Monday, August 11, 2008


Photos by Ma'atologyCENTER: The poster of superstar comedian Tommy Davidson at House of Comedy's lobby. Davidson's shows were all sell outs. We attended the Saturday show.

RIGHT: The House had a remembrance poster of comedian Bernie Mac in the lobby.

LEFT: Hoodstar promoter Mocha Latte and musician Terrel attended the show.

ABOVE RIGHT: Folk waiting in line to get into the show.

LEFT: Folk in the lobby. Rose Man's relative was also in the house doing the Roseman.
RIGHT: House of Comedy vets: House owner Dee Lee, Longhorn the Comedian and Javon Bibbs.

LEFT: Model/actor Carlos McClaurin who works as a bartendar at House of Comedy.

RIGHT: Lee emceed the show.

Lee had the crowd's side spiltting on topics including having a fourth child, having an "ejacuation" towel and flushing condoms in the toilet and its circumstances with the fish in the ocean. He also did a dead on impression of Obama.

RIGHT: Comedian Deandre in the crowd. Is it us or has he gotten buffed these days?

Bibbs performed before the main act. He talked about voting for Obama cuz his waves be bustin.

Bibbs also did his classic jokes dealing with what men can and cant do or say in public and the "Thats what I Thought" routine.

Davidson had the crown rollin with his brand of physical, animated comedy.

Davidson had many jokes that killed. Some included he is tired of white folks asking us who we are going to vote for in the elections and how clever Obama can make anything sound good like the word "it."

He also spoke about you can tell folk who work at Popeye's when they get on the bus cuz they have flour on their apron.

He also said that he saw St. Louis on the show COPS and saw nothin but white people and that East Boogie was the place to be. Plus, the funniest joke that white people can dance they just think about what they are dancing.

After the show House of Comedy assistant Miss Maria took a pic with Davidson.

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