Monday, November 26, 2007


Photos by Ma'atology and Jason Bailey Blood brothers and St. Lunatic members Kyjuan and bash host Murphy Lee along with Loose Cannon's Slim kick it it near the DJ booth at Dante's.

BELOW: Murphy Lee arriving to the party trying to get up to VIP. RIGHT: Murphy Lee also greets some of his admiring fans during the party which had over 500 folk!

Monopoly Productions' Mocha Latte with Murphy Lee in VIP.

What is Mocha Latte asking for?

The mike! On the left is 104.1's Metti Metti who spun on the 1s and 2s.

"Mocha Latte in the building! Monopoly Productions! Murphy Lee! It' goin down!"

RIGHT: Mocha passes the mike magic to Murph.

104.1's Young Dip on the mike

There's Nelly's bodyguard in the back Big B enjoyin the festivities. But wherre was Nelly?

Metti Metti and crew up at the Dj booth.

Therre's 3Way Production's Big Tah with two sista beauties.

It was a packed house up in therre. Model Osita O (in yellow shirt) even had time to look up for a pic.

There was plenty of secuirty up in therre, but it didnt stop some nuckle head smiths from fighting up in therre.

Folk mos def sweated out all the Turkey they consumed before coming through Dante's.

Before I hit Dante's I checked out Free Time's Thanksgiving Bash at the Loft across the street.

The FREE TIMErs(including Roy Robinson Jr, left; Adrian Saddler , third from left; Darryl Frierson fourth from left; and Allen Whitney fifth from left; posing for a pic in front of their banner. The event was a Two-fer. The first night was at the Loft, the other night was held at 609 Friday night. There, they asked patrons to donate either money or canned cgoods for the local food pantry .

One of the many photo slides projected on the screen advertsisting FREE Time's Thanksgiving event.

The FREE TIMe logo.

SYGU group members Mr. Rashad and Darryl Gillespie dropped by to celebrate with FREE TIME

Folk was gettin their party on up in therre.

Some of the early crowders gettin their party on.

Dj Charlie Chan had it locked on the 1s and 2s.

The crowd was more grown and sexy. They started packin in the Loft around midnite.

They partied and got their network on.


Mocha Latte sent me this pic of Comedian Bill Bellamy who came through to chill out at her popular event Sunday Night Shindig two Sundays ago after his show at Laughs on the Landing. I'm sure Mocha got the females hatin up in therre. LOL.

EVENT-VIEWZ and SPOTLIGHT. It was hard gettin out into the streets for Thanksgiving after eating turkey and all the trimmings my mother cooked for the fam, but I managed to get out. Before I hit the two parties above, I joined some friends to a bar that is dubbed The Black Cheers called Cozy UP located on Olive in Mid County in Univercity City east of I-170.
The moment I got up in therre, I felt a sense of home from the owner (Miss Cathy) to the cast of characters including an octogenarian named Mr. George who frequents this spot who tells off color jokes and caps off the nite doin his knuck-shuffle dance he likes to call, The Shrimpy. The jukebox spun all nite from the blues to Keyshia Cole and the drinks were kept from out of nowhere (They also had comp turkey for the clientele as well that was grilled to perfectionnnnnnnnnnnnn) .
I must say, I didnt want to leave the spot, but I had duty to check out the spots above. I was asked by Miss Cathy when will I frequent her establishment again and promised her it won't be long.
So when you get a chance, frequent this spot even if its just to check out the colorful characters and situations that go on there. You will definitely have something to tell your friends!

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