Monday, July 14, 2008


Photos by Lance Omar Thurman
CENTER PIC: The Center and the lighting of the name of the shop. RIGHT: The Ice Sculpture BELOW: The light fixture of the name of the shop and butterfly.

RIGHT: Foxy 95.5's Niecey, who helped on the gift bag giveaways and her friends.

ABOVE LEFT: 104.1's Dj Soundz, who dee-jayed the event with Niecy. RIGHT: Ms. Katina(far right) assisted in the producing of the event
and her friends.

DJ Soundz was gettin prepared.

We pulled up in a Hummer limo

The scene was we walk out of the limo and walk into the center to perform our choreographed routine.

Us in walking mode.

Us in the Center

Ma'at, Levi and Fred began the routine.

Ma'at and Fred walked to the podium for our mannequin mode.

The rest of the models doin their thang.

Work it!

Flashing lights diva

Us in pose mode.

Ms. Joyce worked the floor in her Geisha attire.

Joyce and the models.

The tatoo artists. And yes, that is an alligator bruh man was holding.

Ma'at and models in still body couture

Pose Mode.

Joyce, the tattoo artists and models

Folk clapped for Jessica Dana (third from left)who made up the models. She later said she had tears of joy of her work.

Tia B. in diva pose.

Fred in warrior stillness.

Ma'at be still.

Ma'at and his beard.

The crowd took our pics. The sistah who took my pic wanted him to show more than his sword!

Fred in attack mode.

Socialite Ms. Loretta (whose sister is Ms. Joyce) took pics.

Dana was all smiles that nite.

The models were a hit with the crowd.

Ma'at raised the sword.

Keke on the platform.

Ms. Loretta and Ma'at

Ms. Joyce on the pedestal working it.

Ma'at intense


A pic of the models and crew.

Levi and his newfound fans.

Dana and her helpers.

The cake.

The tatt artist and his date--the alligator.

Levi and Joyce

Meesha and Ma'at


Niecey calling out names for gift bags.

Party time!

Party over here.

Gettin on the flo'!

The Foxy booth and crew.

Fred was preparing to use his sword.

Pose vogue.

Joyce, Loretta, Fred and Tia B.

Joyce was having a good time posing with Fred.

....and his legs!

Ma'at got some love, too.

Joyce got on the floor to celebrate her b-day. She later opened the bar in the Center for the models to get our party on after the show.

Step one, step two, steppin out!

Posing picture perfect

The tattoo artists and Joyce do cheers to the cam.

Joyce and more tattoo artists.

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