Monday, February 16, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology

Guest host Cerise Cohee who also performed her signature, "Inseparable Woman." The first poet was fashion designer Chris "Jus Chris" Dinkins whose poem was entitled, "Just Single."

Some attendees at the event. BELOW: Mike read three poems, including, "Coexistant," that he dedicated to his lady who was in the audience.

Another shot of Mike reading hie poetry.

An attendee gettin comfy next her plate of fries.

Another shot while Mike was at the mike.

House of Comedy GM and comic Longhorn performed next. before he performed, he got some disturbing news before coming to the mike that his mother had passed.

With a brave face, Longhorn recited a poem "The Root of Seven, a poem about how women can find a good man.

Next up was Mr. Hakeed who spat his signature, "That Feelin."

Another shot of Mr. Hakeed. DJ Reminise is on the right who was on the 1s and 2s during the filler spots in the show.

Next up was Malik who spoke his poem, "Addiction" as DJ Reminise gave him a hip-hop beat from Mims' "This is Why I'm Hot."

Here is Mike's lady, the one who he dedicated his performance.

Next up was Edwin "CY Young" Cohee, Cerise's brother who spat a poem that had the memorable line, "I climaxed on her brain." WOW!

The next set of performers were comics. First up was Deandre who had a funny joke about how people love when it snows so their bad license plate tags will be covered when they drive. LOL.

Mr. Hakeed and Cerise gettin' in some show.

Gray Area creator Close To famous' Triky was all smiles when this young lady came though the event because........................................................

............................It was his sister, Derrty ENT's Miss Mousie who was celebrating her b-day that nite.

Mousie and her friends at the b-day booth.

A long shot of the Mousie court.

The next poet was Jovan Bibbs who announced to the crowd the passing of legendary STL comic Rodney Winfield who died that Sunday.

Bibbs said that Prez Obama made light skin in, but Chris Brown messed it up. LOL

Another angle of the crowd.

B. Free's Teddy Blackett was in rare form that nite. He was goin to chair to chair as he was celebrating his b-day that week. If you look closely, Blackett was wearing a sheet of paper on his shirt which was his drink list for folk to buy him drinks. But half way through, his tank was on full. LOL.

The last comic and performer was Jay Lee who did his famous DO SHE jokes.

Lee also did jokes about gettin high while goin to Wal-mart and tryin to get his kids to eat free at Dennys.

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