Monday, July 14, 2008


Photos by Ma'atology
RIGHT: STL Fitness model Fred Williams and YOURS TRULY Ma'at Atkins backstage before the awards ceremony.

The crowd buying products in the lobby.
BOTTOM RIGHT: H&C Fitness' Keith Hunter at the podium welcoming the crowd to the show RIGHT: Hunter posed with Erica Brooks children, Shay and Gabriel.

Show host was professional ring announcer Peter Vaccaro.

LEFT: Crowd fave Daphne Mills of Edwardsville, Ill. RIGHT: Elijah Lewis of Belleville and Guzel Davis of Fairview Heights.

Teen model Matthew Grimes and Marchelle Bettis, both of the STL.

STL trainer Deanthony Moore and Glen Carbon's Ebong Stancil.

STL's James Dalton III and Williams crabbin.

Michael Walton and Steven Lacy of the STL.

All 60 plus contestants on stage.

Singer Tiffany Gilkey-Chears sang the National Anthem to open the show and "I am Changing" from Dreamgirls after intermission.

Hunter with Beginner Figure winners Daphne Mills (FIRST PLACE), and Davis (SECOND PLACE)

Mills' daughter walked on stage to congratulate her mother who also won FIRST PLACE TROPHIES in the Novice Figure Short, Open Womens Bodybuilding and Open Figure Short categories

Bettis won A FIRST PLACE TROPHY in the Masters Figure 40+. She also won trophies in Novice Figure Short (THIRD PLACE), Open Figure Short (FOURTH PLACE) and Mixed Pairs (SECOND PLACE) categories.

Hunter with award winner Mandy McCall who won FIRST PLACE TROPHIES in the Novice Figure Tall, Open Figure Tall, and Overall Novice Figure categories.

Teen model Grimes blew the crowd away of his youth (16 years old) and his body build. he won FIRST PLACE TROPHIES in Teen Mens Bodybuilding and SECOND PLACE in Novice Mens Bodybuilding Tall.

Williams and Bettis won SECOND PLACE in Mixed Pairs.

Brother and sister team Jacque and Guzel Davis won FIRST PLACE in Mixed Pairs.

Lionel Lang of Florissant won FIRST PLACE TROPHY in the Submasters Men Bodybuilding 35-44 Category.

Chalres Bruce of Manchester won FIRST PLACE TROPHIES in Masters Mens Bodybuilding 45-54, Open Mens Bodybuilding 40+ and THIRD PLACE in Open Mens Bodybuilding categories.

Cancer survivor Mary Seager with her trainer Hunter presented the Mary Seager Award to Goldys Gym founder Jay Demato.

Winners Davis and Mills.

Along with his SECOND PLACE TROPHY with Bettis in the Mixed Pairs , Williams won FIRST PLACE in Novice Mens Bodybuilding Short, and SECOND PLACE TROPHIES in the Novie Men Overall and Open mens Bodybuilding Short categories.

Williams backstage with his FIRST PLACE TROPHY for Novice Mens Bodybuilding Short

Moore gave one of the evenings most sentimental routines as he dedicated his emotional performance to his mother who was diagnosed recently with terminal brain cancer.

Arnold, Mo.'s Okechukwu Egungwu, who was trained by Hunter, won several awards. They were Novice Mens Bodybuilding Tall (FIRST PLACE), and Novice Mens Overall (FIRST PLACE).

THE nail biter moment of the evening categories was the Novice men Overall where the judges had Williams and his toughest competition, Egungwu flex down because it was too close to call. Egungwu eventually won the FIRST PLACE TROPHY.

Hunter with Egungwu who received the Novice Men Overall Award---a sword and jacket.

Egungwu and Hunter backstage after winning the award..

A backstage shot of Mr. Davis doing his routine on stage during the Open Mens Bodybuilding Tall cateogory.

The Top Five winners in the Open Mens Bodybuilding Tall were from left: Bruce, Egungwu, Wilks, Davis and Lewis.

Wilks won the FIRST PLACE TROPHY as well as FIRST PLACE in the Mens Open Overall cateogory.

Wilks in a pose down with Joshua Kimbrow of Cahokia , Ill. during the Open Mens Overall category. Wilks eventually won.

After the show the judges and H&C posed for a picture. From left: L.T. Faison, Dr. Anthony Miller, Troy Cooper (of H&C), Vaccaro, Hunter, Becky Arnold (head judge), John Arnold and David Yeates.

The after party was at
Maurizio's Pizza & Sports Cafe.


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