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Photos by Ma'atology YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins got a lil "nippy' with a mannequin of art at the event. See BELOW what else went down at this New York esque art decco soiree!

LEFT and RIGHT AND BELOW: A painting and lighting fixtures commemorating this nationally based event.

Visual artworks featured local St. Louis artists Cbabi Bayoc, Peat Wollaeger, Justin Tolentino, and Jovan Hansman. Here are pics of Andre 3000, Salt N Pepa and an unknown singer.

Other featured artists included Mad Clout, TindelMICHI, City of Ink, Occasional Superstar, Wak, Brandi Pettijohn, and event co-producer Dubelyoo. ABOVE is a painting of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame DJ, Grand Master Flash

RIGHT: Atlanta visual artist Kevin OKeefe posed in front of some of his artwork.

LEFT: Newly-elected St. Louis representative Tishaura Jones and Ameren UE's Therron Joseph share a photo during the event. Jones was coming from a celebration of her elected position at the Jazz Spot.

In addition to St. Louis, "Art," hit Charlotte and Atlanta, and will hit Baltimore, Birmingham and Jackson, MS. Each city will boast a different set of performers with equally impressive presentations.

"Art" was founded by Jabari Graham, who spearheads this movement with contemporary artist Dubelyoo in 2005 in the ATL with the meshing of hip-hop culture, the music, as well as b-boying.

The mannequin, or shall we say "Womannequin." LOL.

Patrons having conversations of the art. Here, The Bob Marley Shrine.

A bronze statue of Jack Daniels

Patrons socializing

Hot art!

Artist featurings

Joseph flanked with Business women Kay Green (left) and Indigo Sams.

Kamina and actress Kine Brown

STL Fashion king Craig Minter and photographer/Frontline Security's Big Joe.

Miss Constance and singer Sheldon Curtis were there.

Comedian Tahir Moore was also in the house.

Boeing/entreprenuer Carlton Mitchell and Singlesvibe's Tony Rusell chilled there.

Architect/socialite Charles Brown, hip hop artist Mark "Woo Child" Scott, and hip hop artist Vandalyzm in effect mode.

Natural Uhuru's Miss Erika and friend were all smiles at the hip hop gala.

Poet Miss Jay and Poet/Student Activities Coordinator, Diversity Initiatives at UMSL MK Stallings were cool like dat!

Photographer Demond Meek and fiance stopped through .

Four Seasons massage therapists Miss Amanda and Kamren Holbert took a break from their busy schedules to chill at the event.

Jack Daniels promoter Keenan Harris, model and X cel Models creator Lady and Jazz Loft co-owner Anthony Stith

Folk were everywhere. Do you spot any STL stars in this pic? (We see three of them.LOL)

They had light appetizers for the crowd

The B-boys got their breakin on.


A b-girl got in the cipher as well!


Nicholas Gates was one of the b-boys in the mix.


Collective Soul got the crowd hyped on stage.

Crowd members. (Can you spot attorney and bodybuilder Michael Walton in this pic?)

An attendee playing Rock Star.

This middle aged guy we guess knew where he was at because....

..........he was doin is style of breakdancin!!!!

The lineup for St. Louis included live music performances by Afro-beat/Hip Hop band - Common Ground Collective. Other tunes were provided by St. Louis-based DJ Needles along with DJ Princess Cut, DJ Jamad and DJ Wreckineyez on the ones and twos, drummer ALIen.

Loved the sista with the cool fro-hawk!

A Collective Soul group member spoke to the crowd thankin them of comin out to the event.

Hundreds of registered attendees came out to the FREE event.

Collective Soul was a smorgasbord of all type of rhythms.

The lead singer wore African inspired paint on her face.

Blowin da horn!

BUT THE HIGHLIGHTED PERFORMER (beside the older whiet guy dancing) was

Drummer ALIen (Warren) who tours with the event.

He was charismatic and on fire!

Picture the Tanzmanian Devil on drums!

He was all over the place, literally!

He stood up on his drum case and became the King of the World!

He took off his shirt and became even more fiery and in synch with the drum gods!

He went up front to the stage to rock with the crowd, even throwing drumsticks to the crowd. We thought for sure he was going to dive in the crowd, but didnt.

He was BEYOND......

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The band was the Common Ground Collective... and for more pictures check out

The tour is headed to baltimore next. Its going down February 20, 2009.