Monday, January 12, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology

RIGHT: Event host Monopoly's Mocha Latte with 100.3 The Beat radio personality DJ Quinn in the DJ booth area.
LEFT: Mocha in her famous mike stance.

RIGHT: Mocha and her road girlz: Nae, Coco and Tasha BELOW: Mocha with guests Brandon Williams, Felicia D Angelo, Reese and Sheena J.

RIGHT: As you see, the VIP area was packed. In the crowd was St. Louis American entertainment editor Bill Beene (center).

LEFT: Nae and Coco hobnobbin with some girlfriends in VIP

Mocha lookin out downstairs where it was jammed with folk.

A member of Keyshia Cole's staff up in VIP.

The Greedy Genius Boyz up in VIP.

If you look closely, you can see Gorilla Zoe (in white cap) who was the first to come through and hyped up the crowd rappin to his joints, "Hood Figga" and "Lost."

Mocha and STL star photographer King Yella up in the DJ booth.

Video Vault TV interviewed East St. Louis native Memphis Grizzlies star Darrius Miles.

Video Vault interviewed host Mocha Latte for their show.

Event coordinator S.L.I.M. aka Wellz Fargo of Loosecannon rappin biz with Mocha during the event.

Nelly's manager T-Luv talkin with a VIP-er.

Keyshia Cole (background) and Keri Hilson (foreground)up in the V-VIP area. Cole first addressed the crowd from downstairs where she thanked the crowd for supporting and sang a few bars, then chillD up in VIP.

Cole and Hilson chat it up for a minute up in V-VIP as the bodyguard looked on.

Hilson was very friendly and photo ready for the crowd. She even busted a few dance moves and did the Stanky Leg!

Hilson gives Latte a friendly sista hug up in VIP.

S.L.I.M. takin care of biz we see.

"Can I take your picture, Miss Hilson?"

Cole was not as energetic and hospitable to the VIP crowd as Zoe and Hilson was. After a few pics with selected media, she was whisked of fin a corner in VIP where she remained.

This was the best pic we could get of the Grammy nominted budding superstar.

One of the Greedy Genius Boyz checkin to see if Keri Hilson was really real! LOL

Hmm, wonda what Hilson and Latte were talkin about?

STL promoter Abe Givins (center) of Home Grown Entertainment came through for the afterparty.

BELOW: WHHL 104.1 radio personality Young Dip (left) also came through.
NOTE: We hear that close to 1,000 folk jammed the three floors for this event. Also in attendance were STL rappers Chingy and Murphy Lee.

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