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There has been a lot of ish goin on since the last time STL-TIDBITZ was posted, and before yawl dig into some turkey at big mamma’s house herr are some newz for ya in the Show Me City. The big newz item so far has been Mayor Franis Slay's announcement of a new fire chief that replaced ousted fire chief Sherman George. This past Monday, the mayor announced Dennis Jenkerson (PICTURED CENTER ABOVE WITH WIFE AND MAYOR ) as George's replacement. Appointed by newly appointed Public Safety Charles Bryan, Jenkerson was selected over Fire Marshall Charles Coyle , who is black for the job because Coyle, who holds a higher rank than Jenkerson, didn’t score higher than Jenkerson on the preliminary exam (the same exam that George was demoted for due to his non-promotion of officers after his claim of the exam's racial validity). The appointment has divided teh firefighters (YET AGAIN) among racial lines. Reports indicate that Members of the Firefighter's Institute for Racial Equality, or FIRE, an organization representing African-American firefighters, said Jenkerson should not have gotten the job, citing the fact that he is under investigation by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for using city-owned equipment to do work at a private home and that he is a crony to Slay. The union, The Union of Professional Firefighters, Local 73 has been reported as approving the decision. Also, in another strange move, Bryan will appoint an assitant chief to Jenkerson, a post that has not filled in nearly 40 years. Bryan was on KTRS 550 AM as of this writing saying that the firefighters have greeted him and Jenkerson "very warmly" and ended by saying, "no matter what, when the bell rings we are one." THIS IS ABOUT TO GET EVEN UGLIER. SO MANY PLAYERS. SO MANY TRUMP CARDS BEING PLAYED. I just hope that Bryan chooses Coyle at least for assistant chief, cause if he appoints yet another white firefighter in that position, the balck folk's temper in the STL is about to get even hotter and firefighters won't be able to put out that one................................ In other stuff, the St Louis Rams is on a comeback of sorts. The Rams are now 2-8. They won two consecutive games away from home since last time of this post. They won against the Giants, in a 13-9 victory last Sunday and two weeks ago broke their losing streak by winning against the Saints. Looks like Rams are on a roll. And to top it off, wide receiver Isaac Bruce (PICTURED RIGHT) has reached a milestone in his 14 seasons in the NFL when he surpassed Henry Ellard's career total of 13,777 receiving yards, which ranks sixth all-time in the NFL. Bruce was reported as saying they are confident of winning their division based upon the performance of the other divisions. But first, let’s see if the Rams’ winning streak continues when they play the Seahawks at home at the Edward Jones Dome first, then we can start poppin our collars. .................Longtime radio personality Chas Saunders (SEEN PICTURED ABOVE WITH SINGER CHRISETTE MICHELLE) got fired from Majic 104.9 last week. In a shocking move, the vet got the axe after being with the radio station for almost 20 years. According to reports, Clear Channel, (who owns Majic) fired her because of budget cuts and not wanting to pay her top salary and renew her contract. From my understanding, fans of Ms. Saunders who did the 10 to 2 shift and her popular Jazz with Chas on Sundays are in an uproar and is circling yet another petition to ban listening to the station. Just earlier this month, Tony Scott and the Breakfast Crew show was moved to the afternoons for Steve Harvey’s syndicated morning show. It has also been speculated that Tony Scott, who is also a longtime vet for the station, may be on the chopping board in that his contract ha snot been renewed as of yet and will be a free agent in January 2008. .................The town of Pine Lawn passed a law against pants sagging. Those who violate the ordinance is subject to a $100 fine, parents face up to a $500 fine or 90 days in jail if they knowingly allow their children to wear their pants in such a manner. Pine Lawn appears to be the only city in the state to ban sagging, according to Gary Markenson, executive director of the Missouri Municipal League. Although a few places in the South have banned the practice, several cities, including Baltimore and Atlanta, are considering similar ordinances. Well, I guess Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. was on the right track when he tried to get a law passed on this matter. But in my opinion, it seems as though Pine Lawn just wants to add a few more coins in their Treasury..............What was up with the cheetah that escaped the St. Lousi Zoo momentarily this week? Did the zookkeeper leave the gate open or sumpin? Mmmm, somebody bout to get their keys taken away from them!.......The campus of Washington University on Forsyth will be the site in October 2008. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday that the campus will be the venue for the 2008 Vice President debate. Its so far away, its no guess as to who will be in those debates. Any of the Presidnetial hopefuls I reckon!

Kevin Johnson got the death penalty for the murder of Kirkwood Police Sergeant Bill McEntee. After 8 hours of deliberation, the jury recommended the death penalty for Kevin Johnson who will be executed for killing McEntee in the Meacham Park neighborhood on July 5, 2005. Just a few days ago, three of his relatives pleaded guilty of tampering with a witness and were released from jail. They were among six men, including Johnson, accused of threatening or intimidating witnesses. And in unrelated verdict news, 15 years old Sherman Burnett got 60 years for raping a 6 year old girl.

Legendary football coach Bob Shannon retired after 31 years of coaching. In 31 years he coached first at East St. Louis High School. There, Shannon was the head coach from 1976-95. In those 19 seasons, the Flyers amassed a 195-31 record, with six IHSA state championships and two national titles. Shannon was also named the National Coach of the Year of three different occasions. He then went on to Alton and CBC where with his coaching skill, compiled a record of 259-91. YOURS TRULY can recall his hey day at east Side where I was a student in the 1980s. He was swell guy , a gentleman and called everyone a “good guy” (and it was easy to get an A in his gym class cause he was busy coaching football and never there for gym class. LOL) Now, my question is, whatever happened to that movie about Shannon that was suppose to film in the mid 1990s and Danny Glover to star as Shannon?......................... St. Louis was ranked as the second-most dangerous city in the U.S., according to a controversial annual publication According to the 14th annual “City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America” by Morgan Quitno Press released last Sunday. The Press is the same publication that put the STL as NO. 1 and the Mayor Francis Slay detesting and calling for the denouncement of the publication. Detroit came in No. 1 All I have to say is, to Hell with being No. 2 in killing with handguns, if we don’t watch it, we are going to kill each other with unsafe sex when the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that the STL ranked No.1 in clamydia and gonorrhea.........................The manager of the Gatweay to the Cure Foundation committed suicide who didn’t want to face the verdict stemming from federal charges he was facing in a fraud case connected to four raffles, including one in Kansas City, for his organization. Sengheiser was accused of using more than $300,000, reportedly from the sale of raffle tickets, for personal use. He said in court that he bought tickets to a raffle for the charity and won twice. But he said he never intended to win. The charity was founded in 1994 to raise money for spinal cord research. Sengheiser had been indicted on 22 counts of mail fraud involving raffles in Kansas City, St. Louis, Golden Eagle, Ill., and Orlando, Fla........................................Did yawl see the Mascoutah Middle School student who was suspended for hugging and her mom on the Today show? Via satellite from Mascoutah, the girl Megan Coulter amnd her mom talked to Today Show host Meredith Vierra about the suspension . Since the show, Coulter’s mom planned on bringing up the issue at the next School Board meeting.................................It was a trip indeed for the Detroit Red Wings hockey team and their plane. Their plane got stuck in the mud at St. Louis airport in Cahokia after their game with the St. Louis Blues. Reportedly, the right wheels crossed into the grass next to the tarmac, sank into the mud and became dislodged. I’m sure they didn’t want to prolong their stay here espsiaclliy after the Blues beat then 4-3.

Two women were ordained priests, Rose Marie Hudson and Elsie McGrath. This historic event, led by the Women’s Priest Movement, for the Catholic church in St. Louis took place in a Jewish synagogue. But the ordaining didn’t come without controversy as the Pope and the St. Louis Archbishop has threatened excommunication. I say, let women be priests. As we see what has been happening with the majority of males who have become priests and their rep these days and must we not forget that the Pope is in the Vatican where there is a bomb shelter? Hello?...........................................Former Fire Chief Sherman George was on Sunday Morning Live on Majic 104.9 talking about Veterans Day and his experience in Vietnam. In regards to the rallies and recall of Mayor Francis Slay demoting him he said that he was overwhelmed at the response. There was also a straw poll that went down to see if the STL would like to see George run for mayor, but in earlier reports, George did not want to seek public office......................................

Grammy Award winning rapper Nelly and Cleveland Cav’s Larry Hughes are building a fitness center in the STL . According to reports, Nelly and Hughes are teaming up to construct a fitness center in the Maryland Heights area at Page Avenue, near the Maryland Heights expressway. The athletic complex will be on 60 acres of farmland held by Nelly's development company, Nelly Inc. It will be managed by Christopher "Topher" Jones, who is managing partner of Nelly Inc. No word yet on when the blueprint will get started. In unrelated Nelly news, reported that Nelly could be apart of an extortionist plot. Rumor has it that a kingpen banger wanted 100 g’s from Nelly who wanted to film a flick in his territory. In lighter news, Nelly’s long awaited 5th CD, Brass Knuckles will be released in December. e reported last week that a 'kingpin banger' was allegedly trying to extort

In another month, McKinley Bridge will finally open. It was a dedication ceremony that took place on the bridge in Alton. The 97-year-old bridge was shut down six years ago when the Illinois Department of Transportation deemed it too dangerous for motorists

Shock jock Howard Stern was in the STL earlier this month when he toured the Science Center’s
controversial "Body Worlds 3" exhibit. Who knows why he was in town ( I did hear that he had relatives that lived in East St. Louis)., but I wonder if anyone screamed out “Bababooey!” when folk found out he was there? . Last week, YOURS TRULY was in security firearm training at Hamilton Security in O’Fallon, Ill. It was a three-day course where me and four other officers got the rule son firearm safety and on the third day went on the firing range in Trenton, Ill. I passed with flying colors………..Two African American have just bought out night spots in the Central west End area. They are Jeff Neely, who just bought Posh and St. Louis Alderwoman Marlene Davis who just bought Gene Lynn’s……Speaking of clubs, I heard that the former Zoe’s is now reopening as Pan Asian…………………

Congrats are also in store for three locals going good—rapper Young Spiffy (PICTURED LEFT) is featured in the December edition of VIBE Magazine. He has been named the No,.1 rapper from myspace onliners. He is cuzzins to platinum rapper Chingy. Also, aspiring model Fred Williams who can be seen in the local commercial for Lumiere Place playing a cop and he can be seen on the cover of the new romance novel, “If One Ain’t Enough” alongside Mr Romance reality show winner Randy Ritchwood. The book will be released in December and event coordinator Mocha latte was featured as one of the Positive Sisters on Lisa Rose’s blog dedicated to African American women on the move and Happy 30 B-day to fellow blogger Marquita Parker who did it up proper at Vito’ s with pizza and beer and the Loft last weekend!

IN THE MIA (MISSING IN ACTION) FILE. What ever happened to local poet Andrea Wren?

WORDS TO THE WHY’Z AT THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. Why didn’t Souljah Boy perform?.............Why was a member of Daughtry thanked singer Michael McDonald for their award and forgot to thank his wife until they went up again to receive an award?................Why did Celine Dion look uncomfortable in the impromtu sketch with Jimmy Kimmel and Kid Rock?....Why did Akon wanted to give his award to T-Pain?.......Why is Beyonce so late putting on her smile when the cameras are on her?.......Why did Beyonce’s camp think that the country version of her hit Irreplacebale with country act Sugarland was a good idea?......and why was Beyonce running off stage like a school girl and flinging her hair wither hand after she won the International Award of merit?...Why did Usher look lost on stage?...........Why did it seem like an American Idol reunion on stage (Kellie Pickler, Jordan Sparks, Carrie Underwood, and Daughtry)?........Why did singer Natahsa Bedingfield forget she had the envelope in her hand?...............Why did Justin Timberlake win Best Soul Album over Beyonce and R Kelly?........Why did it seem as though Simon LE Bon of Duran Duran has not aged since the 80s?..............Why did Rhianna put her hand over her mouth after Beyonce won her award?................ Why was Matthew Knowles looking stoned face when host Jimmy Kimmel said a joke to him about marrying Beyonce?............ Why was Solange Knowles presenting an award?.............And why was Chris Brown and Mel B sitting together?

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SoDiverse Prmotions and Pegasus Worldwide Presents Triente y Uno at the Modesto Tapas Bar and resturant, Wed. Nov. 21 located on the Hill(on the corner of Shaw and Edwards) also celebrate So Diverse member Jameela E’s B-day. 9 p.m. $5 ladies before 10;30 p.m. Fellas $5 before 10:30 p.m. with RSVP. Fo rmor einfo, 761-1285 a or to RSVP. $3 Patron shots and Drink Specials$5 Ladies before 10:30pm$5 Fellas before 10:30pm with RSVP ONLY.

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Funny Saturdays Comedy with Darius Bradford at the Plaza on Broadway.
Got Lyrics hosted by Mocha Latte’ every Wednesday night is back on track. Got Lyrics will be reintroduced at the new location, Van Goghz Martini Bar and Bistro, 3200 Shenandoah Ave. , from 7pm to 12am each week. Admission for the event is free before 8pm. After 8:00 the cost is minimal; $3.00 for poets and $5.00 for audienceMembers of the press are welcome and encouraged to attend opening night. Please contact Sharee Galvin at 314-646-9917 to be placed on the VIP list.
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Part 1: The Official Thanksgiving Night Bash
@ The Jazz Loft, Thursday. Nov. 22 and at 600 on Friday, Nov., 23
After you have ate all the Turkey and dressing come on out and celebrate your holiday with FreeTime. Hot 104.1's DJ Charlie Chan will be on the wheels.
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What is Thanksgiving without giving food to the hungry?

Come party with FreeTime Thanksgiving Friday at the newly renovated 609!! DJ Reminise will be holding down the music.

Proceeds to help benefit a local food pantry. Doors open at 9. Minimum donation $10. For VIP/Bottle service and more information

Trinity Full Gospel Ministries presents the stageplay, Thru the Eyes at the Trinity Child Development Auditorium, 8229 Broadway, Friday, November 23, 7:00PM - Sunday, November 25, 3:00PM Phone: 314-922-7160 Based on a true life story - Thru the Eyes experiences the days and life of Roz. With an abusive father and tormented mother, her faith in God has set her free from her past.Admission: $15 regular $25 VIP.

RFT Poll winning open mike venue Cafe Soul, Fri. Nov. 23 @ Lucas School House 1220 Allen at Gravois - Doors at 7PM / Show at 9PM! 10 dollars If you would like to perform or be a sponsor. For more info emailé

Platinum Group's 6th Annual "Have A Platinum Christmas" Networking Symposium **Saturday, December 1, 2007 *Lights On Broadway (located at 8344 N. Broadway) - all new location*7:30pm - 1:30am. *Live entertainment, delicious food, networking w/ area businesses and lots and lots of Christmas cheer! *Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. *(limited) VIP Tables, Booths and Sponsorship Packets are available *For more information please contact the Platinum Group, Inc. at 314-231-3500 or via email at

The Black Rep’s Popular “I Stand Alone” Solo Performance Series Returns

WHAT: The Black Rep’s I STAND ALONE solo theatre series returns this December with four original shows at The Black Rep’s Monsanto Center for Performing Arts Education, 1717 Olive Street, 4th Floor. All shows are at 7:00 p.m. Admission is $15 or $10 for Black Rep subscribers.
December 1 &15, 7:00 p.m. PSYCHOLOGY OF A GENIUS by Kelvin Roston Jr.
What does genius mean? A young Donny Hathaway searches for answers through the music he makes and the people he meets.
December 8 & 29, 7:00 p.m. A WORK IN PROGRESS: MY LIFE IN THE THEATRE By Anita Jackson. From St. Louis to New York, from Broadway to The Black Rep – Scenes, Songs and Remembrances from Anita Jackson, accompanied by Charles Creath.

WHERE: The Black Rep Monsanto Center for Performing Arts Education, 1717 Olive Street, 4th Floor

TICKETS: $15 and $10 for Black Rep Subscribers, for info please call (314) 534-3810.

The St. Louis Chapters of the Black Data Processing Association. National Association of Black Accountants, national Balck MBA Association and the National Society of Balck engineers prtesnt Holiday Soiree, Dec. 8 , 8 p.m. at Windows off Washington, 701 N. 15th St. -10th floor. Tickets $35. For more info call 314.241.5555 or

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ATL artist Dawn Mcclain who came through to the STlL earlier this year as a background singer with neo soul artist Darien Brockington at the Missouri History Museum (and turnt it out fo sho!) Well, she sent OUTTOWN an email about some videos she has done and she needs your opionion. She wrote:

As you may or may not already know, I’ve decided to finally start working on my album and become an artist. So I recently uploaded some of my video footage on YouTube. I’m sending you this link because I would like your honest opinion on a showcase I did in Denver, CO. It’s three different videos, including the live version of me performing Jill Scott’s hit “is it the way”,(Of course I’m doing it my way.) Love changes, (by Mothers finest) and my original “holding on”. Please check it out, tell me what you think, and if you want you can pass it on. Yes I’m trying to create a buzz, but I also want to improve so I can be the best artist that I can be in this business. To peep out the videos go to To hit her up go to

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STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. Itis
BIG TAH Presents...2 FlyTuesdays, The Main Ingredient, 3860 Chouteau. Play Spades- Dominoes-Shoot Pool- Throw Darts- Listen To Good Music- & Mingle. Come On Out Each & Every Tuesday- Make 2 Fly Tuesday's Your Tuesday Night Spot! 8p- 1a; 2-1 Drink Specials All Night; Ladies Free Unitl 10:30 ; $5 cover. For more info. contact Big Tah at

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Anonymous said...

have a happy thanksgiving! keep doing ya thing!

Anonymous said...

oh that was me, Lisa Rose, leaving the anonymous comment!! :)