Thursday, August 17, 2006

OUT 77

WhatAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! This is Ma’at givin it ya one more time for this week. Man, it's rough tryin to give it y'all every week(especially last week’s Five for One). Sometimes it can get pressurous and even mind-terrorizing--more mind-terrorizing than trying to figure out whether to bring toothpaste or hair gel on a plane these days. Trust. LOL. But its all good. Anyway, here is a recap of my days since last time I e-chatted with you all.

Last Friday, I got ready to check out local rap group J-Bigga and Space (‘nee Jamie Price and Chip Price SEEN IN THE PIC ABOVE) who was about to do their thing at the Pageant in the Delmar Loop area (along with local hip hop acts Dugholes, 40 til 5, and Nite Owl for the Loop Underground, a concert highlighting some of STL hip-hop undergrounders . Before I got there, I had to time to kill in the Loop area I decided to get some munch food at The St. Louis Bread Company and get a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread (my fave), then I walked next door to Vintage Vinyl to see if I can cop some news rage and heard -Euro pop music playing near the back of the music store and find out it was an electronica group called Hyperbubble, a duo from Texas (Picture Eurythmics mixed with Devo). I stayed for a few songs (One of which was called “Vending Machine You Look Like A Robot”). They were definitely an acquired taste, but I was open to music expression.

Around 8ish, I drove to the Pageant, got a parking space and got my “cammunition” to take some pics (Thanks Invisible Man!). So when I was about to walk toward the Pageant, J-Biggs rolls up in his ride and said, “Hey you came out to support!”. I had my shade son, but I raised them to see who was it that spoke to me and it was him, smiling brightly. I said to him that it was all good and was looking forward to his performance. So, I walked up front, got my bag searched, gave the ticket person my ticket for scanning, showed the I.D. guy I was over 21 with my license (I had to say, “It’s me” when he looked at the pic then at me unconvinced it was me. On my license, I have no cornrolls. LOL)

So I roll up in there and it is about 100 in there (all hues of the rainbow up in there!) It was skimpy as far as the crowd(which is not surprising with STLers), but I was sure the crowd would get dense as the hours progressed. The first act up was Dugholes (, (SEEN IN PIC ABOVE) who reminded me of the Beastie Boys with white guys who got spit skills but still act like white boys. LOL. Dugholes (who I talked to briefly before he performed wondering who I was taking snaps for) , interestingly enough, did not start off his set but another guy who was with the group 40 til 5 ( The songs that they performed were very college dorm oriented such as “Pimp Shake,” “That’s Not Wring,” “Sin City,” and a funny song called, “Beer” where there crew was on stage with a bottle of beer in their hands (This got the crowd hyped). It was very Animal House without the Togas. It was also cool that they had easel painters on stage making portraits while the performers performed! (Very NYC)

Oh, before I forget, I have a pic of this Biggie Smalls looking guy on OUT 76 who was my shadow during the first half of the show. It started with him accidentally kicking my bag over near the stage area and his giving me a handshake for forgiveness. Then, during the show when I was standing near the stage, he walks up to me to give me another handshake. I was like okay. Then when I walk elsewhere near the stage, he followed too. Can we say Crazy Stalker. I got paranoid but then I heard that he is like the black Beatle Bob in the loop area who dances by himself and is kind of “special.”

After an hour of both groups (each group had 30 minutes), it was time for J-Biggs and Space ( Actually it was more like the Committee featuring J-Biggs and Space cause there were many who performed on this set (which I will get into later) During the intermission, I mingled through the crowd and saw some familiar faces including St. Louis American photo-god Wiley Price (who was taking snaps of J-Biggs and Space whom are his step-son and son respectively), movie screener James Thomas, STL hip-hop group Renegade and dee-jay Nappy Needles. What was also interesting was this sista who wore one portion of some handcuffs as an accessory. You heard me! (YOU GOTTA SEE THE PIC ON OUT 76!!!) When I asked her why she wore them, she said she was looking for someone who to cuff with her. Whoa! I guess whatever works on the first date! That’s too much playin in the city! Anyway getting back to J-Biggs and Space (their set was like a Committee, Bits N Pieces reunion of sorts). Former Flipside writer WV Davis (who I think is some kin to former Committee rapper Jia Davis) shoved a CD sampler of J-Biggs and Space for me to check out.

They got on stage around 10ish and at this time, the crowd was swelling til about 300 people. J-Biggs and Space worked it out with songs form the CD WV Davis gave me including “Shades” and other hip-hop stuff like The Legal System and This is Fire (my fave). It was also good to see other Committee members performing including founder Jia Davis and female member Toyy (who was being her nasty self up there. LOL). The late Bits N Pieces member Katt’s mother was standing next to me near the stage and it was nice to see her rock out with the youngins (There is a pic of her with the crowd in OUT 76) It was also cool to see they had a projected screen above the stage showing past performances and videos. That was a nice touch. My only beef was what was up with the little boy who was gangstafyin up on stage with the grown folks. He couldn’t have been no more than 10. I don’t know if I would have had a youngster like that on stage with rappers who was talking like grown folks, but that’s just me….

Around 11ish, people started to thin out, but the last act Nite Owl (who brought his own female oh-you-so-sexy-fans who was cheering him on the sidelines) did his thing with jazz group Level Ground and Percussionist/Jalist David A.N. Jackson. During this time, I walked on the side of the stage near the backstage entrance to greet J-Biggs and Space and congratulated them on a good performance. J-Biggs didn’t like the sound system, but he was cool with the performance too. Other people there to congratulate them was Platinum Group’s Jacque Land (who is the step-father to J-Biggs and Space), and hot 104.1 personalities Wendi brown and Craig Blac (I saw you Kev Johnson, too. LOL)

The duo was getting ready to party at Club Dreams where people who had their ticket stubs could get in free to the After Party. I was not feeling it cause earlier in the day I worked out and I was getting sleepy, so I decided to just roll back to the crib.


On Saturday, I went to my girl April Spencer’s (SEEN IN PIC ABOVE IN GLASSES) audition for her flick, “Russian Roulette” that was held at Legacy Books on Delmar. I got there about 2ish and go tin on covering it (I was about to audition, but I was still feeling under the weather and trying to audition and cover would have unfocused me). What I didn’t know was she was auditioning folks with STL entrepreneurs/filmmakers Falaq (SEEN WITH APRIL IN THE PIC ABOVE) and Enoch (Remember their flick, “Jihad” a few years back?) an audition. Some of the auditioners were Lisa May, Black Rep intern Ryan Cunningham, Alona Bryant, Mary Waller (she was model tall up in there!), Erica Sutherlin (sympathies go out to ya on your brother and good luck getting that USC scholarship next fall!), and local rap group Hit Records who spoke (very intelligently I may add) to April and the crew telling them who they were and all and their manager Valerie Thompson (who rocked a mad crazy Dolly Parton style curly weave that you got to see in the next post!!!) . The auditioners were good. It was interesting to see Falaq direct sense having the auditoners audition with each other three times to get the scene going. The subject matter is very provocative. It is loosely based on the brotha from East St. Louis a few years back who was purposely infecting young women with the HIV –virus. I will keep you posted on any upcoming auditions they may have for this film as well as others. Also in the crowd was entertainment consultant L.A. Barge and Joel King (who was there to audition as well).


On Wednesday, I checked out local singer/actress Coco Soul’s (SEEN ABOVE) buzzing monthly event, Café Soul at Club Dreams where singers sign up in advance to sing backed by a band in an open mic style setting with no judging and all networking. This is the third installment of this new concept (It was at the now defunct Suite 250). I got a call from her as well as her manager Angie Brown about comin (as well as emails), so I had to make my appearance to this event (I made arrangement to work the graveyard shift at the Water Geyser for this so you know this was si’ us. LOL ) . I got there about 9 ish and saw Coco and Angie talkin outside and gave them a group hug. They got me on through with no problems and I proceeded on to the “walk of dreams.” The first person I recognized was movie screener James Thomas who said was I taking pictures tonight and I Vanita Applebum (you gotta put me on. LOL) who was sittin with a friend who was a stage manager with Vanita at the Missouri Black Expo. We shared niceties and Nicol, the other stage manager from the MBE, was seating people at this event and she commanded, “Press sits there.” I saluted her and said, “Yes, ma’am.” It was all in fun. So I sat in my press seat and did my job of reporting and snapping flicks.

Coco Soul gave an overview of the show before the show started and she said, “This is something fun and entertaining. When I was in Atlanta for eight years they had this incredible support at this place called Apache that used to be called the Yin Yang Café , a small place with a live band…I want to bring positive energy like that here in St. Louis. We don’t have a platform for singers to sing. This is for singers and let your voices be heard and vendors. Please support us.”

She went on to say, “If you’re a singer, bring a CD. On stage, have a Cd. This is a marketplace of creativity.”

The show overall was great. My only beef was the people being very rude to the singers who performed by talking through most of the show. I know it’s a club, but its all about common courtesy when it comes to people expressing their gift to the world 9I would also like to see singers mix up the genders of their song choices like females sing a male song and a male singer sing a female song and just change the gender of the song That would be hot! ) Anyway, the singers on the list were Ronnie (from the Missouri Black Expo) who did Stephanie Mills’ “Home”, Melody Graves (from Live on the Levee—India.Arie) who sang, Anita Baker’s “Been So Long,” , Michael (who toe up, “Let’s Stay Together” ), Shanitha who did “My Funny Valentine” (as well as almost climbing the “Stripper pole” that was next to the stage. LOL), Reggie who did a spoken word piece, Angelique who did Jill Scott’s “The Way,” and, the highlighted moment, singer Twon, performing the hell out of John Legend’s “So High” (to the point where he took it to church with the who-got-bills-due-preachifyin and coming off the stage into the audience), Desiree who sang, Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You,” and lady eye-candy Deveaon who performed Brian McKnight’s “ Anytime.”

Coco even got in on the action by adlibbing with the band and signee singer Reggie , scatting, testifying, introduced her family, comedian Arvin Mitchell (who came on stage to help draw a name for the prize drawing) and sang Jill Scott’s “A Long Walk.” . It was one moment in the show where Coco asked anyone in the audience if they can sing Etta James’ “At Last.” It was one taker, a sista named Lady D. Before she got to the stage she was asking members of the audience to “pray for her.” Oh-oh. Well she got up there, did a decent job, but forgot the lyrics and started making up her own lyrics. It was a classic moment

A touching yet uplifting moment occurred when legendary St. Louis signer Son of Starchyld performed. He walked on stage with a cane with walking support from a couple of people and sat on a stool. . At first, I thought this was part o his act, but it wasn’t. Before he performed, he said to the inquiring crowd that he was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and as long as he had breath in his body he is still going to perform and that he did. He and a couple of female background singers performed Parliament/funkadelic jams “Give Up The Funk,” and “Flash Light.”

He also gave the crowd his usual boasting humor when he said, “I got more flava than a pack of Now N Laters. I been funkin when Moby Dick was a goldfish.” He also sang a bar of te old school clothing store, Rozell’s (“Who got the baddest clothes in town, Rozell’s CLASSIC)“!
Coco then announced that there will be a benefit in his honor by various local bands to help him on his medical bills

Venues there included NsenseMan ( or 314-766-7305) who was selling his own insense and his artist management services and a sister named Ginger who hooked up the catering of chicken and mostocolli plates for 7 bones (Sorry Angie for thinking you were going to be my waitress. LOL) . In the house were Acupuncturist/percussionist Kelly Wimbley (who was givin folks coupons for 10 dollars off natural styles at Natural Uhuru (located at 2012 South 39th Street. Their digits are 314.479.9174) jazz artists the Bosman Twins, percussionist/poet David A.N. Jackson, Platinum Group’s Jacque Land,’s Dana Christian, DJ Soundz (who was engineering the sound for the show) Bryan Sparkman (the shirt was SMEDIUM down. LOL), local singer Chuck Flowers (who will be performing at Legacy Bookstore August 19 at 7 p.m.),’s B-Gyrl, 100.3TheBeat’s Bishop V-Luv and Harry Colbert.

The next Café Soul will be at Club Dreams on Sept. 20. For more info, go to


MA’AT-TIDBITZ. Y’all are still checking out the movie I did on YOUTUBE of my brief appearance on Last Comic Standing in care of Kathi Griffin reality show, “My Life on the D-List”. As of this writing, the hits has went from 199 to 305! (Thanks a million. Its really showing me who actually checks out my website!) to If you haven’t checked it out, go to (FYI, You gotta pause the video at 2 second in to see me!)………………………………………………………….

Shout out’s to Arris Harris of Collective Catering ( located at 4958 Cote Brilliante, their digits are 314-575-3333) who sent me an e-mail about encouraging me to keep up with my blog and my giving them a shout out on a recent blog about their delectable treats they had at Wendi Brown"s B-day party at Club formula. He writes

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for the shout out on your blog. Really appreciate the time and effort. Keep going its not in vain.

"And let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not" Galations 6:9

Thank you Mister Harris for those kind words!

You can still peep out my artcile review of Cameo and the Time at the St. Lousi Argus website ( Go there and hit A&E or A7.

CHART-IDBITZ.. Well, as predicted, Chingy is winging the STL race over Nelly on the Billboard charts this week yet again. On the Hot 100, Chingy’s song with Tyrese, “Pulling Me Back,” moves up five space up from 25 to 20 in its 9th week on the survey. Nelly’s duet with Janet, “Call on Me,” is still falling moving down six places from 38 to 44 in its 8th week on the chart falling out of the Top 40. On this chart it should be interesting if Chingy will make it to No. 1 on this chart. The highest he got was his debut single, “Right Therre” that peaked at No. 2. On the Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts, Nelly’s single may still get Chingy some comp. Nelly’s song finally reaches the Top Ten, moving up two notches from 11 to 9 in its 9th week on the chart. Chingy’’s song, however, looks No. 1 bound as it moves up two notches up from 4 to 2! It’s only a matter of weeks that his song will out top the No. 1 song, Young Dro’s “Shoulder Lean.” Do you think Chingy’s song will hit No. 1 on this chart? Post your comments on the site and let me know!

STL-TIDBITZ. Congrats to local singer/actress Llysa Rah-Kale who just got picked up to tour with Menopause the Musical. She leaves out today and will be planin to Miami for the show until December (I guess Chrys has to re-cast your role as Counselor in her flick, “Dating Game!”) Much love to ya and sorry I had to miss your going away party at Jazz Loft last Monday. ………………First Club Seven, then Club Toxic, now Suite 250. Whats up with the black clubs closing within a year’s time? What’s really goin on?

EVENT-IDBITZ. Retail Franchise Fair, Aug. 17, 2006 10am-7pm @ Harris Stowe State University Performance Center. For more info. call 314.622.3400 x 302……. Broadway Center of Arts presents Amy Kinsella's stage adaptation of Stephen King's Misery Fridays and Saturdays [August 18, 19, 25, 26] at 8 PM at 124 East Main Street in Belleville, Illinois. To find out more, call 618-233-0431………

Jewelanda Hodges will be featured among other film short directors at Webster University’s Film series, Thursday, August 17 at 8 p.m.. Her short film, “From Trial to Triumph”, on the life of legendary STL activist and retired post master general Veto Reid will be screened along with 11 other local directors including Justin Kerr (I WAS IN HIS FILM SHORT I MARIE A ZOMBIE, BTW), Tim Garrett, and DJ Leon Lamont. The series is also a competition as well. Winners which will receive the following: 1st Place: $500; 2nd Place: $300 3rd Place: $200. FYI, Jewelanda is the only female in the competition! For more info on the series call 314-361-8870 x229 or go to To contact Jewelanda about her film, email her at

SCORCH will present an After Party for the St. Louis Black Pride Celebration weekend hosted by Gorilla Squad Productions. It will be held on Saturday, August 19th at Mag’s 5 South Vandeventer Ave. beginning at 10:00pm. . Scorch will feature “Noah’s Arc” star Jensen Atwood who will sign autographs and meeting fans. DJ Sedrick of Washington D.C. will be on the 1s and 2s. Admission is $10 before midnite. VIP is available. For more info as well as STLBPC’s schedule of events, call 314-776-4966 or go to

St. Louis native and Black rep vet Kingsley Leggs (“Mister” in the Broadway version of The Color Purple AND SEEN IN PIC ABOVE IN SUIT ) will stage a one man show MONDAY AUGUST 21ST, 9:00 P.M. @THE TRIAD THEATRE 158 WEST 72ND STREET (NYC). The play also will feature RHETT GEORGE, MAIA NKENGE WILSON and SPECIAL GUEST ANIKA ELLIS. MUSICAL DIRECTION BY JEFF WAXMAN FOR TICKETS VISIT THEATREMANIA.COM OR CALL 212-352-3101 COVER $25 2 DRINK MINIMUM……………….

The play, “The Day Daddy Came Home” has been pushed back to August 25 and 26th. The times are 8pm on Friday the 25th and 2 p.m. and 6pm on the 26th. Produced by Gifted Productions, the play will be staged at the Emerson Performance arts center on the Harris Stowe Campus. Tickets or $20 in advance. Tickets will be sold at the Transformation Christian Bookstore (Page and Sarah) and Knowing Books and Cafe (Jamestown Mall) They can also call the director Paris Crayton at 314-535-5720. Tickets will be $25 at the door.


Check out STL female rapper SK in an exclusive interview at and a hot performance at
Bottom of Form

Check out STl dee-jay Enoch online with his own radio playlist. The Flow; Music Lounge. Peep it out at or go to his myspace page enochisreal.

Local movie screener and TV programmer James Thomas has two hot shows on KPLR- Channel 11 (Soon to be CW 11 next month) with his shows “First Look” about movies coming to the movie theaters, Thursday morning at 2:30 am and Hot Videos, Friday mornings at 3 a.m. So if you up around this time and not about to get any trouble with somebody you met at the club (LOL). Check him out. For more info on his two shows, call him at 314-727-1418.

For all your STL hip-hop needs, go to!STL video guy Dana Christian has a hot new website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. It is Peep it out!

KYO (pronounced KEE-O) continues "Redefining the Art of Dining & Nightlife" with a fresh weekly lineup that promises to quench your thirst for drink and dance. So "Be Fashionably Elite" with a smile and let KYO claim your evening from 5pm till 3am in the morning. For more info go to


Well, that be it, folks. If ya got anything for me to pub, hit me up e-mail style at!


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