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The Riverfront Times is having yet another poll for yawl to pick the Best of again. They are currently doing The Best of 2008: Black Belt Reader’s Poll where the RFT celebrates the who’s who and the what’s to do in the STL. So, to all of our OUTTOWN fans out there, we would like for you to vote for our blog, OUTTOWN for Best Blog. Last year Mayor Francis Slay’s blog won. (Let’s not make the same mistake twice shall we? ) You can vote by going on RFT’s website at
http://www.riverfronttimes.com/ The deadline is Sept. 8 Voters will be published in the RFT’s Sept 25 issue.


East St. Louis native trackster Dawn Harper won a Gold Medal at the Olympics Tuesday! She won it in the 100m hurdles in Bejing! Harper won the women's 100m hurdles in Beijing after teammate Lolo Jones clipped a hurdle and surrendered what appeared to be a sure victory. Jones staggered to a seventh-place finish. The third American, Damu Cherry, finished fourth. Harper finished in a personal-best 12.54 seconds. Australia's Sally McLELLAN and Canada's Priscilla LOPES-SCHLIEP followed in 12.64.
Harper grew up in East St. Louis, was a member of the UCLA track team and is coached by Bob Kersee, who added another Olympic champion to a long personal list that includes the East St. Louis brother-sister tandem of Al and Jackie Joyner. Jackie is Kersee's wife. Harper grabbed the last spot on the American team at the Olympic trials and, though the American hurdles team is strong, wasn't considered among the medal favorites. Wow talk about luck all around. Well we know for sure, the East Side will have a celebration for her when she returns to the East Boogie fa sho!

And now to the newz:

The St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners is beginning to interview candidates for chief and says it expects to have the process completed by the end of October.

Thirteen members of the department have applied for the post, which state laws says must be filled internally.

David Heath, who is the department's deputy chief of the Bureau of Professional Standards, is the officer liaison to the board and will be assisting in the selection.

At the Police Board's meeting this morning, Board President Chris Goodson said finding a new chief is the board's top priority

Later, while talking to reporters, Goodson said it needs to be done as quickly as possible and that all of the candidates will be asked enough questions to determine if they are, in any way, involved in the towing scandal that is now the subject of a federal investigation.

However there is riff goin on between the Board and one of its members STL Mayor Francis Slay. The Board is being careful in regards to the 13 candidates (4 being women and one being an African American man) cuz it is not sure if the candidates had any relationships with the various scandals yet Slay wants the selection done ASAP. What’s also interesting, in an unrelated tidbit, local radio and TV ads are still running the commercial in regards to recruiting members to the police academy with former Police chief Joe Mokwa’s voice still being used in the voice over!

Thousands in Chicago attended the funeral of Chicago native comedian Bernie Mac last Saturday. One of the celebrity mourners was ST. Louis native comic and Mac’s colleague Cedric the Entertainer. As he scanned the crowd of more than 6,000 gathered on Chicago's South Side to remember Bernie Mac on Saturday, he cracked that the comedy king was "still the hottest ticket in town."Fans, friends and fellow celebrities descended on the House of Hope megachurch to bid their farewells to a man who never forgot his humble Chicago roots. Hundreds of mourners had never even met Mac — or had met him only long enough to shake his hand, get an autograph or thank him for representing his neighborhood.
Mayor Richard Daley recalled that Mac was in his office recently, asking how he could help fight violent crime in the city."He wanted to help get children away from a life of crime and violence," Daley said during the service. "That's why he's the king of comedy. He never lost his soul in Chicago."
Mac died Aug. 9 at age 50 of what his publicist said were complications from pneumonia. He had been at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital since the middle of July.Samuel L. Jackson, who co-stars with Mac in the upcoming movie "Soul Men," spoke at the church, saying he knew Mac "was having some health issues, but he always said to me every morning that he was always good."
Isaac Hayes, who died Sunday, also stars in the movie, and Hayes' music was played during the service. Jackson observed that Mac didn't mind the loss of privacy that comes with fame. "He never turned that kid down for an autograph," Jackson said. "He always had time to shake a hand. He was always that kid from Chicago who wanted to make everybody happy and everybody laugh."
The service included the reading of condolence letters from children; from Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, an Illinois senator; and from Mac's beloved White Sox baseball team. Mac's comedy routines were played on large video screens with off-color words bleeped out.
Outside, traffic was tied up for blocks, vendors sold memorial T-shirts for $10, and Chicago waiter Timothy Strickland manned a makeshift shrine featuring photos, including Mac's 1971 eighth-grade basketball team picture. A sign read: "Thank you, Bernie, for showing that good people do come from Englewood."Mac grew up on the South Side in the Woodlawn and Englewood neighborhoods.
His co-stars from the documentary "The Original Kings of Comedy" — Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley and Cedric The Entertainer — took the stage together at the church.
Hughley recalled that he and the others eagerly awaited Mac's stage attire each night. He said: "Bernie would wear colors that crayons hadn't even thought of yet."He said he met Mac in Detroit, but that Mac always wanted to talk about Chicago."All he talked about was his family and this city," Hughley said. "He loved this city."

To see a clip to Cedric giving his remembrances at the funeral go to

The investigation of Dem. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama's plane that was forced to endure an emergency landing last month after the candidate's aircraft suffered mechanical problems over Missouri, emerged this week. A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Authority confirmed that there had been an emergency landing in St Louis last month after the pilot notified air traffic control of problems. It is understood that the pilot of Mr Obama's plane had warned that he was having problems controlling the "pitch" of the plane and requested emergency assistance. A controversy erupted over the landing. According to a US news channel, control tower tapes show that the pilot of Mr Obama's plane demanded an emergency landing. At the time, both the FAA and Midwest Airlines insisted that there was no emergency. A spokesman for the FAA said that she had said minutes after the incident happened that there had been no emergency because of what she had been told by the agency's public affairs staff for air traffic control. The control tower tapes reveal the pilot reported he no longer had total control of the aircraft. After the plane landed, Mr Obama said jokingly:" I just thought we'd spice things up a little bit today," and referred to the incident as a "little glitch". State authorities claimed the National Transportation Safety Board was investigating the incident but refused to rule out whether national agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation were also investigating the incident.
Hmmm, someone is in hot water over this one. In related news, Obama is said to choose his Veep for the Presidency by Friday via txt and in person at the spot where he announced his Presidential bid in Springfield, Ill. Rumors are saying the veep candidates include The list of possibilities, meanwhile, is believed to be down to Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who planned to campaign in his home state Thursday with Obama. Why do we think we will probably find out before the slated days of Obama selecting a running mate?

Beer mogul InBev were in the Lou this week working with its buyee Anheuser Busch as well as the Teamsters, the union that AB is with. The union leaders and Imbev met at Crowne Plaza Hotel As for blue-collar brewery workers, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents more than 7,000 of them nationwide, has voiced skepticism about InBev's promise of shallow cuts. The labor contract between the Teamsters and A-B expires Feb. 28. InBev and Busch are negotiating the terms of a consulting agreement that will start when the $52 billion deal closes and run through all of 2013. Busch will not have an executive job at Anheuser-Busch once the deal becomes final, possibly by the end of the year. But according to the description of his new gig, he will be a highly paid adviser to InBev chief executive Carlos Brito.

As part of the consulting job — which InBev and Busch began to discuss shortly before Anheuser-Busch's board approved the takeover — Busch will receive $10.35 million as a lump sum and collect additional fees of about $120,000 a month. Those monthly payments would add up to about $7.2 million, assuming a start date of January 2009. He'll also get a personal security detail, free access to events sponsored by Anheuser-Busch, and other benefits.He will also receive about $33.6 million from the accelerated vesting of stock options, restricted stock and deferred stock units relating to the InBev buyout. That doesn't include about $55 million from assets that had already vested. InBev's takeover awaits the approval of regulators, stockholders holding a majority of A-B shares, and shareholders controlling three-fourths of InBev's stock. InBev said it has already lined up support from its own shareholders representing more than 63 percent of its stock. Well we see the new CEO will sit pretty, but what about the grunt workers who actually make the beer?

In unrelated Teamsters news, The Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC) will hold its 33nd Annual Educational Conference and Banquet this week and ending August 24 at the Crowne Plaza Downtown in St. Louis, Missouri. This year’s multi-faceted conference will continue the TNBC's time-honored traditionof providing educational programs and a rich array of opportunities for intellectual and professional growth for its participants through networking.

Wachovia Corp. reached a nationwide settlement over its marketing of auction-rate securities, agreeing to buy back nearly $9 billion from investors. Separately, Missouri-based Commerce Bank offered to repurchase $545 million in auction-rate securities from as many as 140 customers. The settlement by Wachovia subsidiaries Wachovia Securities and Wachovia Capital Markets resolves allegations that they misrepresented the securities as safe, cash-equivalent products. Investors have not been able to access their money since the collapse of the auction-rate securities market. As part of the settlement, Wachovia also agreed to pay a $50 million penalty to be distributed pro rata among the states, depending on each state’s investment totals.The Wachovia settlement comes about a month after securities regulators from Missouri and other states descended on the St. Louis headquarters of Wachovia Securities, looking for information about the company’s sales practices. The offices were formerly the headquarters of A.G. Edwards, which Wachovia acquired last year for $6.8 billion.
Did yawl know that living legend Sir Paul McCartney and his gal pal, Nancy Shevell, motored through the Lou earlier this month on a cross-country road trip along old Route 66? We wonder what was playing on his radio? LOL

The block where people gathered Friday night to honor rookie police Officer Norvelle Brown on the first anniversary of his death was where he'd hoped to make a difference. Brown, 22, was fatally shot Aug. 15, 2007, while on routine patrol a few blocks northwest of Sherman Park, in the 1600 block of Semple Avenue. A candlelight vigil held in the middle of that block, with people gathered in the street and police and family speaking from a podium set in a weedy, vacant lot, was a way to honor his memory. People sang, prayed and talked of a better future on a street with lots surrounded by fences ringed with barbed wire and several boarded-up homes. Police hoped that the vigil would not only be a way to remember Brown, but it would also show they are committed to stopping violence and to foster hope. In December, a judge ruled that Antonio Alexander Andrews, the teen accused of shooting Brown, was "beyond rehabilitation under the juvenile code" and ordered him to stand trial as an adult. Andrews was charged with first-degree murder and is awaiting trial. Police allege that Andrews acted on a "spur of the moment decision" when Norvelle Brown approached him and two other teens in an alley.


The road surface construction on Skinker between Forest Park Parkway and Clayton Road will be completed by today, Wednesday in case yawl were wondering.

Pine Lawn police are investigating what happened between the Wellston police chief and his assistant police chief that led to a physical altercation. And it left the Wellston mayor in need of medical attention. The incident happened earlier this month at the Wellston police department. Reports say the pair was possibly arguing over recent personnel changes. The mayor of Wellston tried to step in and break up the fight when he suffered a minor injury. An ambulance was called and he was treated outside the police station. Pine Lawn police say a weapon was drawn during the altercation, but did not say who drew the weapon. The assistant police chief has been suspended. Both the police chief and assistant police chief are said to want to file charges. Pine Lawn police say they will conduct a full investigation and turn their results over to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.


What’s up with Hip Hop Fashions in Florrisant. Mo. getting seized by the police for selling counterfeit goods and they are housed RIGHT IN FRINT OF THE FLORRISANT POLICE DEPATMENT? That’s like putting your hand in a mousetrap knowing the trap will hit your hand!


And young punks folks are clowning in Hamil, ill. As some hooligans were caught throwing rocks and bricks last week over overapasses htting car windshields.

Longtime clothing store Gus’ in STL downtown - for decades a hotspot for fashion, shoes and outrageous characters at 1201 Washington - was a casualty of the downtown development boon. The Bogen Luxury Lofts now stands there.

Living legend Liza Minnelli is coming to the ST. Louis area, well sort of, more like St. Charles, to perform for the celebration of a school’s new center. An entertainer famed for her Oscar-, Tony- and Grammy-winning performances, Minnelli will open the new Lindenwood Center for the Fine & Performing Arts with a solo concert at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 11 and 12. Her concert will include some of her biggest hits - "All That Jazz," "Cabaret," "New York, New York" - as well as a tribute to her godmother, the late Kay Thompson. An actress and singer who came from St. Louis, Thompson is probably best known as the author of the "Eloise" books about a little girl who lives in the Plaza HotelThe Lindenwood Center, 2300 West Clay Avenue in St. Charles, is a $32-million addition to Lindenwood University. Tickets for "Liza Minnelli in Concert" go on sale Monday at telecharge.com (800-447-7400). The cost $125 to $200; tickets for most shows will range from $25-$75. For information about all the Lindenwood programs, including schedules and ticket prices, call the box office (636-949-4433) or visit http://www.lindenwoodcenter.com/ online.

It seems like congratulations may be in order for Kimora and her new hubby. MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a person close to Kimora Lee Simmons who told us that Kimora and Djimon are pregnant. But almost immediately after we posted this report, Kimora's publicist Keesha Johnson issued the following statement: “Please be advised that the information you are reporting regarding my client, Kimora Lee Simmons is completely false.” Yeah, okay. Well, if she is pregnant, the child would be the first for Djimon and the third for Kimora. Guess time will tell on this one.


The final lineup of who’s who for this year’s Missouri Black Expo is finally unveiled, and not a moment too soon – the event is Friday-Sunday, Aug. 22-24, at the America’s Center downtown.

Among the STL stars who will appear are Comedian Joe Torry

Author Lyah LeFlore

Ozzie and Nikko Smith

Others celebs include Vivian Green, Zapp, Spinderella, Eddie Levert, , Will Downing, and “Good Times’ stars , Bernadette Stanis and Ralph Carter. They’ll appear in different capacities, some performing, some at summits, etc. Admssion is free until 1 p.m. daily; $8 afterward. Children six and under get in free. Get more information at 314-361-5772 or at

In a matter of weeks, hip hop star Nelly will release his fifth and looooooooooooooooong awaited CD, ”Brass Knuckles.” The question was always why his album was pushed from his original release of September 2007 to now. Well according to Hip Hop DX, Nelly set the record straight on the push backs. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

DX: Let’s get into your album. Last year you did the BET Hip Hop Awards and it seemed like that it was at that time you were making your comeback. But then the album stalled a little bit. What was going on?

Nelly: The thing was that I had to take care of my business with the label. Here my album is, but you [the label] are going to pay me. I gotta get mine! If I don’t make them give it to me now, why would you give it to me later? I don’t want to take that chance with my business. Trust you [the label]? No, trust me! You can afford to fuck up! I can’t afford to. If you fuck up, you’re going to find another hot artist to put some money behind to make some money. If I fuck up, I’m done!

Well there you have it. It was about money. I guess that’s what’s it all about and we don’t blame Nelly.
In unrelated news, The Samsung AT&T Summer Krush tour rolled through Atlanta this week and Nelly was the headliner. Blogger SOHH Gyant of http://www.sohh.com/ attended the event and wrote. “I stopped by to check out the St Louis representer. Throngs of fans and groupies alike lined the streets outside in hopes of getting an opportunity to attend this free concert. Jermaine Dupri, Bun B, and a surprise appearance by the St Lunatics made the evening tolerable. While I may think that Nelly is on the verge of being washed up, it's clear that you all emphatically disagree because the venue was filled to capacity. I definitely have to give props to Cornell. Though it was a free concert, he still managed to pack it out.”

Well alrighty then. To check Nelly out in that concert, go to

Looks like STL comic Gary “G Thang” Johnson is on a roll these days. Later this month he will be seen in the upcoming spoof comedy, “Diasater Movie.” And later this year will host “One Shot Comedy Show”, a show that will broadcast of Matser P’s new channel, Better Black. The show will consist of clean hilarious comedy and some of the funniest comedians around. It will also give upcoming comedians the opportunity to hit the stage.

Leo/Virgos in the House. There were three STLers who celebrated their b-days and a fourth later this week.

First up was socialite T-Baby. She had a week of celebrations on the East Boogie side last week. One of those celebrations was at Blackmon’s Plaza where Next Top Model winner Eva Marcelle Pigford hosted.

Earlier in the week, promoter and House of Comedy assistant Miss Maria (PICTURED) had a lil celebration of her 25th b-day at House of Comedy last Thursday (that cheese cake was DEE LISH)during the free show weekend with comedy by cocoa brown. She was kickin it with fam and friends before she hit the ATL where she was bout to kick it for real (Where dem pics at? LOL) Last Friday, veteran car dealer Johnny Londoff Sr. turned 84 (Yawl know his commercial, “JOHNNY LONDOFF CHEV-RO-LET”). This weekend, Stress Free Fridays’ Mark Anthony Jones will be celebrating the big 4-0 at Olive Bistro and J Bucks. (SEE EVENT BITZ BELOW FOR MORE INFO).

The St. Louis Black Repertory PR’s Karla Goldstein, will be stepping down her post to accept a job as director of public and government affairs with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. She'll start Sept. 2. She will be missed for sure. She was our contact since the late 1990s and always kept us hooked up with the comp tix..

ST. Louis American City Editor Alvin Reid was a guest panelist on PB's “Donnybrook” last week and for most of the show was centered on Sen. John Edwards cheating scandal and Reid apologized to the panelists of vehemently supporting him for President. As a result, the panelists told him that he needn’t apologize of his support for Edwards. We’re with the panelists, Reid you had nothing to be ashamed of. Now what you can apologize for was thinking Edwards had a chance of getting the nomination. You can do that. LOL. Juuuuuuuuust kidding.

OUTTOWN JUST HEARD just today that Red the BBQ man will be open for business at his new location on Vandeventer and Ashland on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10am to 8pm beginning TODAY

And lastly, what’s going on with the club The Venue in Wellston? Is anyone going there?

In the MIA(MISSING IN ACTION) FILE. Whatever happened to Soul Stylz Ms. Alma?

BLIND BITZ. Which STL star and socialite was spotted walking home on Grand after leaving from a recent event at a popular downtown STL venue? (Hint. This socialite uses parts of their body to make a living and the event consisted of “super” stars uniting at a popular eatery. )



Danielle Taylor

Danielle Nicole Taylor, 30 currently works as an Electrical Designer for Burns & McDonnell, an Engineering Firm in Chesterfield, MO. A Ranken Technical College grad, Ms. Taylor also uses her engineering talents by serving as an instructor for Interior Design & Drafting at Patricia Stevens College.

In her Spare time, besides being Sexy & Successful, Danielle enjoys dining, traveling and spending quality time with her family and friends. Danielle is a Native of St. Louis, and currently resides in the Historic Tower Grove district. Go head Girl!!!!

Ms. Taylor is also featured in Alive Magazine's, 'Sexy & Successful' competition. The Competition features St. Louis locals; both men and women, showcasing some of the best talent St. Louis has to offer.

Finalists will be announced and showcased at the Alive Magazine's 'Sexy & Successful' party on September 4th. For details, and to vote for our girl Danielle, please visit http://www.alivemag.com/sexyandsuccessful/

And if you are or you know of someone who is STL-LICIOUS, send us a recent pic and bio to
outtown62221@yahoo.com and we will feature them!


CreativeWorks, LLC is officially bringing back the smashing, hit inspirational comedy Meeting at the Elder's Circle: The Gathering of the Ushers. After another revision of script, cast and crew, God has opened the door of opportunity to have this wonderful production produced by Footlights Productions, August 14-24, 2008 at Christ Church Cathedral. For more info call 314.494.5976. Tickets: 314-534-1111


Isaac Hayes "Another Taste of Soul" Listening Party 5-9pm Thur. Aug 21st . "To Tell The Truth" - Bernie Mac A Special HAPPY HOUR, 6:30-8:30pm Fri. Aug 22nd @ Legacy, 5249 Delmar, St. Louis. 314.361.2182 or 314.995.9570


STRAY DOG THEATRE PRESENTS THE SAINT LOUIS PREMIERE OF PAUL RUDNICK'S REGRETS ONLY In a Park Avenue penthouse high above Manhattan, we meet a prominent attorney, his deliriously social wife, and one of the world's most successful designer's. Add a daughter's wedding plans, some major gowns, and stir! A Topical Comedy of Upper-Class Manners that explores the politics of marriage, friendships, and the powers-that-be. DIRECTED BY: GARY F. BELL SEPTEMBER 11 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 THURSDAY - SATURDAY AT 8 PM - SATURDAY 9/27 at 2 PM and 8 PM $20 FOR ADULTS / $18 FOR SENIORS & STUDENTS 10 PERFORMANCES AT TOWER GROVE ABBEY2336 TENNESSEE AVE. / SAINT LOUIS, MO 63104 For Tickets and InformationCALL: 314-865-1995 http://www.straydogtheatre.org/

6th Annual Prostate Cancer Survivors and Awareness Walk August 23,2008, Register Now‏ Phone: 314.367.7778
Email: administrative@100bmstl.org


Nyamichi's Lament", Thursday, August 21, from 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m at the Regional Arts Commission, located at 6128 Delmar Boulevard in the University Center Loop East. Nyamichi's Lament is a collection of poet/educator Cheryl DS Smith accompanied by her brothers, jazzmen extraordinaire, The Bosman Twins (Dwayne and Dwight Bosman). Stay tuned for an update on a special guest appearance for the evening. The event is free of charge due to the generosity of the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission!

Cheresse Ink presents Lush ‘s one-year anniversary party, Fri. Aug 22, 3037 Olive. Doors at 9 p.m. RSVP to
RSVP@cheresseink.com Info: 636.346.8168


STRESS FREE FRIDAYs Friday, August 22, 2008 5pm-UNTIL Olive Bistro, 8141 Olive Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130> 1-314-569-4050 **SPECIAL NOTE: The "Official 40th Birthday Celebration" for Mark Anthony Jones will be held on August 23, 2008 at the Downtown J Buck's, 1000 Clark> Avenue...9pm...ladies free until 10:00pm> ...Stress Free Fridays will be visiting Olive Bistro as we kick-off> the 40th Birthday Weekend of Stress Free Fridays Co-Founder,> Mark Anthony Jones. (PICTURED) ..enjoy thirst-quenching drinks,> delicious food items and a truly vibrant and relaxing> atmosphere...The Resident DJ will be performing all of your> favorite music for your listening and dancing> pleasure...Ample parking on the parking lot is available for> your convenience...do not hear about the fun that you missed> when you can be a part of the festivities...bring your> business cards and a friend and be prepared to network as> you never know who might be in attendance...if you are> celebrating a special event in your life, email Mario at>
wayne_mario@yahoo.com or Mark Anthony at maj_826@yahoo.com.


SOUL STYLZ presents Zodiac Connection (LEO Pink & VIRGO Green) Special Fashion Edition: YNOBE SKYHonoring The Birth of: Mark Anthony Jones, Elcardo Moore Kris Moore Rhoshay Rogers Phillice Waters Raychelle Strong & Soul Stylz Carletta Blackmon Saturday August 23, 2008 10pm-3am J.Buck's Restaurant (DownTown) 1000 Clark Ave. St.Louis Mo, 63102 . LEO & VIRGO Ladies Wearing All shades of Pink & Green FREE all night. Guests come in Attire of Your Choice (Sexy Upscale) $5 B4 11:00P.M. The Preview Of YNOBE SKY DRESS CODE STRICTLY ENFORCED!! $5.00 ADVANCE TICKETS GO TO http://www.soulstylz.com/
Valet Parking Available Bottle Service Free Birthday Setup Call 314.497.3861


Big Brothers and Big Sisters Grand Opening Party in the Street, Sat. Aug 23 6 p.m. 501 N. Grand (Grand and Olive) FREE. Info: 314.361.5900



Missouri Black Expo Celebration Weekend August 23 & 24, 2008, St. Louis MissouriMissouri Black Expo Foundation invites you to the 17th Annual MBE Celebration Weekend titled “Let’s Unify Our Community” on the weekend of August 23rd & 24th, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri.

'S.H.E.R.A.H.'S SISTER CIRCLE' on S.H.E.R.A.H. -Sisters Helping Each Other Reach A Higher Height!Time: August 24, 2008 at 1pm Location: West End Community Center S.H.E.R.A.H.'s Sister Circle is a time to relax, release, and recharge. Come out and grow and share with other sisters of the community through guided meditation, affirmations, some basic yoga and a lot of self-love, God's love. See more details and RSVP on S.H.E.R.A.H. -Sisters Helping Each Other Reach A Higher Height: http://sherahsisters.ning.com/events/event/show?id=2260599%3AEvent%3A6&xgi=fjDy2x5


Summer Fusion, Sunday, August 24th at 5:00pm , will feature a special night of music, drinks and great eats all on the second floor terrace balcony of the newly completed Independence Center in the Central West End. Latin rock sensation Javier Mendoza will perform on the same stage with local R&B and soul sensation Coco Soul. One of St. Louis’ favorite restaurants, Jimmy’s on the Park, will provide a delicious fusion cuisine of items off the restaurant menu. There will also be great wine and drinks such as the Fusion Cocktail. All the proceeds benefit Independence Center. Info: 314-898-8388......


GOT Lyrics and Best Damn Fridays Period are ON HIATUS.......................Ladies Night OUT Thursdays at Dante's hosted by Mocha Latte . Ladies Free Admission and Drinks til Midnite………….. Pick up an Evening Whirl on Mondays and check out Mocha Latte’s column COFFEE TALK!


Loose Cannon Weekend the Remix August 22-24, 3 days—5 events.

Fri- Aug 22--Louis Vuitton v Gucci Party at the Loft FREE till 11 p.m.

Sat. Aug 23-- 3rd Annual Blackout at Club Society FREE ALL NITE LONG starts at 9 p.m. 21 and up

Sat.Aug. 23--College Blackout at Club TV (formerly Club Dreams)

Sun. Aug. 24 LooseCannon Cookout at Co-Ed Kickball Tourney at the Fountain Lake Sports Complex FREE BBQ 11 am to 3 p.m.

Sun. Aug. 24 Grand Finale--Sunday Night Shindig Special Edition at Lush EVERYBODY FREE til 11 p.m.

For more info, VIP Tix, or to register teams call 314.646.9917. www.myspace.com/teamloosecannon



Writer, poet, singer, musician. Te’ V. Smith is a talent worth seeking out! From his humorous and playful yet educational political and social songs to his mind and soul challenging poetry he has amazed crowds from Kentucky to Paris France. An accomplished jazz pianist and soul writer his debut onto the national scene came mid 2007 when he joined the legendary “Roots” for a 5 city tour sharing the gift of word through poetry and song. With a strong following on the poetry/spoken word circuit Mr. Smith is sure to continue to push the envelope, raise the bar and change lives.

Other credits include: The Washington Post’ 100 most influential writers of the next generation 1997 ; Guest youth poet at le deil with Saul Williams and Ani Difranco 2000; featured on BET’s Lyric Café 2006; guest performer for Floetry’ “Floetry remix Tour” 2007; and featured artist on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam 2007 HEAR HIM SHARE HIS LIFE at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/TEVSMITH

Contact Mocha Lattte if you want to book him. For more info on these events, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or sgalvin26@yahoo.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


The Robert Plant & Alison Krauss concert at the Fox Theatre on June 19th has been RESCHEDULED to September 24th. Update: Due to a change in schedules, the previously announced planned additional September 25th performance will not be added and the filming of the performances will now not take place. Tickets for the June 19th performance will be honored at the September 24th show. If you have purchased tickets to the June 19th performance and are unable to attend on September 24th, please contact MetroTix at 314/534-1111.

DAVID BYRNE “Songs of David Byrne And Brian Eno” Saturday, October 18 • 8PM Fox Theatre $52.50 A limited number of Gold Circle Seats are also available. CORRECTION: THIS SHOW GOES ON SALE FRIDAY, AUGUST 8 AT 10 AM! NOT AUGUST 7 AS MY ORGINAL ANNOUCEMENT STATED. ON SALE THURSDAY, AUGUST 7 AT 10 AM!

Fox Concerts & The Pageant present CARDINALS Featuring Ryan Adams, Neal Casal, Chris Feinstein, Jon Graboff & Brad Pemberton Friday, October 3 • 8:30PM LIVE at the Fox Theatre! $35 & $30 ON SALE SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 AT 10AM!

An Evening with JACKSON BROWNE Sunday, October 19 • 7:30PM LIVE at the Fox Theatre! $57.50, $52.50, $ 47.50, $42.50 A limited number of Gold Circle seats are also available .

KETC / CHANNEL 9 presents CHRIS BOTTI Saturday, September 13 • 8 pm At the Fabulous Fox Theatre!

THE U.S. Bank Broadway Series Shows and Specials: Oprah Winfrey presents THE COLOR PURPLE, October 21-November 2, 2008; SWEENEY TODD, November 14-16, 2008CATS, November 28-30, 2008 LEGALLY BLONDE the Musical, January 20-February 1, 2009 ! ; The Rep presents SPRING AWAKENING, February 10-22, 2009; CIRQUE DREAMS JUNGLE FANTASY, March 17-29, 2009; Dance St. Louis presents STOMP, April 3-5, 2009HAIRSPRAY, April 24-26, 2009Dance St. Louis presents RIVERDANCE, May 1-3, 2009; A CHORUS LINE, May 12-24, 2009RENT, June 2-7, 2009MARY POPPINS, AUGUST 13-30, 2009; THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, September 23-October 17, 2009 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Virtue Lounge 2nd Annual "All White Party" "Hot Times in the City"What: Club Party The Virtue Lounge Fri. Aug 29 at 8:00pm, The City Museum’s Architecture Hall Join us for hot live performances by Jai Williams and Kenneth DeShields.D-Stone and Hypeman Warner will be there spinning the hottest mixes of Christian music. Check out
for ticket information.

Afrodisiac Ent, IGWE and Co and Piper nation Ent present Pursuit of Sexiness Friday, Aug. 29 at Nectar, 2001 Locust, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.. Early Arrival is Mandatory. Info: 314.392.8421 or 314.517.8385. AND African and Carivbbean Exchange, a Labor Day Weekend Experience at Dante’s, 3221 Olive, Sat. Aug 30 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. FREE til 11:30 p.m. Info: 314.8421 or 573.388.1075

This dynamic Equipping the Saints Dance & Arts Conference will include over 30 classes! If you are gifted to sing, dance, or act don't miss this conference. Choose from classes such as; praise dance, mime, warfare, intercession, flags, theatre ministries, and much more to put your gifts to good use. There will be over a dozen facilitators from all over the nation to teach you some of the particulars about dance and worship arts.

Sherry Wright-Gully, founder of SRD & Wright Ministry of Performing Arts, Inc., and author of The Color of Rain (now showing) will be facilitating a class on Center Stage! The Performing Arts Ministry where you will learn about Casting in a stage production and gain an understanding about Auditions, Callbacks, and how it all comes together before hitting the stage in front of a live audience. To minister you must be qualified - use your gifts for the Lord, come to learn how! THIS CONFERENCE WAS DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND. DON'T MISS THIS ENLIGHTENING EXPERIENCE. REGISTER NOW! Renaissance Hotel - 9801 Natural Bridge September 4-7, 2008 Saint Louis, Missouri
Meet Us in Gateway St. Louis at The Luxurious Renaissance Hotel Register at:
http://equippingthesaints-srd.eventbrite.com or call (618) 407-6145.
www.praisedanceministry.com/conference for a complete conference schedule.


The Majic 30th Anniversary JamSaturday, September 6th The Starlight Room Featuring Eric BenetWith Special Guest: Noel GourdinSaturday, September 6th The Starlight Room - 8350 N BroadwayTickets On Sale Now!
Click here to purchase tickets or visit any Metro Tix Outlet.

Singlesvibe and Precision present Taste of Success Wine Trip 2, Sat. Sept 13, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tix $40 include bus trip, food and drinks to the Winery. Info: 314.769.1060 or 314.518.3294


Come see The Color of Rain at SOUTHWESTERN ILLINOIS COLLEGE 2500 CARLYLE AVENUE BELLEVILLE, IL 62221 Friday, September 19, 2008 / 7:00 pm Saturday, September 20, 2008 / 6:00 pm Tickets can be purchased at SWIC in Office #ISB 1115 Call Donna Moody at 618-235-2700 (x5537 ) NOW $15.00 (0ffer Ends August 23rd)Gen Adm $20.00 (After August 23rd)Door: $25.00 INTIMATE THEATRE - SEATING IS LIMITED!



Cabaret St. Louis is coming in October. The inaugural Cabaret St. Louis fall lineup will include Fran Landesman, Steve Ross, Sylvia McNair, Lee Lessack and Tony Sandler. Performances will be held at The Sheldon, Kranzberg Arts Center, The Gaslight Theatre plus additional venues. All shows begin at 8 p.m. Tickets for Cabaret St. Louis fall season go on sale Tuesday, September 2 at 10 a.m. at all MetroTix locations.

FRAN LANDESMAN returns to her roots October 22-25 at The Gaslight Theatre. The legendary proprietess of Gaslight Square’s Crystal Palace presented such artists as Barbra Streisand, The Smothers Brothers and Elaine May. But outside of St. Louis, Ms. Landesman is most well known for her own songs and shows. Spring Can Hang You Up The Most and The Ballad Of The Sad Young Man became standards and were recorded by Elle Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand and Sarah Vaughn. Fifty years later, accompanied by her son Myles, and around the corner from the old Crystal Palace, this top songwriter and cultural icon will treat St. Louis to an evening of storytelling and song. Tickets for Fran Landesman are $35.

The smartest of the smart set and St. Louis favorite, STEVE ROSS, returns with his latest work, “To Wit: Ross on Wry – Funny Songs Throughout The Ages,” October 1-4 at the new Kranzberg Arts Center in Grand Center. Ross is no stranger to St. Louis, as he has performed many times at The Grand Center Cabaret, Cabaret in The Savoy Room and St. Louis Muny. After Ross’s 2004 St. Louis appearance, Chuck Lavazzi of KDHX Radio wrote, “The fact is, Mr. Ross has a breezy elegance on stage that’s reminiscent of Fred Astaire, Noel Coward, Cole Porter and, above all, the late and much lamented Bobby Short.” Tickets for Steve Ross are $40.

Cabaret at The Sheldon will host Grammy Winner SYLVIA MCNAIR October 16-17 for two performances only. A beloved performer at Opera Theatre of St. Louis, Ms. McNair has segued from opera to the Great American Songbook, the music with which she feels most at home. Now, instead of singing V'adoro pupille on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera, she's singing Embraceable You to rave reviews. Of McNair's Algonquin Oak Room debut, Rex Reed wrote, "Her phrasing is exemplary. Her modulations are inspired. I could get used to this kind of ecstasy." Tickets for Sylvia McNair are $45.

LEE LESSACK’S lyric baritone vocals and sophisticated yet endearing persona have made him a shining star of the international cabaret scene. His tribute to Johnny Mercer, “Too Marvelous For Words,” runs October 29-November 1 at the Kranzberg Arts Center. As we celebrate the centennial of Mercer, Lessack is the perfect match for this romantic of songwriters. Billboard Magazine calls his singing, "Cabaret romanticism of a high order." Tickets for Lee Lessack are $30.

TONY SANDLER finishes the CSTL Fall season November 13-14 at The Sheldon with “Chevalier-Maurice & Me.” This show is neither caricature nor impersonation, but a heartfelt homage to this widely-admired entertainer. It has been the subject of a PBS special and DVD, and contains the charm and savoir faire that Maurice himself brought to film and stage. Tickets for Tony Sandler are $40.

Tickets for all five Cabaret St. Louis performances go on sale Tuesday, September 2 at 10 a.m. at all MetroTix locations. To charge by phone call 314-534-1111 or online at www.MetroTix.com. Memberships available by calling 314-726-1616. For more information, visit www.cabaretstl.org.


AUDITION BITZ . It's Just Me April. I'm looking for all kinds of talent for a promotional live show to be held at a cafe in Indianapolis Indiana. If you sing R&B,Soul,Jazz,Gospel, Neo Soul,Country,Blues,Rap,Rock what ever. If you play any kind of instrument, spoken word, dance, 1-3 person stage act. Please contact me at
jmproductionsllc@aol.com JOB-ITZ City Light is a gospel video production company that continues to grow on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!! We are currently looking for a professional independent videographer who is experienced in filming, creative and skilled in editing with alove for video and eager to learn with an ability to travel. We are also looking for an additional shooter and PA's free to travel and an interest in assisting on the following: Urban League National Conference..........August 2008 City TBA Live Gospel Music Video.........................October, 2008 Durham, NC Church musical service............................October, 2008 Durham, NC Gospel Music Video .............................. September, 2008 Durham, NC (2) Gospel Music Video................................Date TBA Denver, CO All PA's travel and hotel fully paid with possibly 1 to 2 meals per work day Camera operator hourly pay per work hour along with travel and hotel fully paid. Skilled students and ladies are encouraged to apply!!!!!!!!!!!!! All interested please reply to this email stlfilmwire@kdhx.org and put or leave Employment in Subject Line! no phone calls please! Thank You for your interest in working with City Lights!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP-BITZ.STL Poet Floyd IMPAKT Boykin and his wife Jacquette would like you all to votes for their baby boy Floyd Jr in the Majic 104.9 Baby Idol Cutest Baby Contest! He is listed as "Floyd B" under the "E-J" button. Voting started Monday. Please go to the web site and vote for him to win (

http://www.kmjm.com/pages/babyidol.html..................... G & G Casting is currently scouting talent. Based out of Chicago, G &G was hoping to connect with some folks in St. Louis. If you know of any individuals who are serious about their craft and have experience and/or professional head shots and resumes please let me know. G & G is currently revising their web site, but they do have a basic splash page. I have attached the link as a reference: http://www.gandgcasting.com/ Please direct talent to me, that I may review their material and touch base with each individual before it's forwarded to the Executive Director. If talent sends incomplete or inadequate material directly to G & G it may get discarded. Call or e-mail me with any questions. Talk to you soon!Tamekeyo House630-729-4169...................................................... REGISTER NOW FOR THE CHRYS YVETTE ACTING STUDIO WORKSHOP STARTING JULY 12TH! At the Chrys Yvette Acting Studio you will learn valuable skills that will help you master the art of working and not just auditioning. Many spend most of their time training more than they do acting. Not here, we are looking for actors to train with the C.Y.A.S. Technique, and put you right to work on one of our movies, plays, showcases, sitcom pilots, or soundtracks. We donʼt just train, we get you the job too! TO REGISTER VISIT http://www.cyactingstudio.com/ OR CALL 314-221-4198 SCHEDULE SATURDAYS 12PM-2PM STARTING JULY 12TH SUNDAYS 4PM-6PM THROUGH AUGUST 31ST Ms. Yvetteʼs extensive hands on training will guide you through seven steps that will enhance your acting ability and give you the confidence you need to succeed in the entertainment business. So if you know that you were born to be a superstar and you just need that extra push to jumpstart your career register today, and move into your destiny! Cost: $20 per session This class is followed by a showcase by the Chrys Yvette Acting Studio actors and a reception with industry insiders!.................................................Believing in Excellence in Education is a 6 week> life-skills summer program for ages 10-18 designed to> empower young people to BEE the best they can be. The> program focuses on etiquette/manners, social> responsibility, financial responsibility, internet safety,> peer pressure and more at the Emerson YMCA on Pershall Road (near hwy 270 &> West Florissant).> > Classes meet every Friday evening for 6 weeks from 6pm-9pm> and ends in a cotillion/beautillion so students can show> off their newly learned skills. For more information or log onto> http://www.beelieve.org/ ....................................... ……………………………………………….Stray Dog Theatre Hop into spring dance classes for children taught by Sheila Rabbitt - professional teacher/choreographer http://www.sheilarabbittanddancers.org/ Come learn beginning modern and jazz dance in a positive environment where children will not only learn steps but create their own dances. Great for kids just starting out and those with some experience! Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:45-5:45 pm 4:45-5:45 pm Children 6-9 Children 10-12 Cost $48 for 8 week session Class size is limited. Early registration suggested. Please call Sheila Rabbitt at (314) 898-0374 to register. LOCATION Tower Grove Abbey 2336 Tennessee Avenue..................................... Kobalt Books has just inked a movie-production dealwith Factor Media Group/Applecrate Films/OmniquestMedia to develop the true life story of Rev. BurtonBarr Jr. and his autobiography, “The HoodlumPreacher”, into a feature film. The publisher, KobaltBooks, is currently looking to raise development fundsfor this film. Potential investors will come on asmanaging members of the company thatproduces thefilm.For More Investment Info, Contact:Cedric Mixon at 314-503-5462........................................Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services forthe youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyonewho is in need of some extra educational support,please feel free to contact her or give them hercontact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314)418-9803................STL rapper/producer J-Kwon-has a new label deal and we are looking for some interns to work on the new label HOOD HOP MUSICgraphicdesigners street team female street team club streetteam models internet teams (e-blasting,bloggers,writers)We are looking for the best. So instead ofjust grabbing the person that says they are the best,we are looking for people to SHOW us they are the best at what they do. The bread-winners will be put onpayroll with a permanent job with the company. If youthink you will be the next hottest publicist, model,A&R, sponsorship writer, whatever it is that you do,then get at us! If you can do mixtape covers, adcovers, posters, willing to do street team work and beapart of this new label contact me directly at kanecc@tmail.com …………………………..Joel P. E. King, owner of JPEK CreativeWorks LLC and The Space, wants to make an offer to those of you who are in search for party and event space. Close to 2,000 square feet of available spacefor your next event, wedding party, baby shower, art exhibition and more. Here at The Space, you willacquire elegance, convenience and wonderful hospitality. The Space located at 320-24 N.Vandeventer (off Lindell Blvd. in SLU area) Contact:314.494.5976 or 314.494.9095................Saint Louis has a new STREET TEAM. STL Promotions Professional Staff ,On time reporting with Pictures Electronic Marketing:E-Cards, E-Blast, Website Presence, Guerilla Marketing Techniques, Service Street, Radio, College, and Mixtape DJs, Special Events, Telephone Conferences,Retail, Market Visits, Professional Marketing Strategy for Saint Louis, Premium Product Placement, Exposure every day and every night at every event Our machine operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!! We will exceed your expectations!!! Contact us at 314-750-6806................

ONGOING BITZ The St. Louis Poetry Slam will be holding a preliminary qualifying round for all interested poets wanting a chance to make the team to go on and represent St. Louis in The National SLAM Competition held later this year. Come out and sign up to make your spot on the team. Rounds starts at 9:45 pm at Legacy Books and Café before the regularly scheduled Open mic.on Fridays. Come out and be a Judge, Audience member, or Competitor (Sign up is at the door. *$5 cover. For more info, call David A. N. Jackson 314 995-9570

NEW: STLGRIND, Brainstorm and the Parker brothers present UPSCALE every Sunday at F15teen at 1900 Locust Street. Doors 7 p.m., Network 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Evolve from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.Admission $5 after 9 p.m. Ladies Two for one until 11 p.m. Info: 314.588.8899

NEW: The Soulition and Absolut present Chocolate Sunday with Dj Needles, 9 p.m. at 609/The U Lounge, 609 Eastgate. Ladies Free til 11 p.m., Ladies $3, fellas $5.

Fred and Harry Inc. presents Champagne Sundays at Sol Lounge, 4241 Lindell, 3:30 p.m. Cocktails $5, Cover $3. For more info go to


NEW. The Head Nodders Ball w DJ Needles Mondays at the Delmar Lounge, 6235 Delmar 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. $3 Cover..........................

NEW: Neo Soul singer Silky Sol and Good for the Sol perform Sundays at Janae’s West, 7555 Olive Blvd, 5 p.m. For more info call 314.863.7420 Mondays are Comedy Nites at Janae’s West 7555 Olive Blvd, hosted by Darius Bradford. 8:30 p.m. $10 Cover. (314)863-7420...............................

NEW: EVERY Tuesday to follow, join 609, Bacardi USA and Precision for the Ultimate Tuesday Happy Hour from 5-8pm weekly. ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK Bacardi and ABSOLUT for $22 (tax included). Wristbands and cup provided!".

Francois Cognac and Cigar Bar presents Evening of Expressions, every Tuesday a blend of culture, spoken word and neo soul, 326 N/ Vanderventer. Free until 9 p.m. $5 after 9 p.m. For more info call Ms. Bell at 314.229.7952 or Alexander at 314.448.2939..............................

Two Dollar Tease Me Tuesdays Comedy Show at the Twilight Room 8344 North Broadway, St. Louis MO. Call 314.385.4545 for more info.‏ Suite Soul Spot, 1st Tuesday of each Month at the Old Rock House, 1200 S 7th Blvd. 9 p.m. 314-588-0505.2 Dollar Tuesdays at The Spot, 8370 N Broadway. $2 to get in and $2 drink specials all nite long. Doors at 9 p.m. for more info call 314.385.4545..................

NEW: Fusion with DJ Needles of the Solution, Wednesdays at Posh, 408 N Euclid, 8 p.m. 21 Y.O. and up NO HATS FELLAS. FREE Roc-a- Star presents Refreshin with DJ NeedlesThursdays at Xes behind the Drunken Fish, 612. N. 2ndSt. Lacledes Landing. Ladies FREE til 11 p.m..............

NEW: Lamar Harris and The L, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. til midnite at Delmar Restaurant and Lounge6235 Delmar Blvd. Free before 10 p.m. 314) 725-6565 ·

UPDATE: Lyric Lounge every Thursday @ House of Comedy (formerly Laughs on theLanding), 801 N. 2nd Street Featuring Poets, R&B, NeoSoul, Jazz and Funk artist weekly……Singers and poetry slam enthusiast gather weekly to present a unique blend of spoken word poetry and music from local and not so local artist…….Doors open @ 8 show starts @9…..$100 weekly cash prize to the hottest lyricist….live band …..door prizes….giveaways…….all for only $5 at the door For more info, call 314.241.5233..........................

NEW: Drama House Thursdays @ The In Spot, 5854a Delmar- Clean Comedy‏ hosted by Arvin Mitchell. . Doors at 8 p.m., Show at 9 p.m. $5 http://www.inspotlounge.com/

NEW: Milq Da Game presents Destination Thursdays at Club Society. $500 to the sexiest lady. Ladies Free til 11;30p.m. 2 for 1 drinks before 10:30 p.m. for fellas and free drinks for ladies. Info: http://www.societystl.com/

NEW: M5 Entertainment presents Rhythm and rhyme Thursdays every Thursdays. Calling all hip-hop artists, poets, singers. Royal Palace Restaurant and Lounge, 4266 Natural bridge at Lamdin. Sign up by 8:30 p.m.. Show at 9:30 p.m., Admission FREE before 9 p.m., $5 After wards.

NEW: Event: PANACHE "Every Last Friday of The Month"What: Night of MayhemHost: Precision EntertainmentStart Time: Friday, August 29 at 9:00pmEnd Time: Saturday, August 30 at 3:00amWhere: XES Night Club (Next to the Drunken Fish on Laclede's Landing)

NEW: The "POSH LIFE" Happy Hour 6:00pm - 8:00pmDrink Specials: $5 Long Islands, $3 Apple Martinis, $3 B. Free ("Blue Muthaphucka's", $3 After Hours (Hennessey & Coke) The perfect end to a work week.... and the perfect start of the weekend. Don't dare start the weekend off without a trip to POSH!!!

Urban Causal Fridays hosted by Bishop V-Luv, HappyHour at Spruills, 1101 N. Jefferson. Free from6p.m.-9p.m. (2 for 1) Free food 9 p.m.-11p.m. Drink specials until midnite. Party 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Ladies free til 11 p.m. for more info call 314.574.9601 or314.625.4595 or go to www.myspace.com/URBANCASUALFRIDAYS

All Star Inc presents Grown Folks Friday at St. Louis happy Hour bar and Grill, 12948 Halls ferry at Parker Rd., with DJ Sir Thirl. Ladies Free til 11 p.m. FREE Parking. Status Fridays every Friday at Dolce Ladies $5 before 11 p.m. 9 p.m.-3 am UPDATE:

CAFE SOUL, every 3rd Friday of the Month, Place: Lumen, 2201 locust.PLEASE CALL 314-504-7405. FOR INFO.

The Virtual Lounge Expressions, A Christian based open mic every 1st Friday, Cookies jazz and More #20 AllenBlvd. Webster Groves, Mo. Doors open at 8 p.m. Cover $10. For more info go to http://www.thevirtualounge.net/

Tuff On Paper ENT presents Network and ShowcaseSaturdays every first Saturday of each month and LoveYourself Saturdays every third Saturday of each month,9.m.--until at the Spyglass, 255 Union at Lindell $5at the door. first 50 Ladies Free until 11 p.m. First25 ladies get a free drink. 21 and older. Grown andsexy attire. For showcase info hit up www.myspace.com/tuffonpaper.com or call 314.443.5001

Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ is personally inviting you to the Saturday to a straight up Old School Party...no limitation...no limitation! The house party will belive at the new Broadway Nite Club on New Halls Ferry and West Florissant! AND at the new Knockouts! For more info contact Gina Foster at 314.712.1083 or go to http://www.divaeventplanning.com/

NEW: Rance John Styles and barbering, located in the luxurious Benton Park Neighborhood, 2909 jefferson. 314.772.7511 salonr@sbcglobal.net

NEW: RAMS SINGLE-GAME TICKETS ON SALE . To purchase single-game tickets, fans can visit www.stlouisrams.com/tickets or any Ticketmaster outlet. Tickets can also be ordered by calling Ticketmaster at 314-241-1888 or 314-421-4400 in Metro St. Louis; 866-646-8849 in Central Missouri; or 618-222-2900 in Illinois. Tickets will not be sold at the Edward Jones Dome Box Office. For more information on any of these options, please visit www.stlouisrams.com/tickets or contact the Rams ticket office by phone at 314-425-8830 or 800-246-7267 or by e-mail at ticketsales@ramstix.stlouisrams.com. For information on ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) seating, contact the Rams ticket office at 314-425-8830 or 800-246-7267.

*** PIECES OF A DREAM" One of the most critically-acclaimed, powerful independent films of our generation!!! ORDER IT NOW AT http://www.one-wayproductions.com/ orBy calling the Customer Service toll free# at 888-418-8637 Mon.-Fri. between 10am - 5pm (CST) & selecting option #2 (accepting debit/credit cards & checks/money orders) Get the "Pieces Of A Dream" Feature Film DVD / the Music Soundtrack CD individually available for $13 + shipping/handling orGet the "Pieces Of A Dream" Combo Pack (Both the DVD & CD) for $23 + shipping/handling. Fans worldwide are responding and joining the "Conscious" Film Movement!!! Snapping up more than 30,000 copies of the independently produced "conscious" film "PIECES OF A DREAM" DVD & Music Soundtrack CD,since it's worldwide release in December 2007.

Good Shepherd Infant and Toddler Center, 5990 Page. Now Enrolling. School age children welcome. Info: 314.725.5710

Check out Leannett Payne’’s CHOCOLATE BLOG by emailing her at Leannettpayne@yahoo.com!

Catch all the latest STL entertainment sites, sounds and interviews at http://www.ohhmy.net/

UC ME Radio with Murphy lee, Kyjuan and comedian Darius Bradford, 6 p.m. Sundays on 100.3 The Beat.

For your hip-hop ministry and Christian music services check out Mynista’s website at http://www.reverbnation.com/mynistaakadoctawuzdead?eid=591050_2558942

NEW: Check out author and activist Keith Boykin’s new website Daily Voice at http://www.thedailyvoice.com/

Hear new music from STL singer Silky Sol at http://www.myspace.com.redafroqueen/ or http://www.redafroqueen.com/

For all your photography needs go to www.lanceomarthurman.com/

The Black Rep's blog, Black Reppin. It can be found on its website, http://www.theblackrep.org/ or directly at http://theblackrep.blogspot.com/

Bosley and Associates Traffic Law Centers .Suspensions, Speeding. Revocations. DWI. PointProblems. Accidents. Frison ‘s Flea Market, 7025 St.Charles Rock Rd., Fri-Sunday 9 am-5 p.m. or Big TopFlea Market, 367 Chambers Road. For more info, call314.621.1744

Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. Patrinna Wiley & Eric LaGrone Independent Associates Small Business and Group Specialists Identity Theft/Restoration Services We give members access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal problems, but for everyday events such as buying a house or a car, creating a will, handling a problem with an insurance company, dealing with identity theft, and much more where legal review should be routine, but rarely is. These events can be among the most important events in a person's life, yet there is a tendency for them to take place without proper legal review. For Pre-Paid Legal members, access to legal counsel is only a toll-free phone call away. Call to set up your appointment.Office: (314) 837-6779 Cell Patrinna: (314) 581-9888 Cell Eric: (314) 713-7803

If you want to get on Vanita Applebum's entertainment newsletter, email her at www.myspace.com/vanitaapplebum

Check out Lisa Rose blogsite on Strong PositiveBlack Sisters at http://www.positivesisters.blogspot.com/ or go to her my space page at www.myspace.com/lisarose08

Check out blog http://www.sistersnineties.blogspot.com/ for local literary group Sister’s Nineties Afrocentric literary activities for the family and youngsters.

Check out Lachrisa Crenshaw’s spa products at http://www.warmspirit.org/ or call her at (314)401-0710

Check out Diversity Gallery, for all of your naturalhair and beauty needs as well its café located at 6150Delmar Blvd. in the Delmar loop.For more info call314.721.3361 or email at diversitygallery@netzero.net

For body painting, makeup, face painting wigs andother special effects, contact Jessica Dana at http://www.jessicadana.com/ or go to www.myspace.com/jessicadada13

Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radioplaylist.The Flow: Music Lounge. Peep it out at http://www.flowink.com/player-popup.html or go to his myspace page www.myspace/enochisreal.

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to http://www.stlhiphop.com/!

STL videographer Dana Christian has a website where people can send their professional music videos and films to get exposed. It is http://www.spitflix.com/.

Well that will be it,.Thanks all for your comments and keep em comin. Hit me up at maatspear@yahoo.com
for pub or info you want on OUTTOWN.



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