Monday, January 05, 2009

OUT 525--OUT ON THE TOWN pt. 1(SFF at Exo Dec. 12; Platinum Group Party at LIGHTS on BROADWAY Dec. 13)

Photos by Ma'atology

AT SFF At EXO: Stress Free Fridays' (SFF) Mario Wayne, a winning patron, Soul Stylz' Miss Carletta and Stress Free Friday's MarkAnthony Jones take a flick at Exo. SFF teamed up with Soul Stylz for its weekly Stress free Fridays events over the holidays.

RIGHT: Exo co-owner Fred Finley BELOW: FreeTime's Roy Robinson and socialite Miss Erin attended.

Precision's Jerrod Jones came through SFF.

Jeff Hardin and his band performed at the SFF event.

Beige World's David Burnett (left) with Keith Robinson and his brother Dan Burnett at SFF.


Platinum Group's Jacque and Leata Land

Ho-ho-ho. It's Soul Santa and his holiday friends!

The Lands addresses the crowd who attended.

Jacque with his step-son rapper Chip "Space" Price.

STL Singer/actress Anita Jackson (center) entertained the crowd during the dinner hour.

Folks grubbin down!

The New Millennium Group's Ron Gregory, brother of the famed comedian Dick Gregory, addressed the crowd about his group's upcoming Inaugural Ball at Lights on Broadway Jan 20.

Folk gettin their groove on.

...............and on, and on!

DJ Baby O had it poppin old school on the 1s and 2s.

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