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Herre is the first part of the Best of 2008 with some of the highlighted events that went down (and we are sure are in the running for Social Event of 2008)



Loose cannon, Monopoly and Power Couple presented Fortune for New Years Eve that was held at 555 Building on Washington. I traveled to Fortune via chartered bus by the “black Beckhams” Carri and Keith griffin (inside joke) of Power Couple that had about 30 or so people chill out at their house until the bus pulled up (which had their faces on the advertisement box on the side of the bus! (I hear the Griffin’s put up about 4 grand for this occasion (bus, VIP table and food). I got there about 9ish (the bus was to pull off at 9 :30). Some of the folk chillin for the bus were Calvin Nelson Dr. Jennifer MCcleary, Karen banks, David Blair,. Tim Slater , Miss Traci, Rob Kirk, Miss Maria, Big Kenny and two members of FYB (For Your Body) Security were therre in case anyone got buckwild on the bus from drinkin.

The chartered bus heading to 555 Building

We got there about 10:30 ish or so and we got therre it was a bit of confusion of who was to give us VIP bracelets. Well, when Mr. Beckham Griffin walked up to the VIP table for those on the list, he let them know we were good. But the problem was folk tryin to sneak in with us. That caused chaos. It was pretty much like that for the rest of the nite of folk tryin to dodge payin or sayin they were with so and so. Mocha Latte was running back and forth tryin to do 20 jobs at the same time (host, VIP bracelet person, bartender, waitress!).

Power Couple's Keith and Carri Griffin
We got there about 10:30 ish or so and we got therre it was a bit of confusion of who was to give us VIP bracelets. Well, when Mr. Beckham Griffin walked up to the VIP table for those on the list, he let them know we were good. But the problem was folk tryin to sneak in with us. That caused chaos. It was pretty much like that for the rest of the nite of folk tryin to dodge payin or sayin they were with so and so. Mocha Latte was running back and forth tryin to do 20 jobs at the same time (host, VIP bracelet person, bartender, waitress!).

Mocha Latte and SLIM

For the most part the three groups of Fortune tried to get the STL stars a taste of what the Hollywood folk do it (AND THEY TRIED THEIR HARDEST TO) , but as Slim said on the mike, “STL was late comin to the party.” Some of the movers and shakers who were at Fortune were Larry Hughes, SYGU, FREE TIME, So Diverse, State rep Rodney Hubbard,, 104.1’s Young Dip, David Carroll, and Kyjuan to name a few .

Several thousands waited outside the Edward Jones Dome to get inside to hear Obama. Once inside, folk got into position to hear the presidential hopeful.
Around 8 o’clock the crowd began to swell. Obama was to speak about 9 ish.
The lovely 2004 American Idol finalist Aloha sang The National Anthem.

Over 20,000 rally goers showed up. They stood on the floor of the Dome.The young, old, black, white and all in between were there to witness history.

Change We Can Believe In poster signs were held up all over by the rally goers.
Obama supporter Sen. Clair McCaskill said(to the crowd) , "I want everyone to look around the room . It looks like what America looks like."
When Congressman William Lacy Clay walked out to the stage,. It was evident that Obama was in the building. He told the crowd, "Welcome to Saturday Night Live in St. Louis starring Barack Obama!"

When Obama was introduced, the crowd went wild as though he was a rock star. The cheers for Obama were ear splitting!

On stage with Obama were Jean Carnahan, St. Louic County Exec Charlie Dooley, Congressman Lacy Clay and Sen. Clair McCaskill
At the rally, Obama said that he was not running because of some ambition but under the philosophy of Dr. King of "the fierce urgency of now."

The comment of the night was when Obama said, 'I can guarantee you one name that will not be on the November ballot, George W. Bush." which caused the crowd to erupt in cheer and applause.

Obama said that he was running for change especially with our health care system , have affordable education for children from birth to college and raise the minimum wage every year to offset poverty. He also shared that he was born to a single teenage mother who died of cancer at age 53 and his father left him when he was two. He said, that because of his upbringing he could relate to the people.
MARCH 2008
STL native model/fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons was in town to kickoff Alive Magazine’s STLSpring Fashion Week that would take place the following week. One of the events to kickoff the event to commence Kimora Lee Day in St. Louis was held at the Steinberg Auditorium at Washington University. People young and old waited for the fashionista's arrival to the event. The event was going to be filmed for her STYLE network show, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" taping the Homecoming episode of her show.

Kimora on the purple carpet with her family including her mother (right) and her two young daughters, Ming and Aoki.

Kimora addressed the crowd. She was so golly-gosh gee about it all!

STL Mayor Francis Slay gave Simmons the Key to the City and officially touting the day, Kimora Day. She later on said that she didn’t know what she was going to do with the key and was going to see what lock the key will open.

Anheuser Bush gave 25,000 to her sponsored annual scholarship "Fabulous Opportunity" Scholarship, that helps students who are seeking to pursue a degree in fashion design at Washington University. She was given an award for the occasion. She was also given the Susan Block Ripper Award for Fashion.With her is Singleton, Furr and a rep from Us Senator Clair McCaskill's office

Although she acknowledged she was not a public speaker, she was very entertaining especially when she shared her story that her mother said to her when she was growing up, "You ain’t shit without a degree." and then later quipped that what all she has accomplished, she might think about doing it and said, " But the people at Washington U. said that this is probably better than a degree."She also thanked her family and friends for coming out to attend. She also said that she almost cancelled her trip to the event and was glad she decided to travel to attend.
Kimora also brought her lovely daughters to the stage and asked them what else she should say to the crowd and one of them said for her to say, 'Thank you for letting me come here."After the ceremony there were questions for the media to ask (They were forewarned that if they asked anything about her personal life, the entire media Q and A would be over). there also was a 100 dollar lunch in her honor also at the Auditorium. After the Wash U event, Kimora was whisked to Macy's at the Galleria where hundreds attended to get a pic and an autograph after buying fans bought a toy for her toy drive.

Later that night, Lumen was the spot for the After Party for Kimora and the Kick Off of Fashion Week.
At Lumen, Kimora was fashionably late, yet did not stay long to get her pic taken. YOURS TRULY actually took the one of two shots she took in her deep purple number before her entourage whisked her away to her V-V-VIP room.

APRIL 2008

Punany Poets, at Moolah Lounge April 17
Power Couple sponsored this erotic poetry slam group coming to the Lou.
2004 American Idol finalist Aloha hosted the spicy event.

The Punany Poets were off the chain especially the jokester, Bo "the MF" Ellis who had a pussy fetish to the hilt!

Punany poet creator and founder Jessica "Ghetto Girl Blue" Holter 's poetry was filled with erotic adventures and the pleasures of being open with ones sexuality and body type.

Miss Golden , who is originally from St. Louis, got the crowd wiled up with her erotic dances and allure. Holter said that she would take over as the lead Punany poet when she retires.

The highlight was poet/erotic dancer S.L.A.M.

Overall this event was orgalicious! But in the end, it was all about safe sex and the awareness of playing safe in this age of AIDs and HIV.

Keith Griffin thanked the crowd for coming out, or shall we say showing out.Overall this event was Def Poetry Jam meets Burlesque meets a Ladies Only Body Blast. Tastefully done, and erotic, the message of safe sex may have been a bit clouded after one has been sexed up mentally, the message was hot home after the play was done. This show was not for the prude at heart. It was a lesson in open sexuality and responsibility.

MAY 2008


Somethin Blue and Singelvibes promoted and produced this out of town trip to the winery. About 150 people got up to the Westport Plaza parking lot before the 3 chartered buses were set to move at 10 a.m.

Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings (standing), one of the planners of the trip goin down the isle seeing err body was in a seat.

There, we had a choice of several wines to choose from and how many times we could sip.The winery was breathtaking scenery was like a picture perfect postcard!

Some of the gang in a family portrait after a few drinks including Something Blu's Larry and Becky Blue (pictured in the center)

This was OUTTOWN's first winery trip and we must say it was an adventure. Great camaraderie, drink and fun. We would tell all that happened at the winery trip, but like the government, if we tell you, we may have to kill you. LOL. (Well, we can give you a lil sumpin sumpin--The movie that was shown on the charter bus during our return to the STL was "New Jack City." )

JUNE 2008


This historical concert was a first for the radio station.

About 15 acts performed that day. Local acts such as Joka, Oli and Nite Owl as well as national acts Huey, Jibbs, Webbie, Chingy and St. Lunatics were some of the “opening’ acts” who greeted fans before they performed. Radio personalities from the Rickey Smiley Morning Show also came to participate.

Ali, City Spud and Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics on stage

Of the opening acts, the highlight was when St. Lunatic member City Spud made his ceremonial return to the group by coming on stage and performing with all the Lunatics (Nelly was a NO show) after being paroled from serving 8 years in prison.


Spud was feeling his way on stage. Murph even said tio him, "Welcome Home. It's on now."

Rapper T.I. in the media tent with some members of the media.

During rapper Chingy's set on stage... superstar rapper T.I. met his fans at the same time, one of the highlights of the event causing a somewhat turn of events on T.I. rather than on Chingy.

One of the headliners Keyshia Cole’s highlight was when Cole brought her mother, Frankie on stage. She thanked the crowd for making her reality show, "The Way it is" the highest rated show on BET.

At this time, the crowd swelled to 12,000, a first for the radio station 104.1 and the venue itself.

Superstar T.I. closed out the show. He started off saying, "What’s hapnin St. Louis" which got the crowd in a frenzy, then he went into such hits as "Top Back.”Then into, "Why You Wanna."
He also got into his beef with Shawty Lo.

Nevertheless, the fans were lovin every minute of him.


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