Monday, August 04, 2008

OUT 452--POWER STILLETO presents Power Networking Wednesdays with Mo. State Senator candidate Rodney Hubbard at IN SPOT DESSERT AND BAR LOUNGE July 30

Photos by Ma'atology

RIGHT: Outside of In Spot where some of the campaign signs were posted. LEFT: Hubbard addressed the crowd

Power Stilleto's Daraisha Cosby and Sheraine Gilliam. Hubbard thanked everyone for coming and hoped folk voted for him in Tuesday's elections as well as thanked his wife for her ongoing support of his political efforts..

Hubbard and his wife looked on the plaque that Power Stilletto presented to him as he read off what was on it.

LEFT: Cosby, Hubbard, Miss Nikki and Gilliam.

RIGHT: LME's Tim Slater, Cosby, Gilliam, and LME's Otto Nichols,

Hubbard and wife with Power Stilletto with his plaque.

Nichols, Gilliam, Hubbard's wife, Hubbard, Rachel Lockhart-Korris and Cosby.

Supporters Marcus Wilson and FREE TIME's Daryl Frierson

Lockhart-Korris while reading the Hubbard literature

Doctor in the House. Citi Mortgage Consultant Yemi Adewunmi and Dr. Jennifer McCleary. McCreary and
Karen Banks.

Wilson and Frierson while talking with one of the Women for Hubbard campaign workers.

Another Women for Hubbard campaign worker (left) passing out lit on Hubbard to the supproters.

There's Mr. In Spot owner with a patron.

The delectable treats!

My name is.....Tim Slater

The supporters.

The supporters.

The back wall engravings.

There were about 100 supporters who came out in the pouring rain to network and wish Hubbard luck in this past Tuesdays primaries. Also in the house were Tauheed Youth Group's Anthony Shaheed, Freeman Bosley Jr., FREE TIME's Roy Robinson and Boeing Programmer Jeremy Stewart.

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