Monday, July 14, 2008


Photos by Lance Omar Thurman

ABOVE PIC: YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins got painted and costumed by body art stylist Jessica Dana. He was a Samurai warrior for the shop's Body show that was going to be held at Polish Heritage Center later that night. ABOVE LEFT: Dana and her mom gettin' Ma'at together. RIGHT: Tia B as a Senior Geisha.

LEFT: Miss Keke

Tia and Taysha

Dana styled Levi in the show.

YOURS TRULY all Samuraied up.

Ma'at Li, The Mononofu

Dana's helpers fixed all the models in Asian makeup including Ms. Joyce.

STL fitness model Fred Williams was gettin his costume together.

Ma'at was in meditation mode.

Levi got fitted with the Samurai hat.

Dana added finishing touches to Ma'at's body art.

Levi in complete regalia.

Fred was almost there with his costume.

Ma'at and his sword.

Another shot of Ma'at.

Ma'at was ready for Kill Bill Part 3.

Miss Meesha in butterflies and makeup.

Ke ke

Dana's helpers got Fred's makeup together.

The salon and the models.

Dana's mom and Fred.

A long shot of us. Hmm, looked like Meesha was chekin out Ma'at during his Samurai action!

Tia B. got finishing touches some of her body art.

Ke ke and Taysha


Levi Shi and Ma'at Mononofu

Ma'at was clownin around with Urban Expressions owner Ms. Joyce. Come to find out they both were Cancers and that day was her b-day.

Dana's mom was gettin Fred Musha together.

Joyce got some finishing touches.

The model were gettin prepped.

Ma'at and Fred were practicing their sword moves for the opening for the show.

Joyce Maiko in Geisha mode.

Dana checked and see if any of the models needed a few added touches before boarding up in the limo to the event.

Meesha ooh lala!

Joyce and her innocence.

The Geisha girls.

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