Monday, August 11, 2008


Photos by Ma'atology
CENTER PIC: Sunday Night Shindig host Mocha Latte and 104.1's DJ Cuddy. That nite was the return of the popular weekly Sunday party. RIGHT: Big Kenny and Miss Erin. BELOW LEFT: Some folk upstairs. (Whats up with the guy tryin to look at the sista's derriere? Hmmm)

LEFT: Model and fashionista Jimmelle RIGHT: Singer/socialite Sheldon Curtis, Miss Barbara, Jimmelle, and Brandon

Mocha's bezazzling shoe!

Mocha and Big Kenny

RIGHT: Upstairs folk

Mocha and Jimmelle

RIGHT: Mocha and Dee The Real Diva acting crazy for the OUTCAM. Dee was off the chain for real. She was droppin it like a scripper and lie ddown on a sofa chair and did the scissor legs in the air (The pic should be in the upcoming Evening Whirl for those who wanna see it.)

LEFT: Calvin Nelson and Mocha

RIGHT: Socialite Miss Popo and Big Kenny

Sistas up on the balcony. Check out the sista on the right and her haircut design (ENLARGE THE PIC BY CLICKING ONTO THE PIC IF NEED BE!)

The crowd up in the balcony area.

Mocha walking down the steps from upstairs.

Are we seeing right? Is that Evening Whirl's Jay Bailey with colleeague Sista Cyn without his trademark locks?


The crowd downstairs. Mocha started them doin' a Soul Train Circle.

Drop it like it's hot!

A dance orgy!

Get it, get it!

All Chris Brown with it!

Step Up!

His Drink and His Two Step. But....

....was bruh man on the left who was dancing in the last pic having a sniggle moment?

Loosecannon's SLIM (in black cap and white tee) and his crew gettin it poppin.

Err body gettin their dance on!

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