Monday, March 24, 2008

OUT 356--THE SUITE SOUL SPOT AT OLD ROCK HOUSE w Nite Owl , Teresa jenee and Nikko Smith March 19


LEFT: Vanita Applebum and Nicci Roach. Abblebum's company, Vanita Applebum Enterprises produces Suite Soul Spot and Roach is one of the co-hosts of the monthly music event. Lovin the new fro Vanita and your socks Ms. Roach! LOL.

Local painter Miss Keidra with one of her paintings that wa son display that nite, Thick.
Her second painting displayed was Fitted. To peep her out go to

Co-hosts Roach and Clear Channel's Kenneth DeSheilds.

Applebum's mother Mamma Eva and VAE stage manager Genine. Mamma Eva was celebrating a b-day that nite.

Mamma Eva blessin the rowd while the crowd sang Happy B-day to her.

The first act was STL rapper Nite Owl who performed a 30 minute set.

He was animated and, very Andre 3000' ish.

Guitarist Wildmann was part of the house band on stage for the acts.

Some of the songs Owl performed were "Fly Away," "The Revolution will notbe Televised," and "I Just Waont Stop Ever Lovin U." He also performed a hot to death tribute to Notorius B.I.G.

Applebum enjoying the show from the crowd.

A couple upstairs gettin their talk on.

Owl was aksed questions from the co-hosts about his career and his getting signed to Koch Records. he basically said that he will get to them (Kock Records) when he get to them cuz he got other things to grind on. the former STL radio perosnlaity also said that he has been a lover of hip -hop since teh early 80s and regardless of your age ou can still pursue your dreams.

Next up was Teresajenee who performed a 30 minute set of Erykah Badu meets Alicia keys kind of show.

She surprised the audience with her new hip-hop teenybopper outift and agile style on stage away from the piano.

During the Teresajenee set OUTTOWN caught Cafe Soul's Angie Brown and Coco Soul in the house.

When she returend to her familiar singer and keys vibe, she performed some crowd faves including "Pushin," and a new song, "Stars in your eyes" from her new CD, "The Eclectric One." They also did a gospel tinged paradoy of gospel with the witty, "I Gonna Get me a Job."

Her background singers were dressed in a "Happy Days" meets "Good Times" falir.

When asked about her new confidence in her career, Teresajenee said that this year was her year to to stop blocking her blessings and to relinquish the pain she has dealt with in the past. She also talked about her Pentacostal ubringing being a challenge for her and how she tries to uses the stage to deal with her strict upringing.

Headliner, Nikko Smith performed mostly cover tunes, but he did perform his orginal song, "Bedroom."

The cover songs he performed were Marvin,'s "Lets Get it on," Stevie's, "All I do" and "Supersition."

Smith also tried his stint at comedy with a joke about a man accidentily using a parrot as toilet paper. Afterwards, he said to the cowd, 'Should I stick to singing?" The crowd then said a resounding YES.

A long shot of Smith on stage.

STL host Craig Blac in conversation mode with Nite Owl during the show.
Owl said whiel he was interveiwed that Blac was intstrumental in helping him with his radio career when Owl moved to Georgia.

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