Thursday, August 03, 2006

OUT 68

Here are a few pics from my outing last Saturday at Club Formula and the JAzz Loft. The pics include Loft owner Mister Tony (in white shirt) with friend, 104.1 radio personality Wendy Brown (in red dress) with friends celebrating her b-day (her white friend looks like Mariah Carey) , a VERY mismatched couple gettin their dance on, some club girls (the dark skinned sistas--the one on the right looks like Fantasia doesnt she?), some more club girls (the four sitting at a table, the one on the lft was cmaera shy), the two club girls who look like they were joined by the head, some more club girls and more club girls.....and some club dancers at the Loft trying to get an Electirc Slide going.

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