Monday, January 12, 2009

OUT 532--GOOD PEOPLE ENT.& CLOSE TO FAMOUS presents weekly open mic event THE GRAY AREA at F15TEEN

Photos by Ma'atology

RIGHT: Host Renell Parker aka Mr. Random Thought addresses the crowd. Every week the poet host gives the crowd a catchphrase to respond with after each presenter. Last week's was "Shelack Clack."

LEFT: First up was comedian Tehir Moore (The skipping joke was hilarious!)

RIGHT: Some of the crowd listening. In the crowd was STL model Sarah Bryant (in red).

LEFT: Next up was poet Jason Nichols who brought it with some brain food on black family. The DJ in the background was Clarence Jones

RIGHT: Newbie poet Jameel read poignant pieces "Truth in Traffic" and "Single Searcher"

LEFT: STL comedian Javon Bibbs cracked the crowd up with jokes about the Inauguration, Danny Glover, and no missed calls on cellphones. He also mentioned to the crowd that he will be opening up for comedian Tommy Davidson next month.

RIGHT: Comedian Jay Lee killed it with his famous "Do She?" jokes, section 8 mothers, and shopping at Wal-mart high on weed.

LEFT: Poet Cerise Cohee spat the relevant pieces, "My Peace to the White House" and her signature piece, "Inseparable Woman."

RIGHT:: Conscious poet Malik Parker spoke on the community with the inner city youth piece, "Time Keeps On Slippin" among others.

Host Random Thought got the crowd's attention speakin his words startin from the back of the room.

He was on fire with his preacher style approach.

Co-creator of the event Good People Entertainment's Jerrod Jones thanked the crowd for attending the event.

Jones brought up Random Thought's sis who surprised him with a b-day cake to celebrate his b-day he was celebrated that nite.

The cake was shaped in the form of Random Thought's book.

Event creator Triky of Close to Famous (right) talks it up with comedian Javon Bibbs (left) and STL fashion designer Chris Dinkins.

The crowd at the event networking.

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