Monday, November 26, 2007


Photos by Ma'atology ABOVE: Host and event-co-creator Coca Soul greeting the crowd for the Cafe Soul event. She announced to the crowd that she was blessed to be standing at the mike. On Thankgiving morning she was involved in a car accident involving a drunk driver which totalled her car.

DJ Nappy Needles was on the 1s and 2s for the upstairs portion of Cafe Soul where the one mike staging was held.

Therre's Freeman Bosley Junior Show's Nicci Roach with her aunt, Marla Roach enjoyin the festivities. Nicci did something different this go round at the event as you will see in a pic down below!

First up was singer Meshaii

Ms. Teresa toe it up with her version of the song, "Go to Hell, baby."

Cafe Soul star CJ performed a dazzling version of "My Funny Valentine."

Poet Bobby Williams shocked the crowd with his poem ode to the sistas.

Cafe Soul regular Jamie Spencer performed; "Knocks Me off my Feet."

The featured singer was Chi-town's Dahvid.

Coco Soul did an impromptu of 'Call Tyrone" as CJ and STL singer Silky Soul sang background vocals. Soul and Soul also perfomred Angie Stone and Betty Wright's"Baby" later on in the show.

The crowd showed its appreciation of Soul's impromptu performance.

Silky Soul got on the mike and perofmed, "Happy Feelings" with lots of sistergirl style comementary on love and sex as Nicci Roach participated as one of the background singers.

Coco Soul and Cafe Soul co-creator Nichol Stevnson in an engaging photo.

Poet/singer Robert Dillard and guitarist Sheila Frazer stole the show with his version of the rap song, "Back that Ass up." His harnonica breakdown KILT!

STL-TV's Ivy Hartmann and Gilberto Pinella and St. Louis Post Dispatch fashion editor Debra Bass chillin downstairs on the party section of Cafe Soul.

Cafe Soul guitarist Wild man with entertainment consultant Vanita Applebum.

The Social Net Crew. Ms Lia of So Diverse, Rashad of SYGU and Shai of Pegasus chillin downstairs in the party area. DJ Enoch had it spinnin for the party folk..

Coco Soul wished Becky Blue (middle smiling) a Happy B-Day as the crowd chimed in.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blue.

Lamar Harris jammed out on his trumpet for the crowd.

Surprise act Nikko Smith sang "Bump and Grind."

Mo Tre was the final act of a great nite of singing and poetry.

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