Monday, February 02, 2009


by Ma'atology

THE POSTERS publicizing the Big Game.

FREETIME's Roy Robinson and Daryl Frierson.

Major Brands' Tre Williams and his Major Brands assistants. Heineken sponsored the event.

The Posts' Kevin Johnson and and Debra Bass came through to the event.

RIGHT: DJ Reminise had it goin on the 1s and 2s during intermission and after the game. LEFT BELOW: Exo's head chef Will J in the back of the club boilin them crab legs, the hit of the evening.

Folk gettin their grub on of free spicy wings, corn and crablegs.

Folk in line to eat.

This section of game watchers near one of the plasma screens.

Another section of watchers.

Another section of watchers.

NOTE: This was a fun event. about 200 came through throughout the Big game. Mixed gender. But our only thing was folk got greedy with the crab legs HOARDING the crab legs, two plates full (We aint gonna mention no names but yawl know who you were. LOL ) But it was still cool especially watching Stlonfire photographer Kevin Jordan (we didn't know Major Brands assistant Kim Jordan was your sis-- DAAAAAAAAAAAAM) jump up and down and running throughout the venue when the Arizona Cards made some yards or a touchdown (but the excitement turned to somberness in the 4th during the last 30 seconds of the game. LOL)

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