Thursday, August 17, 2006


Here is a smordgasbord of pics of evenst I was talking about in OUT 77. At Cafe Soul, there was Son of Starchyld, singer DeVeaon (doesnt he look like Treach from Naughty By Nature?), Coco Soul and Reggie vibin on an impromptu duet, Twon (with the beard) preachin with his vocals, Melody Graves workin it out (in turquoise tank ), Ronnie settin it off with the ice washed jeans, comedian Arvin Mithclel with his cuzzin Coco. At the audition at Legacy Books--Erica Sutherlin (sittin down), rap group Hit Records' manager Valarie Thompson (check out her curly do!) and Ryan Cunningham and Lisa May doin a scene, Nite Owl spittin at Loop Underground (in the fatigue pants orange and red life saver sneaks) , fans at the concert (in the lower right is the middle age woman who is the mother of slain Bits N Pieces rapper, Katt), CHECK OUT THE SISTER WITH THE BLUE DRESS HOLDING UP THE HANDCUFF SHE WAS WEARING! CLASSIC!, Do you also see white girl gettin her crump on? !, there's one of the painters who was painting at the concert, AND THERES THE OFF CENTERED BIGGIE SMALLS BROTHER DANCING. THE ONE I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT THAT WAS STALKING ME!, sexy girls in black and white (literally), more fans and the electronica duo HyperBubble who performed at Vintage Vinyl.

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