Thursday, August 03, 2006

OUT 69

Hello one and all. This is Ma’atology here trying to give it ya (and with the post being called OUT 69, well, I’ll let you fill in your own joke on that one. LOL) .

We had some black star power going on last Thursday with Cedric The Enteratiner having a celebrity bowling tourney for his charity at Lucky Srikes at St. Louis Mills and After Party at Club Formula. Celebs like Terri J. Vaughn (Lavita Jenkins of the Steve Harvey Show), Anthony Anderson, “All of Us” star Duane Martin, and the Torrys (Joe and Guy) dropped through for the cause. I also heard on that night the Roots, Pharcyde and Talib Kweli put it down concert at the Pageant. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Let's keep it going STL. I know you can do it. I couldn’t attend neither cause I had to be super at Malcolm Martin Memorial Park so, you know, somebody gotta pay DEM BILLZ.

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Last Friday, I checked out 104.1 radio personality Wendy Brown’s b-day party (SEEN ABOVE POSED WITH CLUB FORMULA OWNER TONY THOMPSON) that went down at Club Formula in downtown St. Louis. It was a mad rush to get down there before 11 pm cause folks could get in free (Well you know how STL ers are when it comes to getting somewhere early—THEY GET THERE WHEN THEY GET THERE). But I wasn’t going to take the chance of beating the opportunity to get there for free.

So I parked my car near Olive on a parking meter and proceeded to the club. I saw bouncer Big Joe who asked, “Do I know you?” I told him that he let me in a couple of weeks ago when the PBMC (Positive Black Men Coalition) and Black Rose had an After Party for Cory Spinks (See OUT 61 for the spill on that party if you missed the recap). He smiled and said that he remembered me and told me to come through and have myself a good time. SO, I walked through and spoke to the nice young ladies near the table that were checking for fees after 11 pm and I walked in the club—and like what I expected, it was barely full (not surprising). It was about 40 or so there when I got there, but I know I wasn’t going to see a monsoon of people not at 10:45 PM.

So I walked around and saw Wendy Brown who was wearing a sexy Japanese style short dress and was still broadcasting live on the air using her mike telling folks to hurry down before 11 hits before they had to pay. They also had free Patron shots for the ladies and FREE FOOD by Collective Catering (They are located at 4958 Cote Brilliante, their digits are 314-575-3333 and their contact is They hooked up the meatballs, broccoli salad and pizza bread sticks, that were delish). I greeted her and told her that I was here to take snaps of her and her friends. She asked do I sell my pics and I told her that I have a website that I upload on it and I asked her if she had a chance to see my website when I gave her my biz card. She said that she did, but said that it didn’t work. Huh? I asked her “Which website you were trying to get? “ And she said, “St Louis Online.” I was about to laugh, but I held it in cause she was so serious in a airheadish kind of way (Here we go with the comparisons, the same that I used to get when I had dreads and people compared me to Kevin Johnson of the Post). I told her that that’s Jacob’s website who has that site who takes pictures and that she need to use a hyphen in between the stlouis and online to get on his.

So after that awkward moment, I walked around and started taking snaps of ladies and gents who were willing to take shots (I will get to my constant question asked about my snaps).. What was interesting while I was pursuing through, when it was time for ladies to get Patron shots in small tubes, the DJ, DJ CRISTOL played a snippet of Yung Joc’s jam, “It’s Going Down,” the part where he says, “I'm on that patron so get like me.” He played it over and over. That was a creative touch (Well, I thought as much at the time.) After about an hour of this and a few pictures later with Wendy and her friends, I said “Sayo” to Wendy (who pouted when I told her I was leaving), and wished her Happy B-Day and went to Jazz Loft (which was a whole notha drama moment.)

So when I found a parking meter space on a street north of Olive to get to Loft, the night was already drama ridden. When I parked, I saw two police cars questioning a white couple and two brothas on the street. Apparently, it looked like somebody hit somebody’s car when they were trying to park or something. What was funny was the white couple was dressed as though they were going to a wedding (she in a white Cinderella like dress and he in a tux) and the brothas dressed like they were starring in a Ying Yang Twins video. I couldn’t hear what the convo was going on, but I didn’t stay for the end f it.

Anyway, I walked up to the Loft and when I was walking around the corner, a homeless brotha asked me for some change to get something eat. I gave him 50 cents and he thanked me (I could’ve given him a dollar, but I wasn’t for sure if I needed to use one of my dollars to get inside the club). So when I got there, it was packed as always inside and no line was out front. So I let some ladies walk in front to enter. Then it was my turn and I gave the GREEN MILE bouncer my I.D. and the sista handling the fees was about to tell how much to pay when I whipped out my press card and told her I was herre to take some snaps (It worked the last time I came through, so, you now me….) She looked at it, contemplated it and said “Hold On.” In my mind, I said, here we go. She handed it to one of the club owners Mister Tony and he shook his head NO. Then she curtly said, 10 dollars and gave me my I.D. back. I was about to jet back out, but I decided not to and went on and paid it. One guy pat me down and look’d at me as though I got ganked. He knew it and I knew it, but I just put on my bandaid and walked through the crowd to do what I had to do.

For some reason, the sistas kept asking me what my pictures were gonna be used for and, like a customer service rep, I had to explain what I was going to do with the pics (I guess they thought I was gonna GIRLS GONE WILD the pics) and gave them my biz card for them to contact me so I can give tehm the website After a maschismo smile and a few touches on their shoulder to assure that it will be OK. I took a few double female pics, but not many. I also walked up to the owner who rejected my pass who was talking with a young lady near the door and asked him if he remembered that I had given him a card and wanted him to contact me as far as covering things at the Loft. He looked a little clueless but I went on and gave him my card again with my website address and took his pic with his friend.

Now what was also interesting is I saw a gym buddy up in there, Ramey (What does the S in your first name really stand for, dude? LOL ) who was with three sistas (one I think was his lady). I haven’t seen him in almost a month at the gym and he told me he was on business and needed to get back in the routine of working out. He demanded that I be his drill searge during this challenging time. I was shocked when he asked but I guess if you got a Diesel frame like myself, well, I can’t blame him (I KNOW WHAT YOU SAYING NEGRO PLEASE. LOL).

I also walked up to the dee-jay booth and gave some dap to Soundz who was on the 1s and 2s. He was telling me that the crowd wasn’t as energetic that night and he was really going through the motions (It was also interesting to see people come up to the Dee-booth first thinking I was the dee-jay LOL then asking Soundz when he was going to play the Nino Pop song or some slow songs. What ever happened to tipping the dee-jay? I guess that’s too old school. )

Meanwhile, as I was hanging out with Soundz, some knucklehead or heads started fist bangin up in the front area. Soundz stood up and motioned to the bouncers across from him on the other wall who was on a raised platform and they ran over to what was going on (I never found out what happn’d, but I was not trying to get in the mix for real to get doused with alcohol or hit with smashing glass on my noggin).

Around 2ish, I had enough, gave dap to Soundz (I still wanna see your sounds library, man) and Ramey and jetted to my car. When I was walking to it, on the corner of Olive and Compton I saw this drunk white hoochie chic who had on one of those spandex dresses with the mid section out walking and talking on her cell phone. What was hilarious was the same homeless guy who asked me for some change was sitting on the sidewalk leaning on a building getting his look on while jingling the change I gave him. CLASSIC.


On Saturday afternoon, I auditioned for Chrys Yvette’s “The Dating Game.” Auditions took place at Club Plush near Union Station. I got there around noon and decided to go there before going to the gym so I can get it over with and mosey on with the rest of my day. It had been awhile since I auditioned for anything here in the Lou (The last one was at a church in Central West End about a year ago with no such luck). To be honest, I started to get nervous when I entered the doors and the young lady at the fee counter told me to fill out an application and choose which part I wanted to read (I saw local actress Lisa Harris filling out an app so I knew it was on then). After I filled out my app and read for one of the parts (a supporting one named Keith), I sat down in the corner and went into my acting zone. I didn’t really know what to expect but I had my monologue ready of my mainstay audition piece to the intro of a stageplay I wrote and produced in 2000 called, “ Manalogue” of four black men of different occupations and life spans (from the hip hopper to the WWII Altzheimer’s victim). I also added another character of a drag stage queen to show off my range as an actor as well.

When I was called to go up on stage, I had butterflies all up in my stomach. But I played it off. Chrys Yvette and her biz assistant was sitting at a table with my app and the script and I just bursted out and said, “The Star is here.” Well that broke the ice in the room. Chrys asked me how I was and told her I was cool. She said that I looked good and I told her I was trying each day. She asked me what part was I auditioning for and I told her the Keith role. I asked if I could use the chair that was near cause of the scene being a counseling session and she said I could do so. For the next three minutes I sparred lines with Chrys as she read as the Counselor. I really got into the zone of the ex-Vietnam character and for a minute I lost myself in the moment. It was very exhilarating.

After my read, Chrys said that I was very good and I breathed a sigh of relief. She said that they would get with me if I was needed whether as an extra or a principal role and that they would film in August and September. I shook their hands and I thought that was it until Chrys told her biz assistant “COMMERICAL BREAK” and said that I was an entertainment writer. Te biz assistant lit up, looked at my name, and said, “Are you….” I just nodded. He then said, “The blog, yeah, ok.” Wow that tripped me out for real. This blog is really getting around.

Then Chrys said, “I’m surprised that you didn’t have your cameraman to take a picture of this for your blog.” I just smiled cause I was really trying to recover from acting in a very intense character. After a few more niceties, I got my things and I walked off. Outside while crossing the street to my car, I saw Black rep actor and singer Chuck Flowers on the celly walking to the audition spot and he shouted to me, “Are you coming from the audition/” I said yes. Man, the heavy hitters were coming through. Well, I aid at least I tried out for it. I don’t really consider myself an actor, but I am a studier of personalities and through osmosis can pretend to be someone else (Don’t we do that for our public selves anyway?). But even if I don’t get apart, it was great to be acknowledged that I have acting skills.

MA’AT-TIBITZ. My review story on the India Arie concert can be viewed on the St. Louis Argus’ website Just on there and click on the A&E Box or for those who are computer lazy (LOL), go to
Eric Wilson of the Argus hooked the snaps of Arie and local singer Coco Soul on there too……………………………………Man, you all really went to respond to YOU TUBE and the movie I made on my sneak appearance in the crowd on Last Comic Standing in care of Kathi Griffin reality show, “My Life on the D-List”. As of this writing 146 people responded (Well, I checked it out a few times myself, too to check and see who responded. LOL). If you haven’t checked it out, go to (FYI, You gotta pause the video at 2 second in to see me!)………………………………………………………….

I got in the snail mail this week a copy of local author Tracy Foster’s novel, “This B# is Crazy.” I am dying to read this book. I’ve heard some good things about this book. I will keep you posted as far as my interview of this up and coming author (A pic of her can be on my blog OUT 62)……………………………………………………….

I heard former Mayor Freeman Bosley Junior and current talk show host and WGNU talk show host Lizz Brown duke it out on Don Marsh’s talk show on NPR on 90.7 Wednesday. It was off the chain! They were talking about everything from the St. Lousi School Board to the black middle class. They are a perfect POINT-COUNTERPOINT guests for sure (They are like oil and water but soluble. LOL) Now these two definitely need to be on PBS’ Donny brook !...................................................................

STL-BITZ. This week, State Senators Barak O’Bama and Dick Durbin and Congressmen Jerry Costello of Belleville and Lacy Clay of STL sponsored a bill, introduced in the senate, at the State capitol to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 950 Missouri Avenue in East St. Louis, Illinois, as the `Katherine Dunham (SEEN ABOVE IN A PIC OF HER LAST PUBLIC APPEARANCE IN MAY FOR THE SCREENING OF OPRAH’S LEGENDS BALL) Post Office Building'. It was which read twice and referred to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.
“From Broadway to Hollywood, from Haiti to her longtime home in East St. Louis, Katherine Dunham's groundbreaking choreography and appreciation for the arts lifted the downtrodden, gave hope to the destitute and made proud those who celebrate the beauty of black culture," said Obama in a statement according to a recent Belleville News Democrat article. In the same article, Costello said, "Katherine Dunham touched the world not only through her artistic gifts, but with her conscience as well," said Costello in a statement. "Through her, we grew as a nation."
My question was where was the East St. Louis representation of this bill? (e.g. Representative Wyvetter Younge of East St. Louis) I will keep you posted when the House passes this bill which I’m sure will pass with flying colors………………

Speaking of representation, my girl Ingrid Owens (SEEN ABOVE POSING IN FRONT OF THE FLAG) is still going trying in her campaign to be the next rep for North County’s 74th District. Election day is August 8 and she is still looking for volunteers to help with her campaign as well as donations. If she wins she will be the first African American (male or female) to hold the seat . If you want to volunteer or donate please call 314- 256-9384 or or Oh she is also having her victory party , August 8 at the Evening Shade 12324 Bellefontaine at 7 p.m. My fingers are crossed!..........................

I guess KMOX-Radio personality Carol Daniel (SEEN ABOVE IN A PROFILE PIC IN A BROWN BLOUSE WITH BLUE BACKGROUND) can add commercial actress to her resume. For those who are at home during the day, Daniel can be seen speaking lines with Don Rodgers (THE WHITE GUY PIC SEEN ABOVE) in a local men and women clothing store commercial on FOX 2 where Daniels and Rodgers talk about the store. The line that Carol ends on is “Soon people will be saying to you, "Is that a Don Rodgers?" The commercial a little hokey, but Daniel made the most of it (Is it me or could Daniel be the next Oprah ?) and I have seen her bring it when she hosts events, she’s very quick witted and sharp. She is definitely a ham when it comes to acting. Oh BTW, the store is located at 6727 West Main Street. Belleville, Illinois………………………………………

As I reported last week, ST. Louis implant/former St. Louis American fashion editor Keith Underwood is a production assistant on the independent film, “Divine Intervention” (I made an OOPS when I said it was called, Design Interpreter) . It stars “Fresh Prince of Belair’s ” James Avery and WB’s “What I Like About You” star Wesley Johnathan, Roz Ryan of “Amen” fame, “Mo Better Blues’” Cynda Williams, Jazmine Lewis (who played Ice Cube’s wife in the Barbershop flicks), comedian Reynoldo Rey, and Bet’s Las Alonzo (who replaced actor Mel Jackson due to his commitment to the Missouri Black Expo this weekend).

The film, which is filmed near Leimert Park in L.A., is directed by Compton-native Van Elder. From what Underwood told me, he is having a blast making the cast happy and all (He’s even riding all up in Roz Ryan’s BMW to do his go-fer gig) . He is making fast friends with the cast and crew (and of you know Keith you know that ain’t hard for him to do). He’s witnessed a lot of behind the scenes stuff (some that can and can’t be printed here LOL). One printable moment was when he and James Avery sand Michael Jackson songs (I didn’t know James Avery could sing!),. Avery also loves cookies (No surprise there). One juicy moment occurred when Roz Ryan caught Las Alonso—who is making the female crew on the set go GA GA- in his trailer with only his boxers on and he was well," adjusting himself” and Roz wanted to know what he was adjusting. Hmmm. CLASSIC . If anything else happens I will keep you posted………………………………………………………………………….

CHART-IDBITZ. It looks like Chingy is reigning the champ this week over Nelly this week on the Billboard charts. On the Hot 100, Chingy’s song with Tyrese, “Pulling Me Back” is moving pretty steady up this chart moving nine spaces up from 37 to 26 in its 7th week on the chart. As far as Nelly’s song with Janet that made an impressive move into the Top 40 last week at 25 fell eight spots down to 33. That’s not good(especially for Janet whose trying to make a comeback after the Super Bowl fiasco and the dim sales of her 2004 CD, Damita Jo). Chingy is also running strong on the R&B/Hip-Hop Charts as well as Chingy’s song, makes an impressive streak into the Top 10 as the songs move sup 6 notches up from 11 to 5 in its 11th week on that chart whereas Nelly’s song still holds at 14 in its 7th week on the chart. Like I said, it’s hard to predict which song will go the highest. So far Chingy is looking good. I guess in a few weeks the question will be if Chingy’s song will go No. 1 on both of those charts. Only time will tell.

EVENT-IDBITZ. My girl Jewelanda Hodges will be featured among other film short directors at Webster University’s Film series, Thursday, August 17 at 8 p.m.. Her short film, “From Trial to Triumph”, on the life of legendary STL activist and retired post master general Veto Reid will be screened along with 11 other local directors including Justin Kerr (I WAS IN HIS FILM SHORT I MARIE A ZOMBIE, BTW), Tim Garrett, and DJ Leon Lamont. The series is also a competition as well. Winners which will receive the following: 1st Place: $500; 2nd Place: $300 3rd Place: $200. FYI, Jewelanda is the only female in the competition! For more info on the series call 314-361-8870 x229 or go to To contact Jewelanda about her film, email her at

SCORCH will present an After Party for the St. Louis Black Pride Celebration weekend hosted by Gorilla Squad Productions. It will be held on Saturday, August 19th at Mag’s 5 South Vandeventer Ave. beginning at 10:00pm. . Scorch will feature “Noah’s Arc” star Jensen Atwood (“Wade”) who will sign autographs and meeting fans. DJ Sedrick of Washington D.C. will be on the 1s and 2s. Admission is $10 before midnite. VIP is available. For more info as well as STLBPC’s schedule of events, call 314-776-4966 or go to

The play, “The Day Daddy Came Home” has been pushed back to August 25 and 26th. The times are 8pm on Friday the 25th and 2 p.m. and 6pm on the 26th. Produced by Gifted Productions, the play will be staged at the Emerson Performance arts center on the Harris Stowe Campus. Tickets or $20 in advance. Tickets will be sold at the Transformation Christian Bookstore (Page and Sarah) and Knowing Books and Cafe (Jamestown Mall) They can also call the director Paris Crayton at 314-535-5720. Tickets will be $25 at the door. (Oh and my bad getting the title of the play wrong a few weeks ago. My bad, Paris)

KYO (pronounced KEE-O) continues "Redefining the Art of Dining & Nightlife" with a fresh weekly lineup that promises to quench your thirst for drink and dance. So "Be Fashionably Elite" with a smile and let KYO claim your evening from 5pm till 3am in the morning. For more info go to

GORDON-BITZ. NYC singer/songwriter Gordon Chambers will perform live in Chicago at the North Halstead Market Street Festival, the largest two-day benefit festival in the Midwest, Saturday, August 5, 2006, located at 3400 N. Halstead at 7:00 PM.
Tickets: $10 For more info:

AUDITION-BITZ. UPN-46 will which revamp its station in the fall to my46TV is currently looking for 10 attractive people to help with a few promos. Selected individuals will receive $50.00 for 30 minutes of camera time. The talent will also have to speak a line or two, as required by the provided script. If you're interested, please reply with your bio and PHOTOS (required) and email by August 7. For more info contact Omar O'Hara Production Manager of my46 TV WRBU at 314-276-7767

Local film The Cantina Bar Tales is looking for extras August 2nd -
August 24th . Attractive males & females 20's-30's all ethnicities. No pay,
but great food and a chance to hang with some Hollywood Hunks & Hotties.
Please email pictures to

City Lights Gospel Video & Advertising a Christian based business is
accepting resumes and accepting applications for the following
positions with experienced only: Videographer (Film for TV broadcasting Commercials, TV Shows, Promos & more), Editor (Adobe Premier)Experienced Clean Cut/Well groomed Sales Rep (Great Commission) Selling TV & Radio commercials along with print material and book motivational speaker. Email resumes to or call the office between 9:30am to 5:30 pm. at (314) 371-4222..ext 1

"Ghost Image," is casting in St. Louis for both extras and speaking roles. All speaking roles are paid under a SAG contract; extras are unpaid. All ages and types welcome. Some roles are being cast out of LA and will include cast members from such television shows as "Nip/Tuck," "The West Wing," and "The Sopranos." If you're interested, send an e-mail to: Attach your photo and resume or include a link to your web site. Alternatively, you can mail your photo/resume, or a snapshot, to:Mike Ketcher, 6614 Clayton Road, #393. St. Louis, MO 63117………………………………………………………

THIS JUST IN: I got a report from the Missouri Black Expo camp that scheduled entertainment for Friday’s kick-off banquet, jazz musician Roy Ayers, recently suffered a stroke and had to cancel his scheduled performance. He was replaced by jazz flutist Ronnie Laws.

Well that be it. If ya got anything for me to pub, hit me up at!

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