Monday, January 26, 2009


YOURS TRULY (right) chillin with the VIPs: SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier, guest, and Stress Free Fridays Markanthony Jones. Check out below who else was at this hot party!

Photos by Ma'atology and Kenya Vaughn of the St. Louis American (above pic)

FREE TIME's Daryl Frierson, Roy Robinson and Adrian Saddler

Saddler and Stress Free Friday's MarkAnthony Jones

NEXT TWO PICS: Saddler and Frierson with their FREETIME crew and female patrons.

STL designer Craig Minter hammin it up with some of the female attendees.

DJ Sinnimin was on the 1s and 2s.

XM2 Photographer Maurice Young and his XM 2 assistants: Kendra (left) and Eva.

Socialites Ken Joshway and Deanna Carroll

A handsome couple up in VIP at the event.

Friends Chris and Andrew chillin in VIP.

Attendees gettin' VIP bracelets.

Folk comin in from the cold to get their network on.

A long shot of the VIP area.

The crowd

Mo crowd

NOTE: Overall this event was your typical network and party. But it was Packed. Packed. Packed. One of the highlights of the note was seeing FREETIME member Roy Robinson answer the Que Dog call when Sinnimin played, "Atomic Dog" and he and several others who are Omega Psi Phi created a cipher on the dance floor and did their steppin routine. And, YOURS TRULY, gettin low with the Stanky Leg dance. LOL. Also, Mike Shannons has to do something with that circle-shaped concrete island where one of the poles was on top of. Two people fell face first. They were OK, but it was quite embarrasing, not to mention, a lawsuit could ensue. Anyway, others in the house were Fox 2 Sports personality Rob Desir, Mark Wilson, Good People's Jerrod Jones, Close to Famous' Triky, Power Stilleto's Sheraine Gilliam, 100 Black Men's John Haigler (who was cuttin a rug up in there!), Stephanie Walker, event promoter Walter Deuce, and MPAC's Mo Spoon.

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