was about to close. SIGN #2.

This guy was the first contestant. He was bizarre notasmuch as his apprearance but he was screaming and growling in the VIP area where the 12 contestants were to exit from to get on stage. When this guy got on stage, some guy from teh crowd shouted out that why he was on stage. So they got him off the stage after the heckler said what he said, then returned him back on stage. SIGN #3.

This guy was the second contestant. As soon as the third contestant got on stage, all Hell broke loose!

OUTTOWN would have had pics of what happened afterward, but it happeend so fast that all we can say is, of the hundreds that were there we;re sure you all have heard by now of what went down. (GO TO OUT 360 under STL-TIDBITZ to get the skinny of what happened.)

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