Thursday, January 22, 2009

OUT 540--St. Louis African American Caucus Foundation and the Young Democrats of St. Louis present INAUGURAL BALL at CITY HALL Jan 30, 2009

Photos by Ma'atology The VIP crowd at the center of the stairwell where there was a huge poster of Obama.

LEFT: Reception entertainment was provided by Sheryl Brown

RIGHT: The VIPers arriving to the party.

LEFT and BOTTOM: Attendees walked across a Blue Carpet and received applause and cheers from the "planted" fans. LOL

LEFT: More VIPers arriving and receiving applause. RIGHT: Power Stilettos' Daraisha Cosby and Miss Nikki

Culturalist Margie Hollins (right) and her daughter.

A long shot from upstairs of the lower area of the event.

DIVA Event Planning's Gina James and State Rep Charles Quincy Troupe.
Diva Planning help to coordinate the event.

During the reception, a rebroadcast of the Inauguration was shown. Also, STL-TV broadcast the event live.

More VIPers comin' to the event.

Newly-appointed St.Louis Police Chief Daniel Isom.

More VIPers arriving.

Tim Persons and his wife, El.

WHHL 104.1 personalities Jamie B. and Boogie D.

St. Louis Alderman Greg Carter and wife.

VIPers on the Blue Carpet as Troupe looks on.

These VIPers strolled down the Blue Carpet. LOL.

The Ice Tea Stand also was dressed for the occasion!

Radio One GM Michael Douglass at one of the bartender stands issuing free drinks to the VIPers.

The VIPers gettin their eat on

Bon Appetit!

Another long shot of the lower area of City Hall.

More diners.

And more diners.

Diva Event Planning's Michelle Thomas

One of the speakers at the Ball was Alderman Terry Kennedy

The co-hosts of the evening was Missouri Historical Society's Charlotte Otley and KMOV personality Larry Conners with his arm, in a sling after his recent shoulder surgery and sans his hairpiece!

Kenendy, Ottley and Conners in prayer

The prayer was administered by Bishop Robert Givens

A high angle shot of the second floor of City Hall and its decorated Obama posters.

Givens, Kennedy, Ottley, Conners and guest pose for a picture for OUTCAM.

The guests get served.

David Carroll and his lady, Reena Hajat.

One of the framed placards that were set on each table.

Entertainment was provided by singer/keyboardist Jeremiah Allen.

....and singer/actress Anita Jackson

Anita Jackson and the band.

Young Democrat Patrick Brown

The sax player in the band

VIPers hangin by the railing.

Conners speaking as folk watched on.

Sisters Connie B and Aloha sang "Lift Every Voice and Sing."

STL Alderman Sam Moore sang, "The Star Spangled Banner."

The dignitaries pose for a pic...kinda. LOL

The highlight was seeing Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. cut a rug!

Gettin' down!

And gettin down!

Singer/actress Denise Thimes.

A lower angle shot of the partiers.

A longer angle shot of the band.

The best dressed of the nite: Connie B and Aloha.

Partiers doin the Cha-Cha Slide.

In slow and fast speed!

Bosley Sr. dancin' with his lovely daighters.

Err one was up in therre gettin their Obama party on!

NOTE: Overall the event was an elegant affair. Free food and drink all nite, live Tv coverage from STL -TV and STL political leaders, diginitaries and socialites all in one room. Others who attended were STL-TV Robyn Boyce (who is now sportin' a dark black color hairdo these days), Maurice Dunlap, Renaud Lucas, and Nubia Cafe's Henry Iwenofu to name a few.

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