Monday, November 19, 2007


Comedian /actor Bill Bellamy turned it out at Laughs on the LAnding. He was at the spot last weekend and each show was sold out. Before he even said a joke, the women in the audience were cat calling and screaming.

Bellamy ran the gamut of topics from old school mammas, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, L.A. and making it rain in clubs.

YOURS TRULY was waiting for him to at least blurt his famous line, "Booty Call."

Second show host and LOL owner Dee Lee kept the crowd in sticthes.

Comedian Darius Bradford was the emcee for the first show on Saturday. He had the crowd rollin with his brand of STL street jokes.

STL comedian Matt Collins was doin the Soldier Boy and showin his thong! (You had to have been there!)

Lucky fans Sharnell Clark and Kenya Logan had a chance to meet Bellamy after his fist set. Bellamy told Clark that she looked exactly like his sister.

EVENT-VIEWZ. I peeped out comedian Bill Bellamy last Saturday who was performing at Laughs on the Landing over the weekend. From my understanding all three nights were sold out which I ma not surprsie casue he has been a popular comedian (especially with the ladies) since his debut more than 10 years ago on Def Comedy Jam.

I waited out in the lobby to go inside to check out the show as one of the assistants at Laughs was goign to escort me into the venue. As I was waiting, Bellamy and his manager (who looked like a Suge Knight type) and a couple of women walked right pass├ęd me mas they walked to the back to go backstage to prepare. Bellamy gave me a toothy grin and said, “Whassup.” I knew right then and there that he was a cool brother without the ego and it shows when he is on stage.

As he was arriving, U C Me radio personality and comedian Darius Bradford was on stage killing it (mainly talking aboyt grown folk and washing up) I was escorted by the assitant amd arrived inside, and every seat was filled, so I stayed in the back in the makeshift standing room only aera to take note son the show.

As I walked in, Bradford then intro’d STL comedian Matt Collins, who is a cool fat white boy comic who Ive seen before at Laughs. He had the majority black audience in stitches from hiss intro doing the Solider Boy to gyrating and lip synching to Guy’s “Smile” to an unvolunteering lady in the crowd, then sticking his ARSE out to the crowd exposing teh top of a HUUUGE thong. TMP!

Then Bradford into'd the man of the hour who walked on stage as the aldies screamed and woof called. He talked about an array of subjects, but the two that stuck was when he realized OJ Simpson was old when the tape that showed him and his crew bursting into the hotel after he found out someone had his memorabilia and sai dto teh guy, "Gimme back my stuff, SUCKER!." and when he talked about his going to the ATL to the popular strip club Magic City and seeing how the playas make it rain there and when female stripper asked him, "What are you gonna do baby?" and he said to her, "Help uou pick up this money."

Overall his hour set was animated and very funny. I can see why he is a vet and a mainstay in the comedy biz.

After his first set, I met him along with his two best fans (who are pictured above) and while he was greeting them, he turned around, shook my hand and asked me, "So who is this mystery man?" (I had on my shades looking very Secret Service like) And I said, "I am the one and only journalist Ma'at here in the St Louis area." After that he was whisked off backstage for his second set.

After Laughs, I was prepared to go to Steve Lacy's party at F15teen, but I drove through there and saw that there was a line, so I decdied notto go and drove to Busch Groves in Ladue to meet up with some friends. After that, I drove to the hot dog stand next to 609 to get me a beef frank with all the fixins and as I was parking and walked toward the cart, I saw that there was a party letting out at 609 and socialite Jamie Spencer said to me as he walked across the street, "You missed it, everyone no wis goingto AJ's. Go to AJ's."

You know what I did? I looked at my watch, it was going on close to 2 in the morning and I decided to just roll to the crib and crash.


Last Friday, before I checked out Steven Jackson's party at Mandarin, I checked out Stress Free Fridays at the new spot SOL located on Lindell next to the Phillips 66 on Lindell and Boyle. This was a very nice establishment that you can lose the fact that you were in St. Louis. It has thre stories of stuff--the bar and VIP lounge on the 1st floor, sitting room on the second floor and a game room on the third. The SFF crowd was a bit light when I got there (but I heard it picked up after I left) but the atmosphere is definitely elegant and sexy. Picture Coffee Cartel meets the Loft and you got Sol.

I left Sol so I could get to St. Louis Ram Steven Jackson's party for Mandarin's one-year anniversary party which was invite only. I got therre close to 9 ish cause the VIP list was about to close at that time cause of the overcapacity potential of the party. From the invite, those that were unable to be accomodated at Mandarin would receive a free drink ticket that can be used at Pepper Lounge or Nectar until 1am that same nite.

Well, I arrived on time and when I got a parking space and walked up to the spoit, I was asked by the party coordinator SYNERGY if I had my camera casue I was asked beforehand not to bring it cause of other photograohers who were scheduled to take pics. I told the coordinators I was cameraless. So I was more of a spectataor than a journalist that night--sorta.

It was already gettin packed up in Mandarin when I got up in there. As the night progressed, folk started tricklin in like subzero weather to the room with heat.

DJ Deception was more like the dee-jay for a mixed crowd (picture MOVIN 101.1.) he played err thing from "Soulja Boy" to mashups of rock and hip and hop to Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." It was mos def a rainbow of selections.

The man of the hour, Steven Jackson showed up close to midnite in street gear and planted himself in VIP. He did some light dancing (I'm sure he didnt wanna brusie that back again) but mostly sat on the sofa with his crew as the alcohol bottles kept flowing to and from his table.

An interseting tidbit was the restroom set up. The women and men's bathrooms share the same vanity as the water constantly flowed down under the mirror in an open space that looked like a small waterfall. It was kind of cool yet creepy to look at hands from the other side washing their hands along with us!

Other Rams in the house were Orlando Pace and Torrie Holt (I'm sure there were others but I couldnt recall their names) Other VIPers were Rocky Arceneaux, Mike Roberts Jr, the Posts's Kevin Johnson, Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevenson, Miss Colbert (The late Lisa Colbert's sister), Tiffani Blackmoore(alright with your booti dancin. LOL) , Gina Wynn, Mo and Maranda Witherspoon, SYGU, and Keith Harris.


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