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Photos by Ma'atology CENTER: The tee-shirt of the event.

The women were first in the preliminaries, one was Guzel Davis of Fairview Heights (below center) who competed in Beginner Figures, NoviceFigure Tall., Open Figure Tall, Mixed Pairs, and Novice Womens Bodybuilding . RIGHT: All eight female contestants in the Beginner Figures.

RIGHT: Davis had a slight health scare on stage when she passed out from dehydration. The paramedics were called but she continued on in the competition.

The next set of women who competed were in the Novice Figure Short category.

RIGHT: One of the competitors was Marchelle Bettis (first on left)

Grace and beauty.

Marchelle of the STL was trained by STL fitness model Fred Williams.

H&C Total Fitness' Keith Hunter seen here talking with head judge Becky Arnold. Hunter's company along with the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation produced the show.

The women backstage preparing for the show.

Davis during her routine.

The judges which included LT Faison, Dr. Anthony Miller and Arnold.

Audience members in the crowd cheering on contestant Jamie Simshauser.

Marchelle in routine mode.

Marchelle was in top form.

Marchelle on stage.

Teens Matt Linnemann of Waterloo, Ill. and Matthew Grimes of the STL competed in the Teen Mens. (It was pretty obvious who was going to win here!)

Brother and sister team Jacque and Guzel Davis competed in the Mixed Pairs Category.

Fred Williams also competed in Mixed Pairs with his temmate Marchelle Bettis (Check out Willaims toes. Hilarious!).

The Mixed Team competitors.

Williams, Bettis, and the Davises

Willimas, Bettis and Davis showing those wrinkles in their lats.

Williams, Bettis, and the Davises flexing the guns.

Williams and Bettis in synch with tricep flex.

Williams and Bettis in chest flex.

Williams flexing the abs.

The Mixed Team was crabbing at the end!

Williams and Bettis in side pose.

Mixed Team Elizabeth Young of Ozark, Mo. and Donald High of Noel, Mo. had a magic act routine.

The Davises did a hip-hop dance routine .

Williams and Bettis had a sensual routine that wowed the crowd.

They were on point.

The Submasters Mens Bodybuilding 35-44 competitors.

Two of the Submasters Mens 35-44 Category were STL Attorney Michael Walton and STL Barber Steven Lacy.

Steven Lacy

Michael Walton

The Masters Mens Bodybuilding 45-54 Competitors

One of the Masters Mens 45-54 was Paul Williams Sr. from Jackson, Mo.

As well as Charles Bruce who was Manchester, Mo.

Grand Masters Mens Bodybuilding 55+ Competitors were Dan Nobel of Kirkwood and Terry Wolz of Eureka, Mo.

The board of competitors downstairs in the dressing room area.

Hunter in the crowd watching the show.

The Novice Mens Bodybuilding Short Competitors

The Novice Mens Short Competitors included Ebong Stancil of Glen Carbon, Williams and Richard Thomas of the STL.

Williams was in flex mode.

Muscle on top of muscle!

And those lats!

Williams crabbin out!

One of the toughest cateogories was Novice Mens Bodybuilding Tall. Three of them included Okechkwu Egungwu of Arnold, Mo., teen Grimes and STL Bally trainer, Deanthony Moore.

Other competitors also included was Marcus Booker, of Scott Airforce base (first on left).

All of the Novice Mens Bodybuildng Tall contestants.

Baker, Grimes and Egungwu crabbin out.

Moore competed for sentimental reasons (which will be discussed on post OUT 445)

Compeitors in the Novice Mens Bodybuilding Short

Williams was in the Novice Short contest.

And crabbin out!

Competitors in the Open Mens Bodybuilding Tall

Egungwau, Davis and Elijah Lewis of Belleville were some of the competitors in Open Mens Bodybuilding Tall .

Former bodybuilder/freelance photohrapher Erica Brooks with her son Gabriel at the show.

All the competitors in the Open Mens bodybuilding Tall.

Some of the bodybuilders posed with Keith Hunter after the prelims. They included from left: Guzel Davis, Jacque Davis, Okechukwu Egungwu, Hunter, Elijah Lewis and Daphne Mills of Edwarsdville, Ill.

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