Monday, July 07, 2008

OUT 439--DERRTY ENT/UC ME/LOOSE CANNONpresent RED, WHITE AND BLUE PARTY at Best Damn Fridays Period at SKYBOX at July 4

Photos by King Yella Loose Cannon's S.L.I.M. aka Wellz Fargo and UC ME's Kyjuan(derful) were chillin up at the Skybox
UC Me's Muphy Derrty up in the dee-jay booth

Wellz Fargo addressed the packed crowd as Best Damn Fridays host Mocha Latte pointed to the cam.

East St. Louis pro b-baller/Skybox co-owner Darius Miles (second from left) and Skybox co-owner Nelly came through. DJ Quinn (fourth form left) was the dee-jay for the poeple who were partying outside.

Inside DJ was Trife Trizzel who posed with Outside Dj Quinn

The Infamous DJ Quinn did what he did best for the VIPs and Gen Pub.

It was wall to wall packed!

As well as outside of the Skybox!

"Where My Party People At?"

. ...Everywhere!

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