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OUT 549--SOUL U presents SOUL STAGE at HOUSE OF COMEDY Feb. 4, 2009

Photos by Ma'atology

Soulstage creator/ poet Xplicit welcomed the crowd to the weekly Wednesday event in their new venue spot, House of Comedy on the Landing (They were located at Cultural Cafe since its debut in October) . He gave the house rules as well. One was if the crowd was feelin' a poet or performer, say REWIND and the poet or performer will repeat the line that got the crowd hyped. One of the featured poets of that nite, Chitown's K-Luv displayed some of her tees that nite for sale.

Xplicit talkin with host poet Abbey on biz right before the beginning of the show.

Abbey was a mix between Redd Foxx and a Def Comedy jam host that evening!

First up was Diversity (whose also a helper at Exo) who spitted a socially conscious piece called, "Conversation."

Next was Discombobulated with the literally emasculating poem, "Fuck you Very Much."

The crowd cheering

Comedian Mike Collins had them in stitches with his white-black man humor. One joke he said was that Black Planet was racist when the site removed his profile.LOL

Next was Alexis with another cut-your-penis-off poem involving a man giving her an STD.

Poetic One brought up the positivity with the self-assurance poem, "I am Me." One of her lines to her poem was, "I am a generational curse breaker."

Soul Stylz'/singer Jamie Spencer sang John Legend's "And Again."

Erotic poet Mocha brought up her "husband" to "sensuate" him. LOL

Mocha's highly sexual poem had everybody fanning themselves!

Her Reflection spat, "The Wrong Man."

A long shot of Her Reflection.

Abbey in host mode, with a few drinks. LOL

STL singer Jvar sang an original, "take Your Body."

Jvar brought up Her Reflection back to the stage to "sexenade" her.

And get sexy with her!

As well as his feel on. LOL

Poet Jay got political with a piece about America's problem calling President Obama, just Obama.

One of the featured poets was Chicagoan, St. Peace. His first piece was the inspirational, "Father to Son."

Then he spoke a poem about an an episode of the A&E show, "Intervention."

His last piece was a piece about war called, "Flash Forward."

Next up was Chicagoan K Love who spat a peace called, "Good Morning, Good Nite." Her delivery and words were FIYAH!

She told the crowd that she does poetry and public speaking as a full time job these. She also said she will be performing at the Space, on Vanderventer Thursday, Feb. 12

She also had the tees for sale (seen earlier in this post). She also said her new CD will be released March 10.

Next up was singer Teresa Jenee who sang, "Wont You be My Forever."

Before she sang, Jenee poignantly said, if anyone dates and leaves her, be warned cuz they will be written in one of her songs.

Poet duo Xplicit and Corey Black performed one of their signature comedic pieces, "I Need A.A."

They were in character, for sure! LOL

Next was Miss Freeman who read an angry woman poem from her cell phone.

Saxophonist Rhoda G blew her instrument from the instrumental track to Jazmine Sullivan's hit, "Bust Your Windows." Rhoda will be the featured artist this Wednesday at Soul Stage.

Some of the crowd.

A long shot of Abbey from the crowd's P.O.V.

After the show, comedian Mike Collins and poet K Love networked.
NOTE: Overall, this event was nice. Nothing extra special. Abbey is a colorful host bringing some comic and self indulgence to his already street poet persona (from the Centerville of Illi. LOL) . Dj 76 Kid had it poppin on the 1s and 2s during the fill ins, intros and breaks. The REWIND refrain for the crowd to respond to artists was creative. A bit long after an hour for the show to start, but when it picked up, it did especially with K Luv's sermon style delivery. OMG, she is the truth! There were other poets featured (Robert Dillard) and open mikers but after midnite was enuff for us to deal with anyone after Rhoda G and had to bounce.

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