Thursday, November 20, 2008


Seven Pounds carries a lot of weight
By Ma’at Atkins

During actor/rapper Will Smith’s media tour he hasn’’t given too much detail on his upcoming film, Seven Pounds. He also tags : “You have to see it to get it” or “If I tell you too much, I'd give the film away.”

After seeing an advance screening of the film, this past Wednesday, Nov. 19(held at the AMC Creve Coeur 12 in Creve Coeur at the Red Carpet event which was attended by the star himself, Will Smith) it is understandable why he has been tight-lipped about the plot.

Why? Because there really isn’t a plot. It’s more of a pastiche of scenes that are connected to one common theme.

For the sake of journalism, Seven Pounds, on the surface, tells the tale of Will’s character (
whose name in the film even gives the film away), a suicidal, guilt-ridden man, who inadvertently falls in love while attempting to kill himself, while also affecting the lives of seven strangers.

Of the strangers are Rosario Dawson, who plays Emily, a Los Angelesite with a heart ailment and Woody Harrelson who plays Ezra, a blind pianist.

The film is told from the present then it is flashbacked; then flashbacked to flashbacks; then brought back to the present scene and goes into more indepth of Will Smith's character's suicidal attempt.

Although the film suffers from the Lazarus Syndrome with Wills character and overwrought sentiments, overall “Seven Pounds” is definitely Oscar worthy as both Smith (who has a great chance of winning Best Actor in 2009) and Dawson give great performances.

But the big winner is the life lesson that is presented in the film that will leave you speechless and ready to help your fellow human being.

“Seven Pounds” is slated to open nationwide Dec 19.

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