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OUT 504--OUT ON THE TOWN--HALLOWEEN IN THE STL(Shiloh, Ill, Binions, Nubia, Exo and Lush--OCT 31

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins was dressed as............Ma'at during Halloween. Here, he is at Club Exo in African applique on jeans aka Kleoware designed by the late STL poet/Atty. Sheryl Johnson. See who else was costumed up that nite!

Photos by Ma'atology (Some of these pics can also be seen on and stlonfire(above pic) There's Ma'at Atkins' nephs Tyrek Stewart (as Jigsaw) and Jerome Stewart III (Josie the Punk Rocker) gettin ready for trick or treatin in their Shiloh, Ill Neighborhood.

THEN, IT WAS OFF TO THE PARTIES. FIRST UP WAS THE "Get out The Vote for Obama Happy Hour" hosted by Atty Jerryl Christmas at BINIONS on Delmar

The Obama-Biden Vote poster that was posted outside on the Binion's building.

Former STL Rep candidiate Ingrid Owens and Atty. Jerryl Christmas

Owens and her colleagues gettin their picture on with Barack Obama--and hopefully Prez Obama (Well at least the poster size of him). Pictured with Owens are from left: Ms. Tammi, Ms. Denise and Ms. Tamela (kneeling)


Wedding Planner Lisa West wearing a pumpkin tee and comedian Maurice G who had his MEN IN BLACK costume in the car. LOL

DJ Big Quie was on the 1s and 2s.


Who is this guy wth his ARSE OUT and who's taking a grab???

Real estate agent David Carroll and his lady, Reena Hajat. And as you can see, it wasnt really his arse. LOL

Wearing their cool playa tee gear were club promoters Mister Rodney and Mr. JP.

They'll put a spell on ya! Kim Kendrick was a Rebel Witch and Ms. Dionne was a Sorceress.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh Boyeeeeeeeeeee, its Flava Flav. Well, not exactly. Its Al Byrd as the rambunctuous hip-hop/reality star.

THEN we travelled to Club Exo for their 7 Deadly Sins Party.

The ice sculptor of the event.

Exo co-owner Harry Michel played a doctor in the clubs with hsi wife, Nurse Dawanna.

Co-owner Fred Finley was also a doctor/ Posed with him is She-Devil Ms Arriel

This sista, Sharronda Williams who was a Firefighter was out and about puttin out flames at two of the hot parties in the area (You will also see her later on at the party at Lush)!

STL painter and visual artist CBABI BAYOC drew portraits of patrons there.

Therre's Stress Free Friday's Mario Wayne as GI Joe and Freelance Writer Stephanie Roy pretending to arrest him, Roy, who's from the STL, was visiting her hometown during the weekend. She currently stays in Thailand!

Dr. Jennifer McCleary came as a hippie chick and Karen Banks as a Playboy Bunny.

Precision's Jerrod Jones came as himself. He was also celebrating his b-day, too.

Jones greeted some of his b-day guests.

Jones and guests.

Ms. Ali was a Policewoman, Miss Rachel was a French Maid and Ms Sitha was a Sexy Sailor

Mr. Exo the Waiter couldn't figure which one of the ladies who could best attend to his needs!

Barcradi promoter Kim Jordan was Batgirl. (Sorry we missed your b-day a few weeks back).

Who would never guess who this was! Its FREETIME's Roy Robinson who came as Mixed Martial Arts star Kimbo Slice! (He also came in second in the contest)

Kimbo Slice and his She-Devil entourage, one being FREETIME's Darryl Freierson who came to the event as a Vietnam vet Marine.

A Marvel comic hero connection: Ms. Taquila as Supergirl and Mr Chrishawn as Batman

Club/alcohol promoter Elson "Tres" Williams hosted the costume contest.

Ms. Sharronda won the contest (Hmm, and we wonder why?).

The most topical costume that nite was Abdul Abdullah wearing a Obama/Biden poster cover!

"Hey, pick my costume to win." Therre's Finley chummin it up with Willaims during the contest.

Williams with contest winner, Ms Sharronda.

DJ Reminise in DJ mode.

And Jones was in party mode!


Event promoter Mocha Latte, who also hosted the contest, had the most creative tee that nite. The tee said it all! LOL.

Mocha in mike mode!

Stone Love: Mr Dennis as Bam bam and Ms. Nehari as Medusa.

Where's his shoes at??????

Freakshow on the dancefloor!

Folk upstairs

Miss Shante was a Sexy Angel.

Four the Hard Way: Shaunise Henry as christy Cream, Cortez Jackson as a Pimp, Ashley Austin as Jo(anna) the Plumber and Greg Taylor as Lenny Kravvitz (Then he took off his wig and became Musiq Soulchild!LOL)

There were folk at all areas of the club!

It was fire code crowded!

Slodown's Bunnies Ms Desarai and Ms. Crystal got their grab on Ariel Brandon who came as a Blackendales dancer (Yes he had pants on. LOL).

If you look closely, you can see Ms. Sharronda the Firefighter who won the Exo contest (She is wearing a fire extingusiher on her back!)

Only in America!--- Antwan Harris came as Don King!

Folk walkin down the steps very carefully.

When they were about to start the contest, it was so many folk there that they had to put the ladies on top of the bar! (This sista was a bit eager and had to get down cuz she was not in the contest. OOOOPS!)

Loosecannon's S.L.I.M. hosted the contest from the bar top.

Rapper Slodown was also in the house (and standing on the bar. )

This sista was one of the contestants (They had close to 60 who signed up) who had to to be boosted up to get on the bar.

Folk gazing to the bar area for the contest to begin.

St. Lunatic City Spud also was in the house(and on the bar).

Mocha cheek to cheek with her godsister Tamicka Nelson.

Wonder who City Spud was lookin at ?

Spud motioning for a contestant to get on stage.

And here she was. The DO NOT CROSS TAPE sista. MERCY!

These three were in the top Three. Model Ashali Box (center) who was a Sexy Evil Witch came in third. As we stated earlier, Miss Drew (RIGHT) came in second and the sista on the far left came in First. She dressed a Dominatrix. The crowd booed cuz she did not have a sticker tag to be in the contest. Oh well, maybe it came off. LOL.

NOTE: OH and YOURS TRULY, Maat Atkins, came in his African Applique on Jeans ensem (The Kleoware outfit for thso ewho go waaaaaaaay back on OUTTOWN). Hopefully Photographer Kevin Jordan of will have it ready for me to post soon!

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