Monday, July 07, 2008

OUT 438--LME and SYGU present "FOR THE PEOPLE @ F15TEEN--July 3

Photos by Ma'atology /ABOVE PIC by B. Free Paparazzi

CENTER PIC: Miss Brittany got kissy kissy with YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins at the event. ABOVE LEFT: SYGU's Eddie Hollman, Darryl Gillespie and Rhashad Whittier ABOVE RIGHT: Gillespie and LME's Otto Nichols

ABOVE LEFT: LME's Tim Slater, Mr. Chad
and Stress Free Friday's MarkAnthony Jones

ABOVE RIGHT: DJ Reminise was on the 1s and 2s.

Two-thirds of Soul Stylz were there: Ms. Treanna and Jamie Spencer

Hollman and Calvin Nelson

Michelle Ribinsion, Kwame Ofari, Dafne Moore, Jones and Deanna Carroll

Hollman greeting one of their supporters with a squishy.

FREE TIME's Roy Robinson musta chimed in on Hollamn's squishy cuz he so-signed it by their splitting digits on the cell. LOL.

....As he got his EYES on the next digits. LOL

Therre's Swagger Jones Corey Cleere and Miss Tifanee

Some Cards fan dropped by.

Miss Tifanne and Miss Susan

So Diverse's Lia Cleere and Jameelah E. all squished with Mr. Teddy of B. Free Paparazzi.

Therre's STL rapper Kello (right) with his boy Neal

.....As well as Kello's Kanye West sweater jacket.

Folk were chillin outside on the balcony.

Balcony people

More balcony people





At midnite folk were still packin up in therre til the point where the F15een crew had to open up the 2nd floor for the overflow!

The second floor.

The dee-jay booth. Lovin the mirror!

The dee-jay who was spinnin upstairs (We didnt catch his name. Oops!)

Miss Lagina was in the house gettin her party on (And we are loving the sleek and sexy light blue dress too!)

..........................And so did Mr. Cleere. LOL

Miss Rachel (right) greeted cheerfully one of her friends at the party.

Folk had a great time up in therre and the sista holdin up the glass was mos def an indication of that!

However, with the sista in the middle of this pic we dont know if she had too much octane or was just bored. Hmmm.

The crowd on the second floor.


EVENT VIEWZ. This was the most packed out Pre-4th of July party we have attended in awhile. It had to have been close to a 1000 folk who attended this event. This event was yet another crowd success for SYGU (with LME as promoter supporters) following their TEESE event in May at Old Rockhouse . FYI, we didnt know that the club had a third and fourth floors (the latter floor for VIP folk), which we hear also had a few folk up there as well.

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