Monday, November 05, 2007



ABOVE PICS: The outside of the event and YOURS TRULY getting my pic taken at the event.

One of the billboards outside the event

Hundreds of people waiting to get their RSVP tickets to enter the event. All people did was RSVP to get into the free event.

There were many venues of winners of the Best of the RFT Poll including various food booths who were giving out free samples.

Sample this!

Cafe Soul's Angie Brown and host , singer Coco Soul. Their event won Best Open Mic Event in the RFT Poll.

Caught ya eatin!

Therre's the Posts' Kevin Johnson and KSDK's Jeff Small as Coco Soul sticked out her tongue (Fass self. LOL)

The first area of party was the big tent where people enjoyed free food samples and free drinks.

As you walked up the steps and into the actial venue, partiers had a chance to get thir dance on with R&B/pop cover band Dr. Zhivegas, who won best cover band in the RFT poll.

The party people dancing to the beat.

They also had their go-go dancers dancing on mini platforms.

Herre is another one.

The atmosphere gave you a 70s glam scene.

Poeple walking up the steps from the tent to get their party on.

This booth had the best food, the 17th Avenue Restuarant in O'Fallon, Ill. They had the best sloppy joes.

Kevin Johnson talking to some of his colleagues at the Post including Columnist and Donnybrook perosnlaity, Bill Mcclellan

Poeple in the tent area gettin their party on.

One of the food vendors

A patron gettin literarture and food from the aforementioned vendor.

Therre's STL-TV's Gilberto Pinella (left) networking with some of the party crowd.

These sistas, including Tiffany Graham (on right) were gettin their Fantasy Slide on.

The Dr. Zhivegas room. On the left , in the tux, is former RFT editor and Donny brook personality Ray Hartmann.

This was another room called the XXX Room. (No not that, to celebrate their 30th anniversary. LOL) It consisted of silhouette girls dancing. It was next to the Dr. Zhivegas room.

And lots of drinking and networking.

The Hip Hop Room was another room that connected both XXXX and Dr. Z Rooms.

They had a couple of break dancers up on the floor doin their thang!


It was a sight to see!

They also had a live spraypainting of this wall.

Solider Boyin up in therre!

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