Monday, August 18, 2008

OUT 452-JEFf NEELY's B-DAY SOIREE at POSH--August 16

Photos by Ma'atology and Sheraine Gilliam (first pic) YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins was all smiles (and half drunk)with STL movers and shakers Sheraine Gilliam of Power Stilletto and Fox 95 perosonality Niecey Davis at Posh owner Jeff Neely's private b-day party at his spot. Check out the pics below and see who else was there!

B-day boy Neely with guests Rachelle Smith and Atty Ryan Smith.

Neely with Gilliam (who was worrrrrrrrrrrrrkin that Grecian style dress!) and Marcus Wilson

Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings and vet DJ Charlie Chan who spun on the wheels of steel for the occasion.

LME's Otto Nichols, Gilliam, Stress Free Fridays; Mark Anthony Jones with Neely to celebrate his born day.

Davis and Neely

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, won some champagne in the raffle. No he didnt drink it up. He's saving it for a rainy day. LOL.


STl singer Flirt sang for the crowd as well as led off "Happy Bithrday" to Neely. He aslo gave the crowd a sample of what his new night at Posh Flirt Tuesdays will be about.

More well wishers including St. Louis American Entertainment Editior Bill Beene (in hat).

Flirt and Jones were all smiles at the event.

Neely gettin a good look of his b-day cherry cheese cake!

Neely cutting the traditional first piece of the cake

EVENt VIEWZ. Overall this event was great. Nice ambience of people . Great goodie bags. And the food was off the chain (the shrimp sauce on rice and briskets were tongue tied good!) We would get into more detail of what was happening at the event, but it was a private party, so only those who were there know what went down (And thats not to say something went down either. LOL)

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