Monday, November 03, 2008


Photos by Ma'atology During Monopoly Promotions' weekly Ladies Night at Dante's, Exquisite Fashions and Footwear Company in the STL had a fashion show to promote Jay Z's Rocawear Fashion Line that will be sold in its store.

RIGHT: Monopoly Promotion's Mocha Latte hosted the event. LEFT: One of the models was Radio One/104.1 personality Young Dip. As Radio One personalities DJ Krisstal (second form left) and DJ Sno (fourth from left) looked on with Latte from the DJ booth

Dip and a female model did the Rocafella
hand sign.

Those boots were made for the catwalk!

Some of the crowd at the event.

Young Dip in another Rocawear design

Model Miss Amanda (right)also worked it out!

Dem boots!

Is it us, or does this male model look like last year's contestant Jermaine Sellers on BET's Gospel singing contest, "Sunday Best?" LOL.

She was modeling the gear and her cat paws!

The Rocawear poster hung by the raftors.

This sista looked kinda spooked we took her pic with her bunny ears, but she was cool wit' it......... We think. LOL

The best segment of the show was when the female models came out on stage wearing bikini tops and each wearing a painted on letter which spelled "Exquisite" on their backs.
She was E.

She was X.

Model Tia B was the first "I"

Taklin it off to show off her "S"

She was "T"

And here they are with the EXQUISITE letters spelled out like The Catching Game on Letter People back in the day. LOL.

After the fashion show, Mohca Latte told the crowd it was time to get back to the party!

....Right after she took a pic with the OUTCAM.

Mocha gettin down to the people on the mike.

Gettin down to the peeps.

The crowd was packed.

What sign was she doin?

It was a smoky nite up in there. Literally. If you look closely at one fo the crowd attendees in this pic, you can see how it got to be that. LOL.

Mo crowd

And mo crowd

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